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Forts Across the United States

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There are literally hundreds of old forts across the nation, ranging from military posts, to fortresses established by fur trading companies, to private enterprises built solely to protect the pioneers within. Though many of these old forts are long gone, there are dozens of others that continue to stand, some restored, some in ruins, and others still currently serving as active posts. While this is not a complete list, we are continually adding to it as we travel and find more information.

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"Fort Laramie is one of the posts established

 by the American Fur Company, who

well-nigh monopolized the Indian trade

 of this whole region. "

-- Francis Parkman


Fort Griffin, Texas

Fort Griffin, Texas Administration Building, June, 2007, Kathy Weiser.

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Frontier Forts in the United States

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Fort Conde

Fort Gaines

Fort Morgan




Camp Crittenden

Camp Date Creek

Camp Hualapai

Fort Apache
Fort Breckinridge (old Camp Grant)
Fort Buchanan

Fort Bowie


Fort Buchanan

Fort Defiance

Fort Goodwin

Fort Grant

Fort Lowell
Fort Huachuca
Fort Lowell
Fort McDowell


Fort Meeks/Lee's Ferry

Fort Mojave

Fort Thomas

Fort Tucson

Fort Verde
Fort Whipple
San Xavier del Bac Mission



Fort Chaffee

Fort Logan H. Roots

Fort Smith


Benicia Arsenal

Camp Yerba Buena

Drum Barracks

El Presidio De Santa Barbara

Fort Alcatraz

Fort Baker

Fort Bidwell

Fort Bragg


Fort Crook

Fort Guijarros

Fort Humboldt

Fort MacArthur

Fort Mason

Fort McDowell (Angel Island)

Fort Point

Fort Reading


Fort Rosecrans

Fort Ross 

Fort Tejon

Fort Yuma

Presidio of Monterey

Presidio of San Diego

Presidio de San Francisco

Presidio Of Sonoma

Sutter's Fort


Bent's Old Fort 

Bent's New Fort

Fort Collins 

Fort Garland

Fort Logan


Fort Lyon (Fort Wise)

Fort Massachusetts

Fort Morgan

Fort Pueblo



Fort Sedgwick

Fort St. Vrain

Fort Uncompahgre

Fort Vasquez




Bateria de San Antonio
Cantonment Clinch
Castillo De San Marcos
Fort Ann
Fort Arbuckle
Fort Armstrong
Fort Barker

Fort Barnwell
Fort Barrancas
Fort Basinger
Fort Blount
Fort Brooke
Fort Butler
Fort Caroline
Fort Carroll
Fort Casey
Fort Chokonikla
Fort Christmas
Fort Clarke
Fort Clinch
Fort Coombs
Fort Cooper
Fort Crévecoeur
Fort Cummings
Fort Dade (Egmont Key)

Fort Dade (Withlacoochee River)
Fort Dallas
Fort De Soto
Fort Defiance
Fort Denaud
Fort Drane
Fort Drum
Fort Duval

Fort East Martello

Fort Fanning

Fort Foster

Fort Fransisco De Pupo
Fort Fraser
Fort Gadsden
Fort Gardiner
Fort Gatlin
Fort George

Fort George Island
Fort Heileman
Fort Houston

Fort Jefferson
Fort Jupiter

Fort King
Fort Kissimmee

Fort Lane
Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lloyd

Fort Maitland

Fort Mason
Fort Matanzas
Fort McRee
Fort Meade
Fort Mellon
Fort Mose
Fort Myers
Fort Ogden
Fort Peyton
Fort Pickens
Fort Picolata
Fort Pierce
Fort Poinsett
Fort Reid
Fort Russell

Fort San Bernardo
San Carlos de Austria

Fort San Lucia

Fort San Luis de Apalachee
Fort San Marcos de Apalache

Fort San Nicholas
Fort Scott

Fort Shannon
Fort Simmons

Fort St. Andrews
Fort St. Francis de Pupa
Fort Stansbury
Fort Starke
Fort Sullivan
Fort Taylor

Fort T.B. Adams
Fort Thompson
Fort Tonyn
Fort Vinton
Fort Wacahoota
Fort Walker
Fort Walton
Fort Ward
Fort Weadman
Fort White
Fort William
Fort Zachary Taylor
Martello Towers, Key West, Florida

Nicolls' Outpost
Presidio Isla Santa Rosa Punta de Siguenza

Presidio San Miguel de Panzacola

Presidio Santa Maria de Galve

San Marcos De Apalache
West Martello Tower
Yellow Bluff Fort



Fort Jackson



Fort Boise


Fort Hall



Apple River Fort
Fort Armstrong
Fort Beggs

Fort de Chartres

Fort Crèvecoeur
Fort Dearborn

Fort Defiance



Fort Johnson
Fort Lamotte
Fort Massac




Fort Dodge (1851-53)



