The Battle of Little Big Horn

Little Bighorn River

Little Bighorn River

In the same year as the military investigation, the Little Bighorn Battlefield was designated a national cemetery administered by the War Department. Two years later, in 1881, a memorial was erected over the mass grave of the Seventh Cavalry soldiers, U.S. Indian Scouts, and other personnel killed in battle. In 1940, jurisdiction of the battlefield was transferred to the National Park Service.

Over the years, the American Public’s sentiment towards Custer’s image and the Battle of Little Bighorn has changed as the recognition of the general mistreatment of Native Americans during America’s westward expansion has increased.

In 1991, the U. S. Congress changed the name of the battlefield from Custer Battlefield National Monument to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument and ordered the construction of an Indian Memorial.

Today, additional red granite memorials have been erected that celebrate the Indians who fought there, including Cheyenne warriors, Lame White Man and Noisy Walking, and Lakota warriors, Long Road and Dog’s Back Bone.

The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is located in southeastern Montana near Crow Agency, Montana and administered by the National Park Service.


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Little Bighorn Memorial

Little Bighorn Memorial

Contact Information:

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
P.O. Box 39
Exit 510 Off I-90 Hwy 212
Crow Agency, Montana 59022-0039

* Legends Of America Reader Steve Busch wrote an article in October, 2012 we think is also worth sharing.  Read about the varying accounts of General Custer’s death, the possible love affair and child with a Cheyenne woman and more in History Revisited – Digging for the Truth.

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