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Without the help of you -- our gracious contributors, this web site, nor any future publication would be successful. I am so grateful to ALL of you!!! Thank you so much!!


Daniel Green is a member of the Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada and has written many articles for their newsletter Highgrader. Daniel has been instrumental in providing additional information and treasure stories for use on this website. Thanks Dan!!

Brian Iverson is the Regional Manager of Land Affairs for Placer Dome America, a mining company with operations in Nevada. At the Bald Mountain Mine, the ghost of Arbruster Pike continues to linger in the area. Brian submitted the great story of The Ghost of Armbruster Pike. Thanks Brian. This is not only just a ghost story, but also informative of the pioneer times of Nevada.

Bob Moore the Executive Editor and Staff Photographer for Route 66 Magazine, who has very generously offered Legends of America the use of his pictures on our website. Bob is a great photographer and we very much appreciate his help.

Bob Wynn - Owner, editor, writer, and photographer and Bob and Brian Exploring websites who has graciously allowed Legends of America to use many of his pictures on our website. Mr. Wynn spends his time exploring ghost towns, mining camps, cemeteries, stage stations, railroad sidings and historic ranches. Thank you Bob!

Written Matterials:

  • Belli, Anthony; Nevada Lost Treasures; Lost Treasure USA; October, 2003

  • Earl, Phillip; This Was Nevada; Las Vegas Review Journal, December 28, 1997.

  • Florin, Lambert; Ghost Towns of the West; Superior Publishing Company, 1970.

  • Lawlor, Florine; A big adventure. Mining camp now in ruins; Senior Press Newsletter; January 2005

  • McDonald, Douglas; Nevada Lost Mines and Buried Treasures; 1981.

  • Menzies, Richard; A Roadside Chat With Chief Thunder; Salt Flat News, May, 1975

  • Paher, Stanley W.; Nevada Towns & Tales, Volume II-South; Nevada Publications, Las Vegas, NV, 1982.




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Coin World

Death Valley National Park

Ghost Towns.com

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National Park Service

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