Working While You RV

By Rachel Weimer

On the road in Kansas

Things To Consider

You may not realize it, but there are many things to consider when working out of your RV.  Here are a few to keep in mind.  What kind of job: Seasonal, full-time, or part-time? Location: where and why? Space Consideration: How much and where? Working while RVing: Making sure you set time aside for your life and vacation.

What Kind of Job

Is seasonal what you’re looking for?  For winter, you may want to consider Christmas tree farms, ski resorts, neighborhood snow shoveling.  Retail stores are also looking for seasonal helpers to get them through the season.

How about fall?  Opportunities such as Pumpkin patches, yard clean up (due to the winds), again retail stores getting ready for the holidays. Then there is spring.  Check out garden centers/nurseries that might become very busy or agricultural jobs requiring a little extra help. Summer,  if you’re not using this time to vacation, here a few ideas: This is a time when school is out, childcare is usually an issue with parents.  You might try a daycare. Theme parks and water parks are always a refreshing way to spend the summer working.  But if you are the type that likes air conditioning, try fast-food restaurants or even working out of your RV. Working with a computer can bring many opportunities. The computer is great for full-time and part-time work.  Consider the following when searching for jobs out of your RV: Becoming a writer, having an internet web site business, sales (many opportunities), tax preparer, property caretaker, a financial planner for a company that requires traveling might be the thing you’re looking for.

Space Considerations

Considering space may be more important than you think. Is your RV big enough to work out of?  Does your job require a lot of paperwork, if so, where will you put it?  On the table?  Are clients going to enter your RV?  If so, it needs to look professional.  Are you going to have a considerable amount of physical inventory? These are things to consider. We suggest creating a space in the back and making it your office even if there is not desk (there are many collapsible desks available on the market). A place where a file cabinet and supplies can remain out of sight.  Using your kitchen table would be a great place for a laptop and customers to have a place to sit.


Having the right location is extremely important. Consider the following when choosing a location: A state with the economic growth that fits your needs.  Weather, too hot or too cold, can make life miserable and costly considering gas and electricity. And last but not least, since you chose to work out of your RV, scenery and personal activities are something you should consider.

Setting Time Aside
Amboy Crater -Boondocking

We boondocked at Amboy Crater in 2015.

Keep in mind the reason your working out of your RV is so you can enjoy life a little differently than homeowners.  If you’re a workaholic, make sure you set time aside for your life and vacation.  It is very tempting to work when your office is right there when you’re vacationing.  This is very important not to burn yourself out and resent what you began as a passion.

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