Battle of the Second Walla Walla Council, Washington

Washington Governor Isaac Stevens

Washington Governor Isaac Stevens

Governor Isaac Stevens hosted the Second Walla Walla Council between September 8-18, 1856, in an attempt at peace and an end to the Yakima War. The Council ended in failure, and after leaving the meeting grounds, Stevens’ party was attacked by a group of young warriors from several of the tribes present at the Council led by Qualchan and Quit-ten-e-nock.

The attackers were repelled by troops under Colonel Edward Steptoe. After the second Walla Walla Council, General John Wool, in command of the Department of the Pacific, closed the territory beyond The Dalles to white migrants and ordered Colonel Steptoe to keep settlers from returning to the Walla Walla Valley. Following this, armed conflict east of the Cascades cooled until the spring of 1858.

Compiled by Kathy Alexander, updated December 2020.

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