Haunted Seven Sisters Road, Nebraska

Seven Sisters Road southeast of Nebraska City, Nebraska.

Seven Sisters Road southeast of Nebraska City, Nebraska.

An old path known locally as Seven Sisters Road is located in southeast Nebraska in Otoe County. According to local legend, seven women were murdered here in the 1900s.

This grisly urban legend, which has been circulating for more than a century, says that a young man once lived along the meandering road in an area known to have had seven hills. Residing on a farm southeast of Nebraska City, he lived with his parents and seven sisters. According to the tale, he was very angry after arguing with his family. That night, he hid in the woods as his parents left the house one evening, and then, one by one, he either enticed or forced each of his sisters outside with him. The young man then led them to the top of each hill and hanged each one of them from a tree until they were dead.

Afterward, no one knows what happened to the bodies or the brother. Furthermore, no official reports have been found to substantiate the hangings, but the legend persists.

Seven Sisters Road was built through the hills years after the rumored murders and the hanging trees were chopped down. The hills have also been altered over the years, and only four remain prominent today.

Since that fateful evening so long ago, the area is said to be haunted by the women’s restless spirits. Many tales have been told over the years, including the sound of terrified women screaming for help. Others have heard bells ringing that seem to come from a nearby private cemetery.

Many who have driven through the area report having problems with their cars stalling, headlights mysteriously dimming, speedometers freezing, and windows that roll up and down seemingly on their own.

Seven Women Ghosts

Seven Women Ghosts

Others report seeing shadowy figures in the darkness, red eyes that appear to be watching them, hearing voices and muffled whispers, and experiencing sudden wind changes.

Both paranormal groups and individuals continue to explore this creepy road, lined by looping hills and twisted trees, and report strange activity.

Seven Sisters Road, called L Street today, is about five miles southeast of Nebraska City, Nebraska.

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