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Herbal Balms   

Nuwati Balms

Native American Herbal Teas

Nuwati Herbal Teas

No-Ski-To Insect Repellant

NO-Ski-TO - Insect Repellant

 The Circle of Medicine

Native American Medicine Wheel2000 BC  Here eat this root.

1000 AD  That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer.

1500 AD  That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion.

1940 AD  That potion is snake oil. Here, swallow this pill.

1985 AD  That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic.

2007 AD  That antibiotic doesn't work anymore. Here, eat this root!

Nuwati Products Feedback:


Another great newsletter and with information that I can be a witness for. I have lost almost a hundred pounds with the help of herbs and my diabetic Doctor. Please keep up the excellent work. Thank you. James, July, 2011.

Buffalo Bone TeaI started drinking the Buffalo Bone Tea to help with the pain in my joints due to arthritis. I drank two cups a day and within a day or two, the pain went away and stayed gone until I stopped drinking the tea. I started drinking it again and the pain went away. I now drink it everyday and I've had no pain since. I no longer need my pain pills! - Nora, August, 2008


Black and Blue BalmAbout a year ago I purchased the Black and Blue Balm. I really do like it and it seems to work because my legs get bruises on them all the time. Thank you Nuwati Herbals!!! - Janet, June, 2007



Cloud Walking TeaI could never fall asleep, no longer how tired I was. My mind would just keep thinking. It usually took me a minimum of three hours to finally fall asleep and that was restless at best. I have tried lots of different herbs. Cloud Walking Tea did it for me. The first time I used it I felt tired and fell right to sleep within a half hour. It calmed my mind and when I woke up in the middle of the night, I feel right back to sleep. Woke up feeling great! Love it! - Denise, October, 2009



Moon Cycle TeaI bought this Moon Cycle Tea a year or two ago, because I started the pre-menopause at 40 years old. I tried pills from the store and didn't get much from them. This tea helped with the sweats and I slept better then I ever had in my life. I can't say enough about it. You have to try it. - Penni, August, 2010


Four Directions BalmOh what a blessing, my husband and I have been using your products for about two years now. He suffers horribly from chronic lung problems, especially at night, when he has an asthma attack the anxiety can keep him jittery all night long. We were introduced to your Four Directions Balm on a recommendation from a friend and his wheezing seemed to subside almost instantaneously. He was able to relax and sleep through the night, which is so amazing. We had tried other products, they felt heavy, slimy, and were intolerable to him. Your product is a blessing, absorbs easily and is incredibly soothing and calming! - Jennifer, November, 2007


Laughing Coyote TeaLaughing Coyote is an absolutely delicious tea. The flavor is not too rich, nor too light, its almost sweet and buttery. I let it to steep, came back, and could smell it in the next two rooms, it was amazing. - Hitomi, August, 2008


Moccasin Tracks BalmI am very sensitive when it comes to insect stings, and do not like taking pills to relief symptoms. Much to my surprise, Moccasin Tracks Balm worked way better than any drug. It worked on the problem, not the symptom! My black lab gets hot spots, and this balm helps her tremendously. This little life saver of a tin has lasted me at least 2 years! A little goes a long way. Thank you so much. - Caroline, April, 2011


SeeLessO'Me TeaThis tea is fabulous! I have started drinking the See Less O' Me Tea every morning instead of my usual morning coffee, and I really like it. It helps me to feel awake and rejuvenated, but without the jittery feeling I would get with coffee. Also, it lightens my mood which is great! I really like this tea because it helps me to feel energized so I can be active throughout my day without feeling like I need a nap. The See Less O' Me tea is also fantastic because now I can devote more energy to exercising. When I drink this tea in the morning, it really helps to wake me up so that I can go for my morning walk around the block. - Stefany, May, 2008


Moon Cycle TeaI first tried Moon Cycle Tea in June, 2009 and have used it ever since. I sleep better and don't sweat as much from hot flashes. - Nancy, March, 2010


Four Directions BalmI first purchased the Four Directions Balm on a school field trip with my son's 6th grade class. Headaches were rampant on the tour bus on the way home until I broke out the balm and shared it with the other parents!!!! I also offer it to my kids who occasionally get headaches despite efforts to rest and re-hydrate. Thank you for creating a product that works so fast and so well. I feel so much better offering them Four Directions Balm instead of ibuprofen or acetaminophen, and I am a nurse!!! Love and God bless! - Lisa, June, 2009


