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North Bloomfield, California and the Malakoff Diggins – A California State Park, the district includes the workings of Malakoff Diggins adjacent to the ghost town of North Bloomfield.

Empire Mine Buildings by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Empire Mine, Grass Valley – One of the oldest, deepest, and richest gold mines in California, the Empire Mine in Grass Valley in the Sierra Nevada’s is a State Historic Park today.

San Francisco, California History – San Francisco, California, the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Central California today, has a long and interesting history.

Nevadaville, Colorado Buildings, Masonic Lodge at left by Kathy Wieser-Alexander.

Nevadaville, Colorado – Nevadaville, Colorado, an old mining town, was yet another that got its start in Gregory Gulch, the same as Black Hawk and Central City.

Virginia Dale, Colorado – Overland Trail Ghost Town – Virginia Dale, Colorado, located along the Overland Trail in Larimer County, began as a stage station in 1862.

Bill Jordan – Gunfighter Legend – Serving with the U.S. Border Patrol his accomplishments led to the development of the guns and gear used by law enforcement across the nation.

Famous Armories Across America – Across the country, firearm collections tell an important part of the American story. Check out a few of the best armories that tell their history.

Ben Holladay

Ben Holladay – The Stagecoach King – Ben Holladay began a number of stagecoach routes in the American West and became known as the “Stagecoach King”.

The Overland Trail Across the American West – The Overland Trail, also known as the Overland Stage Line, was a stagecoach and wagon road in the American West.

Genoa, Colorado Wonder Tower today, by Dave Alexander, 2018.

Genoa, Colorado & the Wonder Tower – Genoa, Colorado, a near ghost town in Lincoln County, has long been called home to a roadside attraction called the quirky Genoa Wonder Tower.

Vulture City, Arizona – Gold Mine Ghost Town – Vulture City, Arizona, once a popular gold mining camp, is a ghost town located at the site of the defunct Vulture Mine in Maricopa County.

Yucca, Arizona & the Route 66 Bypass – The Yucca Bypass from Kingman to Topock, Arizona was a Route 66 alignment that was built through the area in 1952. Yucca boomed but is a ghost town today.

Oatman Highway, Arizona – Traveling west from Kingman to Oatman, the adventure on this early alignment of Route 66 is a great start to fun and history ahead.

Old store in Eden, Arizona by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Eden, Arizona – Mormon Ghost Town – Eden, Arizona, located in Graham County was an agricultural community established by Mormon settlers in 1881. It would wind up as a nudist colony.

Two Guns – Death By Highway –  Two Guns, Arizona, once a popular stop for Route 66 travelers, died a quick death when it was bypassed by I-40 (updated previously published article)

Houck, Arizona – Home of Fort Courage – Just three miles west of Allentown, Arizona on Route 66, is the small town of Houck. It is still home to the remains of a tourist stop called Fort Courage.

Lupton, Arizona – Welcome to the Grand Canyon State – Lupton, Arizona situated right on the New Mexico border, also known as Painted Cliffs, invites visitors with high sandstone bluffs and trading posts.

Shumla, Texas – Another Railroad Casualty – Shumla, Texas got its start as a railroad town in 1882. Today, it is a ghost town.

Bonfire Shelter cliff today, Kathy Weiser, February, 2011

Bonfire Shelter, Texas – Bonfire Shelter is an archaeological site located in a southwest Texas near LangtryTexas. The site contains evidence of mass American buffalo hunts.

Spofford, Texas – Dust on the Tracks – The ghost town of Spofford, Texas, located in south central Kinney County, got its start when the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railroad came through.

May Newsletter – Ghost towns, flavors of the Mother Road, gunfighter legend Charles Askins, Memorial Day and more in this months newsletter.

Pumpville, Texas – Railroad Ghost Town – Pumpville, Texas is a ghost town located between Langtry and Dryden in Val Verde County.

Alcala, Texas Buildings by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Acala, Texas – Desert Ghost Town – Acala, Texas is a ghost town located in the lower El Paso Valley of the Rio Grande in Hudspeth County.

