Develop Your Psychic Power!

By Daniella Breen

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

It is true that every one of us has psychic powers, extrasensory abilities that can extend our experience and insight to the world we live in. We depend upon these abilities even without realizing it, using intuition to make decisions, making ‘lucky’ guesses, especially in areas that we are skilled in or enjoy. Most of the time, we remain unaware of this potentially explosive ability that we have at our fingertips!

As much as it is true that we all have these abilities, just like any gift or facility, these talents can lie dormant until they are developed through practice and exercise.

Before we delve into the development of these gifts, it is important to understand that there are many types of psychic ability, and they come under four headings.

Clairvoyance – The ability to psychically see clearly;

Clairsentience – The ability to psychically feel or sense clearly;

Clairaudience – The ability to psychically hear clearly; and

Claircognisance – The ability to psychically know clearly.

Each of these categories covers a range of gifts and abilities, the likes of which vary from person to person. Clairvoyance, for example, can include vivid dreams, visions, seeing auras around people as you look at them, or closing your eyes and seeing auras, and much more. Furthermore, each person has all of these gifts, but to varying degrees. So one individual may have wonderful clairvoyance, good clairaudience, but minimal Clairsentience and claircognisance. Another may be extremely strong in Claircognisance but have little of any of the others.

As you develop your psychic gifts, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to develop all of the psychic gifts as all of them have the potential to expand and grow. Also, you may find with a little work, what was once considered your weakest gift can become a powerful talent.

Developing your natural gifts is actually quite easy. Much of their maturation comes from your intention to progress and the effort you put into them rather than the exercises themselves. It is important to remove all over-exerted effort or force. Imagine that the work you are doing is fueled by a river of energy flowing through you rather than being forced or pushed by you. With each exercise you perform, focus on the activity itself rather than worrying about getting a good outcome; just enjoy the exercise for its own sake.

Before starting the psychic development exercises, it is first important to understand how to protect yourself. Protection is important in any area of life; for example, you would not send a child off to walk to school independently without first teaching her the skills involved in crossing the road safely. Likewise, in developing your psychic ability, you are stepping into a new area of life, and it is important to do this work safely. These protection techniques will help you to do that.

Why Protect

Here on Earth, we have healthy and unhealthy people. Violence, hatred, bigotry of all kinds abound. To some degree, we have all learned to create boundaries for ourselves that protect us from the worst of this focus and behavior. As you develop your psychic gifts, you are opening the ability to tune in to people and energies in ways you previously have not been able to. It is, therefore important, to learn how to protect yourself at these new levels as well. These exercises are simple to use and are powerful. The important thing to remember is to focus on the river of energy running through you used to build this protection, rather than relying on your own energy and your own mind.

The Mirrorball

The first exercise is visualization. It is as powerful as it is simple. Simply visualize a giant, sparkling, spinning mirror ball surrounding you. Each time a negative thought, focus, or being of any kind comes your way, they are repelled by the blinding light that they are faced with. This is a great exercise to do if you spend a lot of time around negative or needy people.

Archangel Michael

The second exercise involves Archangel Michael. This powerful angel is the protector and defender. He will never cause harm, and he will always protect and keep you safe. For this exercise, all you need to do is call Archangel Michael to you. You can do this out loud or in your mind. Say, “Archangel Michael, please come to me now! Wrap your powerful wings of protection around me until I am completely shielded by you. Protect me from all negative or dangerous energy, Now!” Make sure you are clear and strong, not derogatory or rude.

These tools are two of many techniques that help keep you protected and strong as you journey into your psychic gifts. As you develop your psychic gifts, you will come across many other self-protection methods, and I thoroughly encourage you to explore and implement new tools if you feel guided to.

Psychic Hand

Psychic Hand

More Exercises

We have discussed important clarifications regarding individual psychic ability; you have learned about the four different psychic talent categories and important tools in protection to be used during psychic development. Now you will learn several wonderful exercises to develop your own psychic talents and more important tools to keep you centered and strong as you develop your gifts.

The exercises used here are designed to develop your clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. I have yet to determine practices that specifically develop Claircognisance, although it does seem to develop as your other abilities grow.

