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Who's Who in American History

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Here, you'll find some of the most comprehensive articles and lists of the many and varied personalities in American History, from interesting characters of the Old West, such as outlaws, painted ladies, Native Americans, and the U.S. Cavalry, to Presidents, Explorers, Traders & Trappers, Women and lots more!


These many lists include brief summaries and links to full stories.


Headed West in a Covered Wagon

Explorers, Traders & Trappers - Complete List

Gunfighters - Complete List

Gunfighters - Full Articles

Heroes and Patriots in American History

Lawmen - Complete List

Lawmen - Full Articles

Native Americans - Complete List

Native Americans - Full Articles

Other Colorful Characters of the Old West

Outlaws - Complete List

Outlaws - Full Articles

Outlaw Gangs - Complete List

Presidents of the United States of America

Scoundrels - Complete List

Soldiers - Complete List

Indian Fighters

Bucking BroncoTrail Blazers & Cowboys - Complete List

Vigilantes - Complete List

Women - Complete List

Women - Full Articles





"We come too late for to ride with the great,
But we're born with a sense of our history.
Now the challenge remains to pick up the reins
And answer our personal mystery."


-- Dennis Gaines, "New Tradition"




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