The Warrior TeaI am very pleased with Warrior Tea. I have told several of my friends about this tea. I do not hurt like I used to. It does help me with toxin build up, around an old back injury and in my legs. - Brian, September, 2008


No-Ski-To Insect RepellantNo-Ski-to keeps bugs away while I am mowing the lawn. We have a problem with tics and chiggers. The best part is I can safely put it right on my skin! - Barbara, June, 2011



Sundance BalmMy daughter and I have very dry skin. We've tried almost everything that on the market. The first time I put this Sundance Balm on, it immediately made my skin soft and kept on working - my daughters, too. Thanks Nuwati Herbals for all your great products!!! - Gary, March, 2007


Nuwati Healer TeaI caught a really bad head cold and my friends kept telling me that i needed to go to a hospital or go see a doctor, but I simply told all of my them that all I need is to drink the Healer Tea for 48 hours and I will be fine. I don't think they believed me, but I was right. I started drinking the Healer tea on a late Tuesday night and by Friday morning the head cold was gone and I was fine. I will say this over and over...I love the Healer tea. Thank you so much for such an awesome tea that helps me not only through these cold months but also through the months to come when it is allergy season. - Steve, January, 2010


Cloud Walking TeaCloud Walking Tea has helped me so much. I have a rare blood disorder and I have a hard time falling asleep. My doctor has had me on Xanax and Vistaril for over 20 years. They always made me feel as if I had a hangover. Now, I can drink a cup or two of Cloud Walking Tea and I can sleep without all of those drugs, AND... No hangover!!! - Don, August, 2007


Nuwati Healer TeaI'm prone to sinus infections on a near monthly basis and I tried some of his Healer Tea, and felt immediately better. I am a singer/actor, so being constantly stuffed up is never a good thing. The tea's earthy, yet spicy flavor, is especially warming and burns so good. I can feel that I'm on the road to not being quite so congested. Bless you Nuwati Team! I hope you never go out of business! - Justin, July, 2009


Sundance BalmMy husband works as a warehouse manager and he handles a lot of cardboard and paper products, which can be very drying to the skin. His hands were very rough, dry, calloused and cracked. It seemed like no matter what he used, nothing helped. My chiropractor recommended Sundance Balm. Within a few days there was noticeable improvement. In two weeks they were 100% better. It's a wonderful product. I'm anxious to try others. - Patti, March, 2007


Moon Cycle TeaI absolutely adore this Moon Cycle Tea! My PMS symptoms were a bit difficult to handle and when I was experiencing them. I wasn't the nicest person to be around, especially because I would get very irritable and grouchy. I bought a bottle of the Moon Cycles Tea, and I was very surprised at how relaxed I feel when I'm having a cup. Now, instead of being irritable or grouchy, I'm happier, more mellow, and relaxed. - Stefany, May, 2008


SeeLessO'Me TeaI started using the See Less O' Me Tea about 3 weeks ago and I love the taste, drink it a couple of times a day, and am simply amazed at how it suppresses my appetite!! I am a waitress and since starting this tea, I have seen some increased energy, but, its amazing how it truly suppresses my appetite. As of two weeks ago I had lost 6 pounds. I highly recommend this tea to anyone wanting to lose weight!! - Deborah, March, 2008


Moccasin Tracks BalmI have lupus issues and extreme adult cystic acne. I used to use Foile Ointment made by the Blistex company to numb the pain on my skin and to heal the wounds from scratching the spots, I picked up Moccasin Tracks Balm because I ran out of my Foile and could not find anymore....it was the best thing I ever did, for it not only stopped the pain but it healed my skin almost within hours!. I recommend this balm for literally everything its subtle, has no sting or harsh chemicals. I literally stock up on this stuff! – Carol, December, 2010


The Warrior TeaWarrior Tea is a great tea! It gives you lots of energy! It has a great taste and smells good too! - Kathleen, February, 2009


Buffalo Bone TeaI started drinking Buffalo Bone Tea thinking maybe my hair would become stronger and I might even be blessed with long strong fingernails. Or even more than I could hope for.... my back problems would improve. It never occurred to me that it would be a face-lift in a bottle. This will sound unbelievable. As I sat looking in my mirror three days after drinking two cups a day I will assure you I did not believe what I was seeing. To my amazement, I asked aloud “Where are the wrinkles???” On closer examination I realized that most of my sagging chin was missing as well. If this had occurred over months it would be amazing but after only a few days I'd call that a miracle. - Susie