Camp Ewing

Cantonment Martin

Fort Atkinson
Fort Aubrey

Fort Bain
Fort Belmont
Fort Blair (Baxter)
Fort Brooks

Fort Cavagnial
Fort Clifton

Fort Dodge

Fort Downer

Fort Hamilton


Fort Harker
Fort Hays

Fort Henning

Fort Insley

Fort Jewell

Fort Kanses

Fort Lane

Fort Larned

Fort Leavenworth

Fort Lincoln

Fort Mann

Fort Montgomery (Greenwood County)


Fort Montgomery (Linn County)
Fort Monument
Fort Riley

Fort Saunders
Fort Scott

Fort Titus

Fort Wakarusa
Fort Wallace

Fort Zarah








Fort McHenry




Fort Snelling (Fort Saint Anthony)



Cape Girardeau Forts

Fort Belle Fontaine

Fort Cap-Au-Gris

Fort Carondelet

Fort Charette

Fort de Cavagnal

Fort Davidson

Fort Hovey (Curtis)

Fort Leonard Wood

Fort Orleans

Fort Osage (Clark)

Fort Zumwalt


Jefferson Barracks

Joseph Robideaux' Trading Post

Liberty Arsenal

St. Louis Arsenal


Cantonment Jordan

Cantonment Wright

Fort Alexander

Fort Assiniboine #1

Fort Assinniboine

Fort Belknap
Fort Benton

Fort Browning

Fort Campbell

Fort Carroll

Fort Cass

Fort Chardon
Fort Claggett (Camp Cooke)
Fort Connah

Fort Conrad

Fort Copelin

Fort Cotton
Fort Custer

Fort Dauphin


Fort Ellis

Fort Fizzle

Fort Fox & Livingston

Fort Galpin

Fort Gilbert

Fort William Henry Harrison

Fort Hawley

Fort Henry

Fort Howes

Fort Jackson

Fort Janeaux
Fort Keogh

Fort LaBarge

Fort Lewis
Fort Logan
Fort Maginnis

Fort McKenzie

Fort Missoula


Fort Owen

Fort Parker

Fort Pease

Fort Peck

Fort Piegan

Fort Sarpy

Fort Sarpy II
Fort Shaw
Fort C.F. Smith

Fort Van Buren

Fort William

Fort Yellowstone

Howe's House

Judith Landing

Kootenai Post

Lewis and Clark Fort

Reed's Fort

Saleesh House





Camp Sheridan

Fontenelle's Post

Fort Atkinson

Fort Calhoun

Fort Crook


Fort Hartsuff

Fort John

Fort Kearny

Fort Lisa

Fort McPherson


Fort Mitchell

Fort Omaha

Fort Robidoux

Fort Robinson

Fort Sidney



Camp McGarry

Fort Churchill


Fort Halleck



Fort Schellbourne



New Mexico

Fort Bascom

Fort Bayard

Fort Burgwin

Fort Craig

Fort Cummings

Fort Defiance

Fort Fillmore

Fort Marcy

Fort Seldon


Fort Stanton

Fort Sumner

Fort Union

Fort Wingate



New York

Castle Clinton


North Dakota

Fort Abercrombie

Fort Abraham Lincoln

Fort Berthold

Fort Buford


Fort Clark

Fort Ransom

Fort Rice

Fort Mandan


Fort Stevenson

Fort Totten

Fort Yates

Fort Union



Camp Nichols

Fort Arbuckle

Fort Cobb

Fort Davis


Fort El Reno

Fort Gibson

Fort McCulloch

Fort Sill


Fort Supply

Fort Towson

Fort Washita
Fort Wayne



Fort Astoria

Fort Clatsop

Fort Columbia
Fort Colville

Fort Dalles/Fort Lee
Fort Dent

Fort Harney

Fort Henrietta

Fort Hoskins

Fort Klamath

Fort Lawton

Fort Lewis

Fort Nez Perce
Fort Nisqually

Fort Okanogan

Fort Stevens

Fort Townsend
Fort Ward
Fort Worden

Fort George Wright

Fort Yamhill


Carnahan's Blockhouse

Fort Allen

Fort Antes
Fort Augusta
Fort Bedford

Fort Boone

Fort Bosley

Fort Brady
Fort Deshler
Fort Dickinson/Durkee

Fort Duquesne

Fort Freeland

Fort Gaddis

Fort Granville
Fort Halifax

Fort Hand


Fort Halifax

Fort Horn
Fort Indiantown Gap

Fort Jenkins
Fort Jones

Fort Juniata Crossing
Fort Lafayette
Fort Laughlin
Fort Ligonier

Fort Loudoun
Fort Machault

Fort McClure
Fort McIntosh

Fort Menninger

Fort Mifflin

Fort Muncy
Fort Necessity
Fort Pitt
Fort Presque Isle
Fort Prince George

Fort Reid

Fort Rice

Fort Robert Smalls

Fort Swartz
Fort Venango

Fort Wheeler

Forty Fort
Light's Fort
Redstone Old Fort
Spark's Fort



South Carolina

Fort Moultrie


Fort Sumter


South Dakota

Fort Bennett
Fort Dakota
Fort Hale
Fort James

Fort Kiowa

Fort Lookout
