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Around the campfire

Around the campfire.



From the beginning of time, people have told stories, regaling their friends and families with tales of adventure, hard times, interesting people, frightening experiences and everyday life. Sometimes these were truths, others exaggerations, and occasionally nothing more than tall tales. The more interesting of these narratives were passed around from friend to friend and from father to son, sometimes altering along the way or growing in strength to the point that they became legends, folklore, or questionable myths. Oral history, proverbs, jokes, and popular beliefs were interwoven into music, dance, cultures, and sometimes even into history itself. 


American History is filled with folklore, Native American mythology, and real truths that make for wonderful campfire tales. In these stories, much like earlier European, Greek and Roman tales, the accounts can often be only be guessed at, as to whether they are fact or fiction, but they continue to make the rounds of new generations.


Myths, Legends and FolkloreIn many of these old legends, told around the campfire or a roaring hearth, can be heard the approach of galloping horses, the whispers of phantoms in ghost towns, the far-off sounds of pistols blazing, and the sighing moans of the winds drifting through the ancient trees of hunting, mining, and cowboy camps.










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The Ark On Superstition Mountain - AZ

Bad Medicine - OK

Banshee Of The Bad Lands - SD

Bear Lake Sea Monster - UT

Besieged By Starvation - IL

Boggy Creek Monster - AR

The Broad House - NM

Cryptozoology and Bigfoot

The Death Ship of the Platte River

The Death Waltz - NM

Devil's Promenade & the Hornet Spook Light - MO

The Division of Two Tribes

El Muerto - The Headless One - TX

The Flood At Santa Fe - NM

The Gloucester Leagers - MA

The Governor's Right Eye

How The Crime Was Revealed - MO

Hunger Valley - CA

Jackalopes in Wyoming - Myth or Reality? - WY

In A Trapper's Bivouac

Las Brujas (The Witches) of Seville - CA

La Llorona - The Weeping Woman - Southwest

The Legend Of Devil's Point - CA

Legend of Rip Van Winkle - NY

Legends and Mysteries of the Natchez Trace

Little People & the Pedro Mountain Mummy - WY

The Lost Trail

A Man With Two Lives

Over the Divide

The Passing Of Peg-Leg

Paul Bunyan, Hero Lumberjack

Pecos Bill - A Legend of the American West

The Phantom Train of Marshall Pass - CO

Moll Pitcher - Famous Fortune Teller - MA

The Queen Of Death Valley - CA


Riders of the Desert - CO

The River of Lost Souls - CO

The Salt Witch of the Nebraska Plains

The Spook Of Misery Hill

St. Louis Area Legends & Folklore - MO

Storied Waters of Oregon - OR

Tamanous Of Tacoma - WA

Tom Cypher's Phantom Engine

Tommyknockers of the Western Mines - West

The Voyager Of Whulge

White River Monster AR

Witchcraft in America

The Yellowstone Tragedy - WY







Rip Van Winkle and his dog

Rip Van Winkle and his dog by Thomas Nast, 1880.



WeepingWomanImage.jpg (302x409 -- 53044 bytes)

La Llorona - The Weeping Woman the Southwest



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