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Legends of America VideosVenturing into sight and sound, we are now producing short videos to promote our various pages on Legends of America. While these first few videos are short introductions, stay tuned, as we continue this venture into longer productions that tell the story of numerous themes such as Westward Expansion, Old Westoutlaws and lawmenNative American history, tribes, and heroes, Early American History, Route 66, Travel Destinations and more.


Our videos are uploaded to youtube.com and you can become a regular subscriber by just visiting our page here: Legends of America Videos. By subscribing, you will get updates when we add or change our videos and you can also leave feedback, which we would love to hear. We're just getting our our feet wet on the whole idea of video production and your comments will be a huge help in making improvements, especially as we move on to longer productions.




Legends of America VideoLegends of America Video - Including dozens of historic and current photographs and set to dramatic background music, this video is an introduction to Legends of America, showing readers and/or audiences, a little about what we do. From great western destinations to the framing of the Constitution, Civil War, Native Americans, the Old West, and on to Route 66, we hope you like our first attempt at video production.


Time: 3.08

Directed by: Kathy Weiser Alexander
Produced/Edited by: Dave Alexander



Native American Video by Legends of AmericaNative American Video - A short promotional video which introduces our numerous Native American pages. From Indian Wars to the Trail of Tears, learn about our nation's true Forefathers. Includes historic photos that are also available from our Rocky Mountain General Store Photo Print Shop.


Time: 1.23

Directed by: Kathy Weiser Alexander
Produced/Edited by: Dave Alexander
Narration by: Dave Dart, Same Day Voice-Over


The Old West - A brief introduction to our many stories about the American Old West, better known as the Wild West.

Time: 1:21

Produced by: Kathy Weiser-Alexander

Narration by: Dave Alexander



Ghost Towns - A look at just some of the many Ghost Town photos that Legends of America has captured during our journeys.

Time: 3:16

Produced by: Kathy Weiser-Alexander



Good Old Days - Well, maybe not all of them could be called "Good Old Days", but this video takes a trip through time at some of the nostalgic scenes of the early 20th Century.

Time: 2:10

Produced by: Kathy Weiser-Alexander



Westward Expansion Manifest Destiny - Kathy Weiser-Alexander takes a look at Westward Expansion in this educational 7 minute video.

Time: 7:04

Produced/Narrated by: Kathy Wesier-Alexander



Saloons of the Old West - Well, there just ain’t no talkin’ about the Old West, without mentioning the dozens, no hundreds – er, thousands of saloons of the American West. The very term "saloon” itself, conjures up a picture within our minds of an Old West icon, complete with a wooden false front, a wide boardwalk flanking the dusty street, a couple of hitchin’ posts, and the always present swinging doors brushing against the cowboy as he made his way to the long polished bar in search of a whiskey to wet his parched throat.  Enjoy this peak at Saloons of the Old West in a video produced using images from our Saloon galleries.

Time: 2:36

Produced by: Kathy Weiser-Alexander



Route 66 - Take a fun trip down America's Mother Road in this video produced using our images from Route 66.

Time: 3:09

Produced by: Kathy Weiser-Alexander



Veterans Day - Legends of America salutes the men and women of our great nation who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.
Time 3:18

Produced by: Kathy Weiser-Alexander



The Great Southwest - The earliest documented occupation of the American Southwest dates to before 9,000 B.C. More than 2,000 years ago, this vast land was inhabited by settlers of the Basketmaker culture, which later evolved into permanent towns of cliff dwellings and pit houses, the ruins of which can still be seen in New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. While hunting and gathering activities predominated in the Great Basin and California, and bison hunting dominated the Plains, the peoples of the American Southwest established early agricultural communities and grew maize, beans and squash. Gradually, they also built above ground structures known as pueblos and developed a sophisticated culture of community housing and religious beliefs and activities based in nature.

Time 8:29

Produced by: Kathy Weiser-Alexander

Narrated by: Dave Alexander





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