Missouri Writing Credits


Without your help — our gracious contributors, this website, nor any future publication would be successful. I am so grateful to ALL of you!!! Thank you so much!!

Steven LaChance, who submitted The Union Missouri Haunting. Steven LaChance started the Ghost and Paranormal Open Forum after having lived through this story and its effects. Wanting to provide a place where people can come for advice and help, the group provides that support.

Paul R. Petersen, author of the book Quantrill of Missouri, submitted the article William Quantrill – The Man, the Myth, the Soldier. Mr. Petersen’s goal is to set the record on Quantrill straight, noting that prejudicial journalists and historians have distorted history.

Emily Priddy, who is actively involved in the Oklahoma Route 66 Association, has generously allowed us to utilize several of her photographs of the Mother Road. Thanks, Emily!

Bob Wynn submitted the Legend of Bone Hill in Levasy, Missouri. Mr. Wynn spends his time exploring ghost towns, mining camps, cemeteries, stage stations, railroad sidings and historic ranches.

Written Materials:

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  • McClung, Judith; The Windyville, Missouri Story; November, 2001


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