Roosevelt, Texas – Hill Country Ghost Town – Roosevelt, Texas, a ghost town in Kimble County, was established in 1898 and named for Theodore Roosevelt.

Charles Askins – Gunfighter Legend – Charles Askins was an American lawman, U.S. Army officer, and writer known for his skills as a gunman and work in the American Border Patrol. (Article submitted by Concealment Express)

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area, Texas – Lake Meredith National Recreation Area in Hutchinson County, Texas lies within windswept high plains of the Candian River region of the Texas Panhandle.

Our Lady of Loreto Chapel at the Presidio de la Bahi­a. Photo by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Spanish Missions in Texas – The Spanish Missions in Texas are religious outposts established by Spanish priests and colonial authorities to spread the Catholic doctrine among Natives.

Presidio de San Saba, Menard, Texas – The Presidio of San Saba, located one mile west of Menard, Texas, was founded in April 1757 to convert the Lipan Apache Indians to Christianity.

An old homestead in Toyah, Texas by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Toyah, Texas – Dying Along the Railroad – Toyah, Texas, the oldest town in Reeves County, was once a railroad hub. Today, it is a sparsely populated ghost town with numerous abandoned buildings.

Parkerville, Kansas – Prairie Ghost Town – Parkerville, Kansas is a semi-ghost town located on the Neosho River about 12 miles northwest of Council Grove. It was built as a railroad town.

Huron, Kansas Ghost Town – Huron, Kansas, located in Atchison County, got its start as a railroad town in 1882. Though it still has a small population, it is a ghost town today

The Jacob Brenner House still stands in Doniphan, Kansas by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Doniphan, Kansas – River Ghost Town – Doniphan, Kansas is a ghost town located in southeast Doniphan County along the Missouri River. This muddy river would also be the cause of its demise.

April Newsletter – Off the beaten path in Kansas, Native Religion, the latest additions and more in this months Newsletter.

Shafter, Texas Mining Ruins by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Shafter, Texas – Silver Mining Ghost Town – Shafter, Texas, a ghost town located at the east end of the Chinati Mountains 18 miles north of Presidio, has a long history closely tied to silver mining.

Salt Flat, Texas Ghost Town – Salt Flat, Texas is a ghost town located in Hudspeth County in west Texas that got its start on a new highway between El Paso, TX and Carlsbad, NM.

Civil Rights Movement – The Civil Rights Movement was a struggle for social justice that took place during the 1950s and 1960s for African-Americans seeking constitutional equality

Jim Crow Laws – Jim Crow laws were state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern states from the 1870s into the 1960s.

Salem Poor – From Slave to Hero – Salem Poor was an African-American slave who purchased his freedom, became a soldier, and rose to fame as a war hero during the American Revolution.

Civil War

Life in the Civil War – The Civil War became all-encompassing, touching the lives of nearly all Americans, while the country fought over the future of the nation.

Fort Delaware, Delaware City, Delaware – Fort Delaware, on Pea Patch Island in the Delaware River, was a harbor defense facility built to protect the ports of Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA.

The 13 Colonies of America – The Thirteen American Colonies, founded in the 17th and 18th centuries, were a group of British colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America.

Colonial settlement of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania by Nicholas Garrison, Jr., 1754

Colonial Growth & Expansion – Between 1700 and 1775, the population of the 13 colonies grew from 300,000 to 2.5 million people.

English Colonials to American Patriots – Over time, the English Colonists moved away from rule British and became American Patriots.

Muir Woods National Monument, California – The monument protects 554 acres of old growth redwood forest, one of a few such stands remaining in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fort Cronkhite, California – Fort Cronkhite is a former military post, located within the Marin Headlands of the Golden Gate Recreational Area, north of San Francisco, California.

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  1. I am trying to find out more about the stage lines in Arizona (specifically linking from Phoenix to Flagstaff, Prescott, and those mining towns west (Bumble Bee, Jerome, etc.) I’m writing about the reason folks originally ‘camped’ there and why folks still live there. These sites were stage stops… and some are either ghost towns or simply gone.

    The more ‘famous’ stage lines are well known (Butterfield) but I’m only interested in the above for now.

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