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Vintage Sioux Photographs

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Sioux Warriors, 1899



Sioux Indians on horseback, by Heyn, 1899

Sioux Warriors on horseback, by Heyn

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Sioux were some of the fiercest warriors encountered by the U.S. Military in the late 1800's. Warriors sought fame and wealth through their achievements in hunting and warfare. One such achievement was known as "counting coup," meaning they were the first to touch an enemy in battle. These coups were remembered during dances and ceremonies.


A series of conflicts raged as white settlers encroached upon Sioux land, beginning with the Grattan Massacre in 1854 near Fort Laramie, Wyoming. Conflicts continued until the military began its Pine Ridge Campaign from November 1890 to January 1891, the last major conflict with the Sioux. This lopsided engagement, which involved almost half the infantry and cavalry of the Regular Army, caused the surviving warriors to lay down their arms and retreat to their reservations.



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