Before you commence the exercises, remember to set up the protection tools introduced in the previous article. If you already have protection tools that you feel more comfortable with, by all means, use those instead.

Once you have completed your practice and development session, make sure you ground yourself. Grounding is being fully connected to your physical body and the Earth. You can become ungrounded in several ways, but one of them is by working with your psychic gifts. When you do this work, you raise the level of psychic light or energy running through your conscious mind to the point where it can become unsettled, and you can feel lightheaded, vague, disconnected. To remedy this, do something very physical. Wash the dishes, eat some food, dance to music with a heavy base or beat, or step outside and walk around barefooted on the Earth. These are all easy-to-follow actions that will bring you fully back into your body.

The first procedure you will be introduced to in this article is an exercise designed to help you identify your current skill level in each of the four psychic areas. Please do not put too much emphasis on the results of this exercise; merely use it as a guide for helping you understand your current standing with these talents.

In The Kitchen

For this exercise, please use all aspects of your imagination. Experience this exercise in whatever way is easiest for you. Make sure you are comfortable and that you won’t be disturbed. Remember to relax and enjoy this.

You find yourself in the most beautiful kitchen with a great big picture window looking out over the lovely forest. See the trees swaying in the gentle breeze, watch as some lovely kookaburras land in a tree and begin to cackle, laughing away as you listen to their delightful sound! Your attention is drawn back into the kitchen when you feel the heat on your leg. You remember that you are cooking a beautiful chocolate cake!

Just as you remember this, the smell of chocolate cake comes wafting through the air! There’s nothing like the smell of baking to make your stomach rumble! Then, just as you think you can’t wait any longer, the buzzer or bell goes off on your oven. You grab some oven mitts and open the oven door, careful to avoid the rush of steam that pours out of the oven. You take out the cake and place it carefully on the bench. When it has cooled a little, you tip it out on the rack and decorate it in whichever way you wish, icing sugar, cream, frosting.

Now here you have this beautiful chocolate cake, and you just have to have a piece, so get a knife and cut into it. Watch (and smell) the steam rising out of the freshly baked cake. Pick up your piece and take a big bite out of it. That is the most perfect chocolate cake you have ever tasted!

When you are ready, return to the room, wiggle your fingers and toes to bring your consciousness fully back into your body.

So the questions are:

  • Did you see the kitchen, the forest, the kookaburras?
  • Did you hear the kookaburras laughing, the oven bell going off?
  • Did you feel the heat, taste, and smell the cake?
  • Was any of this experienced more as a ‘knowing’?
  • How easy was it to experience all of these things?
  • How clearly did you see, hear, feel all of these things?
  • Which was the easiest, seeing, feeling, or hearing?
  • Which was the hardest?

The answers to these questions will provide insight into where your more developed gifts lie and where your least developed gifts are. It is important to recognize that every individual’s experience of their gifts is just that… individual. People can spend a lot of wasted time lamenting the gifts and psychic experiences that others have and don’t, instead of exploring and developing the wonderful gifts they do have. Let go of preconceived notions of what constitutes a psychic experience and begin opening up to the wonderful gifts you have been given!

So, on to the psychic development exercises. I encourage you to practice each of these; even when you feel you are getting nowhere, you will be making crossroads at some level. Remember for every session to protect yourself before starting and ground yourself once you’ve finished.

If at any time you experience responses that invoke fear or discomfort, immediately call on God or Archangel Michael to take you out of ego (fear and darkness) and into the light. Allow yourself to be lifted above any negativity.

Exercises for Clairvoyance – Clear Psychic Seeing

Seeing Colors – The first level to begin developing your clairvoyance is simply by visualizing. Start with colors, imagine seeing the color sky blue, magenta, red, emerald green and so on. If you have difficulty doing this, then buy some pieces of colored cardboard from the local newsagent. Choosing one piece of cardboard, look at the color for a while, then when you feel ready, close your eyes and imagine the color. Imagine a stapler that color, or imagine your house painted that color. Try to become accomplished by seeing as many different colors as you can. When you feel that you’ve mastered this exercise, move on to the next.