Black and Blue BalmBlack and Blue Balm is wonderful to say the least. My daughter applied it to her shoulder where a strap has been digging into her skin, making it turn purple and blue - almost to the point of bleeding. She complained of it and I bought it for her to use. She applied it to her shoulder. Since then, she had no trouble with it. This balm has worked wonders. It's amazing how you think that God can provide such an amazing array of gardens on this earth, and all someone has to do is do what these people at Nuwati Herbals have done and make it into a balm; whereas a doctor can prescribe something that doesn't work at all. If it does, not effectively as Nuwati. Thanks Nuwati Herbals!!!! - Gary, March, 2007


Laughing Coyote TeaWe have tried this Laughing Coyote Tea and love it. It calms the mind body and spirit. It does also lighten the mood of anyone who tries this tea. - Christina, May, 2008

Walk In Balance TeaLife is constantly moving... shifting... swirling all around us... and that's ok... I reached out when I was lost in the storm... and Nuwati Herbals Walk in Balance Tea responded. The plant people in this tea resonates with me... spoke to me so I could feel the vibration memory of "being within the center" of the storm and "Being" in a state of calmness within. For each moment the plant people embrace me...I am very humbled and grateful. - Lou, May, 2007


Nuwati Healer TeaI have to tell how much the Healer Tea has helped me already in only one day. I received my package yesterday evening. I live in the Ft Worth/Dallas area and the wind has been blowing up allergies I did not know I had. For the first time, it seems in months, I have stopped coughing sneezing and running after my nose. I came to know of Nuwati and you at the Indian Market at Arlington in March, where I purchased Buffalo Bone, which I also am thrilled with. Once again I can enjoy the wind in my face. Thank you so much from a Cherokee in Waxahachie, Texas – Nelda, April, 2008


Four Directions BalmI swear by this Four Directions Balm. I suffer from migraine headaches and severe sinus headaches on a regular basis and I reach for my tin of Four Directions Balm instead of any over the counter pain reliever. The smell is soothing, the cool feel is refreshing and, 20 minutes after applying it to my forehead, temples and under my nose; my headache pain is not as noticeable. Even at work, when the hours of looking at the computer screen, makes my head and neck hurt from tension--I will apply this balm and feel better. I keep it with me at all times. I recommend it to anyone who suffers from recurring headaches. - Wndi, March, 2007


The Warrior TeaI tried the Warrior Tea a couple of months ago and I truly feel that it has helped me. I have problems with chest infections every year and with my sinuses. I also like the flavor which is pleasing to the tongue. I will be trying some of your other products as well, I believe in natural healing for the body instead of chemical alternatives. Again thank you for the Warrior Tea. – Johnnie, February, 2007


Nuwati Healer TeaMy partner and I were touring through Colorado, New Mexico and Texas when he got a really bad sinus infection from the dryness of the air and allergies. The bridge of his nose was so swollen and he was in pain. After two weeks of this, we finally got our hands on some Nuwati Healer Tea and I kid you not, we went to the nearest gas station, bought a cup of hot water and made the tea right there and then in the parking lot! The next morning the infection had completely disappeared, gone... Amazing! Now, we don't leave home without it! As you can probably surmise from our experience, we HIGHLY recommend it! Nuwati Rules! - Samantha, September, 2008

Moccasin Tracks BalmI had been struggling with my eyeslids being swollen, very red and raw in places. They itched terribly. I put some Moccasin Tracks Balm on my eye lids in the afternoon. I put some more on before bedtime. When I woke up, my eyes where 80% better!!! AMAZING and such relief! By the next day it was gone. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! - Georgina, September, 2010

Cloud Walking TeaAfter not being able to sleep for many many months, I tried Cloud Walking Tea and was finally able to get some sleep. The doctor had me on sleeping pills that did not work. Cloud Walking Tea allowed me to get some sleep and rest without having to take all those pills. – Gary, February, 2007


Sundance BalmI have been using Sundance Balm for about a year for dryness on my hands, feet and legs. Although I live in the South, Winter seems to be the season I use it most. I highly recommend this product for dry skin. - Rochelle, March, 2007



Nuwati Herbal Teas

Nuwati Herbal Balms

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