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Old Time Cures & Remedies

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I smile to think of what they used

To help us kids survive,

But I am "going on" 69

And very much alive.

My sorest throats were eased, and I

Still hold no bit of rancor

To think of sucking sugar lumps

With a drop or two of camphor.


And camphor mixed with goose grease for

A winter chest congestion;

Baking soda cleaned my teeth

And helped my indigestion.

Because of Mother's tender heart

I hereby sing a Gloria!

She never gave me castor oil,

Just syrupy Castoria.


Salt for all mosquito bites,

Cobwebs on the scratches,

The sickroom fumigated with

Our sulphur kitchen matches.

Somehow there's quite a bunch of us

That never had a shot,

But here we are still kicking

And enjoying it a lot.


     - Author Unknown


Old Time Remedie


Note: These are just for fun! While these were actually published in old books, we do not recommend that you try them! They actually

 could be dangerous!




These are just for fun!!! I think when you read them you will see that.


These old time remedies, collected from a variety of sources, may have really been used by old timers, or may have just been myth and legends.


We do not recommend that you use these remedies. But, just in case you get a wild hair and decide to try one, be forewarned, some of these may very well be dangerous! If you try them, you do so at your own risk. Better yet, just DON’T try them!!



  • Wash your face with a wet diaper.

  • Mix 3 teaspoons of honey into 8 ounces of apple cider. Rub on face several times daily.



  • Eat raw liver and drink fresh blood.


Ant Bites

  • Take a dip of snuff and rub the fresh dipped snuff on the bite.



  • Tie a leather thong around your waist and the appendicitis will enter the thong. Take the thong and tie it around a tree and the sickness will enter the tree.



  • Dissolve 3/4 teaspoon powder pectin (or 1-tablespoon liquid pectin) in a glass of purple grape juice. Drink once a day. This is from an Amish doctor and about 60% of the people who try it say it really works. The liquid dissolves better than the powder.

  • Take a dead cat into the woods to a hollow stump that has spunk in it. Twirl the cat overhead and then toss the cat to the south. Walk away north but do not look back.

  • Carry a potato in your pocket. It will not rot, but harden as it absorbs the arthritis.

  • Tie a strip of cloth soaked in turpentine around the limb.



  • If a child has asthma stand him up against a tree and drive a nail in the tree an inch above his head. If the child grows an inch in the next year, the asthma will disappear.

  • Eat lots of carrots.

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of salt in 1/2 cup strong cider vinegar. Swallone one half spoonful every ten seconds until gone.

  • Wear a muskrat skin on the chest with the fur next to the chest.


Baldness/Thinning Hair

  • Smear your head with fresh cow manure.

  • For thinning hair make a solution of salt and water and comb through hair every day until you see hair becoming thicker.

  • To prevent thinning and baldness, never cut the hair in the light of the moon.


Beard Growing

  • The Liquid obtained from boiling old boots was used to promote the growth of hair on the face of young men—an attempt to appear more masculine.


Bee Stings

  • Mix up honey and dirt dauber’s nest and rub it on the sting.



  • Catch a chaparral bird (roadrunner) in the early morning. Kill and eat it and the boil will go away.

  • Soak a small section of heel of homemade white bread in boiling water. Squeeze with back of spoon. Lay on sterile gauze or boiled cloth. Add pinch baking soda (1/4 tsp). Mix with soaked bread, wrap in gauze and apply to affected area.

  • Applying meat fat, raw potatoes, war sauerkraut or yellow lye soap to the boil will bring it to a head.


  • Apply ice wrapped in damp washcloth until pain stops. No scaring will occur.

  • Go to the lot and make a calf get up and defecate. Put the feces in a flour sack and cover the burn with it. Leave it on until the next morning.

  • Apply strong tea to the burned area.



Cancer - Preventing

  • Eat three almonds a day and you will not die from cancer.



  • Take a new broom and sweep across his/chills back in the sign of a cross.


Colds - Curing

  • Catching leaves in your hand, which fall from the trees in the fall, will cure a head cold.


Colds – Preventing

  • Eat an onion sandwich and wash your hair.



  • Close the windows and doors of the baby’s room and have the father keep smoking a pipe or cigar.



  • Put some cow dung in water and bring it to a boil. Gargle the water three times a day and your cough will be gone.

  • Bake onions and pour all the juice from the baked onions into a glass and drink.


Crick in the Neck

  • Go down to the hog pen and find where a hog has rubbed his neck against the fence, then rub your neck in the same spot.



  • Pack sheep droppings into a tobacco sack and soak in warm water. Apply the sack to your neck and wear it until the choking spell is over.



  • Pack the cut in axle grease.

  • Take a large army ant and apply him to the cut, so that he takes hold of each side of the wound with his pincers. Cut his head off from his body, leaving his head to hold the cut together.

  • Apply spider’s web to a bleeding cut.



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Note: These are just for fun! While these were actually published in old books, we do not recommend that you try them! They actually could be dangerous!



For "real" old fashioned remedies, check out:


Native American and Other Ancient Remedies

Herbs & Healing Properties


Wolcott's Instant Pain Annihilator, 1863 advertisement

Wolcott's Instant Pain Annihilator, 1863 advertisement. This image available for photographic prints & commercial downloads HERE!


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