Fort Alexander, Montana

Charles Larpenteur

Charles Larpenteur

Fort Alexander was a fur trading post in Montana. It was established in 1842 by fur traders Charles Larpentuer and Alexander McKenzie for the American Fur Company to replace Fort Van Buren which was about 20 miles downstream.

The 100-foot square stockaded post was named for Alexander Culbertson, another fur trader. It was located on the north bank of the Yellowstone River, opposite the mouth of the Rosebud River. The Blackfoot Indians, who opposed its construction, called it Fort Crow as an insult. It was abandoned in 1850 in favor of Fort Sarpy. It was burned down when it was abandoned in 1850 and no trace remains.

The trading post was located near Forsyth, Montana.

By Kathy Alexander/Legends of America, updated February 2022.

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