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Treasure Hunting Code of Ethics

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Treasure Hunter - Code of Ethics

Treasure Hunting MapResponsible hunting will keep the hobby alive for everyone else! Please follow the Treasure Hunter's Code of Ethics so that all of us can continue to enjoy this enjoyable hobby and perhaps, even get lucky and find our fortunes!.

  1. I will respect private property and will do no treasure hunting without the property owner's permission. 

  2. I will fill in all holes I dig.

  3. I will not damage natural resources, wildlife habitats, or any private property.

  4. I will use thoughtfulness, consideration, and courtesy at all times.

  5. I will build fires in designated or safe places only.

  6. I will leave gates as found.

  7. I will remove and properly dispose of any trash that I find.

  8. I will not litter.

  9. I will not destroy property, buildings, or what is left of ghost towns and deserted structures.

  10. I will not tamper with signs, structural facilities, or equipment.

  11. And, finally, the most important one of all -- I will have fun!!

If we all follow these simple rules while metal detecting or treasure hunting, we will go a long way to keeping the public on our side in the fight to protect our rights.




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