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Whether you are a designer, advertiser, entrepreneur or webmaster, Legends of America has collected thousands of affordable photographs and illustrations to help you tell your story. Large size downloads of these many images are available for commercial and editorial purposes.

Our images, including restored vintage photographs and illustrations, as well as hundreds of photos taken during our travels can be purchased and delivered online.


Our rights-managed photographs are royalty-free for specific editorial uses. Our license fee of just $50 per image allows you to utilize the image for one-time use in a book, publication, magazine, brochure, video, television or movie production, or any other commercial setting.

We have thousands of vintage photographs representing everything from the mountains to the prairies, presidents to outlaws, to the Old West, Native Americans, and everything in between.


We try to make this extremely easy for the many companies and individuals that have need for royalty-free photos. We have just one option -- use of our photographs, royalty free, for one-time use in a book, publication, magazine, brochure, video, television or movie production, or any other commercial setting.


Guidelines and More Information:

  • We do not provide exclusive rights to any of our images.

  • The image may only be used one time for one of the above purposes, and cannot be used by anyone else.

  • Commercial and editorial rights include one-time use in the manner listed above.

  • We do not require a release form, as this page outlines our guidelines. However, if you require a release, just let us know.



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A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into.

-- Ansel Adams


Print Galleries:


Advertisement Gallery

American History

American Wars & Military

Ghost Towns of the American West

Greeting Cards

Historic Cities and Places

Historic People in American History

Native Americans


Old West

Old West People



Roadside Stops & Quirky Pics

Route 66

Saloon Style Women

Scenic Views


Vintage Advertising photo prints and downloads



American History photo prints and downloads

American History


Civil War and Military photo prints and downloads

American Wars & Military


Historic places photo prints and downloads

Historic Cities and Places


Historic people photo prints and downloads

Historic People in American History


Native American photo prints and downloads

Native Americans


Nostaligic Photo prints and downloads



Old West photo prints and downloads

Old West


Patriotic prints and downloads




Railroad Prints and Downloads



Vices - Vintage photo prints and downloads


(Warning: This gallery shows some nudity.)



Note: Our restored vintage photos are copyrighted by Legends of America and cannot be used without our permission.


Current Day Photo Galleries:


 Ghost Town Prints and Downloads

Ghost Towns


Greeting Cards from Vintage Photos

Greeting Cards



Route 66 prints and downloads

Route 66


Scenic Views Prints and Downloads

Scenic Views




A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.

-- Diane Arbus


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All images copyrighted by Legends of America.


Legends of America's Photo BlogLegends Blog - Follow our travels as we make our way across AmericaLegends' Photo Blog - Follow our travels as we make our way across America finding bunches of out of the way places, legends, historic sites, ghost towns, and great photo opportunities. Here, is where you'll also get a more personal view of our travels -- from the many great folks we meet, to what we think about the places we visit, and, of course, hundreds of photos & slideshows that we hope you enjoy.


While Legends of America is our Go To site for history, facts, and information; our Photo Blog is our first stop in developing these many articles, where you'll find more personal information, and reviews of the places we visit.


  Legends' Photo Blog


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