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Hi Kathy: I love receiving your Legends newsletter. I am 81 yrs. old and may never travel again but if I did, it would be to visit you. Keep up the good work. - Mary, January 2014


This web site is fantastic! This lady, Kathy R Weiser, has done a better job than most everything I've ever seen!!! She has done phenomenal work. I sure wish there were more like her. I'm 72 and have been doing research and metal detecting for 45 years. This website is the greatest!!  - Daniel - Arizona, February, 2009


Hi Kathy, just wanted to let you know that your newsletter is great.  It has every form of information a person would need in searching for the true wild west in its hey day. Thanks for sharing your letter with me. -- Lyle, July, 2008




Kathy, I want to thank you and Dave for all the hard work. I love and look forward to the Legends Letter. Know that y’all are on my prayer list and pray for you every day. Thanks again and I love the updates. Just Me, Danny P. - September, 2010.

Hi Kathy -  I'm one or those people that have been with your from the start, and I love hearing from you. It is a pleasure to see your newsletter, open it, and read it. You make every place you visit interesting, and fun. You get to places here in the states that I will never get  to, and I thank you for introducing me to the history, the people, the good and the bad of it all. I have a confession to make to you...   I have 13 grand babies from 7 years to 22 years old, and when some of them were teenagers, and smart alecks and thought I was boring, and came over on the Mayflower (my Great Grandfather did), I would tell them about a person I read about in one of your stories. I just want to thank you for your help in putting me out of boring, and into interesting again. Thank you, Thank you. -- Carol Fisher, Texas


Kathy.... you are amazing! Don't change a thing. I have read your newsletters for quite some time now and find myself going over and over the interesting material you include in each issue. Your writing style is truly a gift and very much appreciated here. Congratulations for creating the best site on the internet. - Utah


I enjoy your newsletter a lot, and appreciate the time you take to put it together. Thanks and keep up the great work! - Robby, Denver, Colorado.


I look forward to each newsletter and have really enjoyed the recent October issue w/ all the ghost/haunted stories. Thanks for adding the link for Cheyenne as it is truly a rich & historical town. In addition I use the newsletter to visit places in Colorado, New Mexico & Texas. I've read about in the Cheyenne, Wyoming


Kathy - I just wanted to tell you how much I look forward to your newsletters. They are wonderful to read and I just love this kind of stuff. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it. Best regards. Lydia Conca, Randolph, Massachusetts.


Thanks Kathy and you have a great website and newsletter. I just read the biography on Dr. John Doc Holliday. I think if is remarkable, factual and worthy of any history book! - "Doc" Mercer


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I was just checking my e-mail when I found your newsletter. I was so excited that I just dropped everything else and started reading! I can't tell you how much I enjoy Legends of America. I couldn't be there for the real thing but your site sorta helps me live it today. Thanks again, Bab.

Don't ever quit sending me this site.....I love it! - Sarah, Florida

An outstanding site. Look forward to receiving each new update. Many thanks for your time and efforts. - Tom

Really enjoy the newsletters. - Bob


Thank you for the newsletter & thank you for all your work .This mountain man from Tennessee enjoys the trip West through your nnewsletter. God bless. - Marvin



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