Psychic Aura

Psychic Aura

Seeing Auras – Now that you have become comfortable with colors, you can move on to seeing auras. This is the first level of this skill, but an important one. Think of someone that you know. Using your imagination, answer these questions. If you could see that person’s aura in full color around their head area, what color/s would you see? Remember that there’s no pressure, no one needs to know what you are doing. This is purely for the exercise of it. Keep moving around their body, imagining what colors you would see there. Practice this using a number of people you know and those you don’t know like politicians, celebrities and the like. Practice it on TV personalities whilst watching television. Before you know it, you will be fluent in aura speak!

Exercise for Clairaudience – Clear Psychic Hearing

It is important, when dealing with Clairaudience, to understand that psychic hearing, although sometimes can feel like physical hearing, is often experienced more as talking in your head. No, you are not crazy if you experience this form of communication!

Receiving messages and writing them down has been a powerful healing and guidance tool since time began. This is also a wonderful tool to use to develop your clairaudience.

Archangel Michael is a beautiful and divine creation of God, who lovingly and joyfully supports, guides and protects each of us. Archangel Michael is very easy to hear; he is also very accurate in his messages. For this reason, he is wonderful to work with in developing your clairaudience.

Archangel Michael’s Messages

Have a pen and paper to write down any messages you get. Get comfortable and make sure you will not be disturbed. Do your protection exercises then…

Call Archangel Michael to you and say to him, “What would you have me know right now?” Then open up and wait for an idea, feeling, or thought to pop into your head. As soon as it comes, don’t judge it, just write it down. Once you’ve written it down, go back and see if there is any more. You can ask questions to clarify what you are being told, or to expand on the information you are receiving. If at any time the message seems critical or negative, understand that your ego is getting in the way, so say to Archangel Michael, please take me out of ego and into the light so that I may hear your more clearly.”

In performing this exercise it is vital that you do not judge what you are receiving, as it is common for people to think they are making it up rather than receiving it from Divine Source. If it is loving, positive and empowering, then it is coming from a Higher Place. If it is negative, unloving (to you or anyone else), competitive, or disempowering, then it is coming through a filter of ego and can be discarded. Keep practicing; you will quickly get to know the difference.

Exercise for Clairsentience – Clear Sensing

In this exercise the design is to get you tapped in to feeling other people’s emotions. (Please note that there are added clearing exercises to be performed at the end of this exercise.)

The easiest place to do this is somewhere public. A coffee shop is a great place to start. Having protected yourself before going to the coffee shop, take a seat somewhere that you are less likely to be disturbed but still have a full view of the comings and goings. Start by choosing a waiter. Focusing on them, just open up and imagine what you think they are feeling. Are they enjoying their day, or are they feeling frazzled and tired. Do you imagine that this is their only job, do they have children, are they studying at University, do they have a marriage or relationship, are they social or private people, shy or outgoing, and so on. Just explore who they are. Ensure you are using your imagination and aren’t pressuring yourself or second-guessing what you come up with. Practice this regularly, and you will see a definite improvement in your ability to tap in to people. Make sure that each time you do this exercise, you complete the session with these cleansing practices and then ground.

Cutting Cords

Imagine lots of little cords attached to you and the people you have worked with in this exercise. Now see a giant, powerful sword coming down and easily slicing through all cords, cutting them away from your body and dissolving into thin air.

White Light Shower

This can be done with a real shower or just as a visualization. See a running shower but instead of water, beautiful, sparkly white light is pouring out. Step under the shower and watch as any dark or gunky energy washes off you and pours down into the drain.

Once you have completed these exercises, ground yourself using one of the exercises mentioned earlier.

Psychic Ability

Psychic Ability

These are just some of many powerful exercises that you can use to develop your natural psychic talent. Your psychic abilities are gifted to you to support your journey through this world. Life becomes so much easier when you use all of the gifts given to you for this journey.

Daniella Breen B.Sc, March 2006, updated January 2024.

About the Author: Daniella Breen B.Sc. (Psych), has been experiencing her psychic gifts since early childhood and is now dedicated to teaching others how to step into their own psychic powers. Article Source: Ezine Articles

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