Fort Meade

Fort Pierre Chouteau
Fort Randall

Fort Sisseton

Fort Sully
Fort Thompson
Whetstone Agency




The Alamo

Camp Cooper

Camp Cureton

Camp Holland

Camp Hudson

Camp Verde

Fort Anahuac

Fort Belknap

Fort Bend
Fort Bliss
Fort Brown

Fort Buffalo Springs
Fort Chadbourne

Fort Cibolo

Fort Clark

Fort Colorado
Fort Concho

Fort Crockett
Fort Croghan
Fort Davis
Fort Duncan

Fort Elliott

Fort Esperanza

Fort Ewell

Fort Fisher

Fort Gates

Fort Graham

Fort Grigsby

Fort Griffin

Fort Hancock

Fort Henderson


Fort Hood

Fort Houston (Anderson County)

Fort Sam Houston

Fort Inge
Fort Inglish

Fort Lancaster
Fort Leaton

Fort Lincoln

Fort Lipantitlan

Fort Lyday

Fort Maison Rouge

Fort Martin Scott
Fort Mason
Fort McIntosh
Fort McKavett

Fort Merrill

Fort Milam
Fort Parker

Fort Pena

Fort Phantom Hill

Fort Polk

Fort Quitman

Fort Richardson

Fort Ringgold

Fort D. A. Russell

Fort Sabine

Fort Saint Louis

Fort San Jacinto
Fort Stockton




Fort Stubblefield

Fort Tenoxtitlan

Fort Terán
Fort Travis
Fort Trevino
Fort Worth
Fortin de la Cienega
Jowell Family Fort
Lacy's Fort

Little River Fort
Moore's Fort

Presidio de la Bahía del Espíritu Santo

Presidio de la Virgen de los Dolores de los Tejas

Presidio de San Agustín de Ahumada

Presidio de San Antonio de Béjar

Presidion de San Elizario

Presidio de San Xavier de Gigedo

Presidio Nuestra Señora de Loreto de la Bahia (Fort Defiance, Fort Goliad)
Presidio de San Saba

Princess Sophia's Fort



Camp Floyd

Cove Fort

Fort Buenaventura


Fort Deseret

Fort Douglas



Fort Duchesne

Fort Utah




American Camp-English Camp
Fort Columbia

Fort Nisqually
Fort Okanogan

Fort Simcoe 

Fort Spokane
Fort Steilacoom
Fort Stevens

Fort Townsend
Fort William
Fort Vancouver
Fort Walla Walla



Fort Bonneville

Fort Bridger

Fort Caspar

Fort Clay

Fort Fetterman

Fort H.W. Halleck


Fort Laramie

Fort McKinney

Fort Phil Kearny

Fort Platte

Fort Reno/Fort Connor

Fort Russell

Fort Sanders

Fort Stambaugh

Fort Fred Steele

Fort Washakie (Camp Brown)



Did You Know?

Established in 1827, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is the oldest military post in continuous operation west of the Mississippi River.





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Alcatraz Island

Many people are not aware that Alcatraz was a fort  before it became a Penitentiary. Photo by John Sullivan, March, 2005.

This image available for photographic prints  and downloads HERE!






Fort Caspar, Wyoming

Fort Caspar,  Wyoming living quarters, Kathy Weiser, September, 2009.





Fort Verde, Arizona

Fort Verde, Arizona, April, 2007, Kathy Weiser.





Fort Bayard postcard

Vintage Fort Bayard New Mexico












Fort Sumpter, South Carolina

Fort Sumter, South Carolina 1901,

 Detroit Photographic.

This image available for photographic prints  and downloads HERE!






Fort El Reno , Oklahoma Commissary and Weapons Magazine, November,

2005, Kathy Weiser. This image available for photographic prints and  downloads HERE!







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Old Bedlam at Fort Laramie, Wyoming

Old Bedlam at Fort Laramie, Wyoming, Kathy Weiser, September, 2009.




fort Yellowstone

Fort Yellowstone, Montana





Fort Kearny

Fort Kearny, Nebraska by William Henry Jackson.







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Fort Laramie Barracks

Fort Laramie, Wyoming is one of the most intact frontier forts in the West. 

Kathy Weiser, September, 2009.




Compiled Kathy Weiser/Legends of America, updated June, 2017.




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