Arosaguntacook Tribe

Abenaki Village

Abenaki Village

The Arosaguntacook people, also called Androscoggin, Amoscoggin, and other variations were a tribe of the Abnaki Confederacy.

They formerly lived in the Androscoggin River watershed, located in present-day southern Maine and northern New Hampshire. Their primary village was located in Androscoggin County, Maine in a village that bore the same name on Androscoggin River. Together with the Pequawket, they formed the southern-most of the Abenaki tribes and were, therefore, one the first in contact with the English colonists of New England. Living on the edge of the first English settlements in Maine, they took part in King Philip’s War in 1675.

They were later removed to St Francis, Canada, soon after the Abnaki defeat in the Battle of Pequawket at present-day Fryeburg, Maine in 1725. It is assumed that by the 18th century, they had been absorbed by neighboring tribes.

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