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Joseph Slade

Joseph Slade

Joseph Alfred Slade, aka: Jack Slade (1824-1864) – Stagecoach station manager and murderer, Slade was also thought to have been part of the Montana Vigilantes. However, it was those very same men that hanged Slade himself.

Charlie Smith (18??-1874) – A horse thief operating in Kansas, Smith was captured with several other horse thieves near Caldwell, Kansas. Hauled to jail to await trial, a lynch mob stormed the Caldwell jail on July 29, 1874, and lynched Smith, along with two other horse thieves by the names of William “Billy” L. Brooks and L.B. Hasbrouck.

Dave Smith – A horse thief and bootlegger, he was also a member of the Starr Gang. When U.S. Deputy Marshal Marshal James Cole went to arrest him, Smith and his wife started firing. Cole left them both dead.

William “Bill” Smith – A Kansas cowboy tumed outlaw, he robbed the Medicine Lodge bank with a gang led by Marshal Henry Brown and killed two men on April  30, 18 84. He was lynched while awaiting trial.

Joe Smith – A Texas outlaw, he was arrested for murder in New Mexico by Texas Rangers.

Rentie Smith – An Oklahoma Indian outlaw, he killed Fee Jefferson on Cave Creek and was brought in by Heck Thomas.

Richard Smith – Despite confessing to the deputy who arrested him, Smith declared his innocence in the murder of Thomas Pringle in Oklahoma. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on January 25, 1889.

Sandy Smith – Was arrested for the murder of George Taft in Oklahoma, but died in jail before the case came to trial.

William Snider, aka: Bill Caveness – An outlaw who was arrested at Springerville, Arizona in November 1877.

Charles Snow, aka: Johnson – A member of Selman’s Scouts following the turmoil of the Lincoln County War in New Mexico. He later traveled to Arizona, where he joined up with the Clanton Gang and was shot and killed by Mexicans in an ambush in Guadalupe Canyon, Arizona on August 12, 1881.

Jess “Buck” Snyder – Outlaw member of the Bill Cook Gang in Indian Territory. He was captured after a bank robbery.

Stanley Snyder – Oklahoma outlaw who rode with Al Spencer and Jelly Nash.

John Spurgeon – Outlaw member of the Little Dick West Gang, he was arrested by Heck Thomas near Carney, Oklahoma.

John Stansberry – Although Stansberry and his wife had a new baby, Stansberry had fallen in love with someone else. To sever the ties that prevented his marriage to another woman, Stanberry killed his child on September 20, 1889. About a month later, he murdered his wife with repeated blows from an ax. He was arrested while still at his wife’s grave. Convicted of murder, he was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on July 9, 1890.

George Sontag, Outlaw

George Sontag, Outlaw

George C. Sontag, aka: George Bohm – A California outlaw in the 1880s and 1890s, he robbed trains in Illinois and California with Chris Evans. He was captured and sent to prison and released in 1908.

John Sontag – A California outlaw and brother of George, he robbed trains in Illinois and California in the 1890s with Chris Evans. He was wounded in a shoot-out with police officers and died in a Fresno, California jail in 1893.

Jack Spaniard, aka: Jack Sevier (18??-1889) – Shot and killed U.S. Deputy Marshal William Irwin in April 1886. His motive was to gain the release of a horse thief in Irwin’s custody named Felix Griffin. Though it was said that others were involved, no one else was ever captured. Spaniard was said to have been the one-time lover of Belle Starr. He was found guilty of murder and hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on August 30, 1889.

Bob Speakes – A member of the Seven Rivers Warriors who fought in New Mexico’s Lincoln County War. When the conflict was over he became a member of Selman’s Scouts, a vicious gang that terrorized the county. He later moved to Texas, enlisted in the Texas Rangers in 1880, was soon discharged, then disappeared.

Charles Spencer – A horse thief and murderer, he was jailed in Silver City, New Mexico, but escaped in March 1884 with the Kit Joy Gang.

Pete Spence, aka: Peter Spencer, Elliot Larkin Ferguson (1852?-1914) – Stage robber, suspected murderer, and Clanton “cowboy,” Spence was thought to have been one of the killers behind the assassination of Morgan Earp.

Lincoln Sprole (18??-1886) – While working on a farm in the Chickasaw Nation of Indian Territory, Sprole argued with another worker named Benjamin Clark. Later, he ambushed Clark and his son, killing them both. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on July 23, 1886.

Belle Starr at Fort Smith, Arkansas

Belle Starr at Fort Smith, Arkansas

Belle Starr, aka: the “Outlaw Queen” (1848-1889) – Hooking up with the likes the Younger brothers and Jesse James at a young age, Starr became an outlaw herself and was the first woman to be tried for a serious crime by Judge Isaac Parker.

Douglas Starr – The nephew of Henry Starr, Douglas was also a robber.

Henry Starr (1873-1921) – One of the last Old West outlaws, he was a horse thief, bank robber, and murderer. he served time in prison, was released and portrayed himself in a silent movie. But he couldn’t give up his outlaw ways. He was killed while attempting to rob a bank in Harrison, Arkansas, in 1921.

Sam Starr – A Cherokee Indian outlaw in Oklahoma.

Bud Stephens – A horse thief and Texas fugitive, he was murdered by Henry Loftis.

John Stephens (1859?-1887)  – A black murderer in Oklahoma, he killed Annie Kerr and her 16-year-old son by chopping off their heads for testifying against him in a larceny case. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on January 14, 1887.

Bud Stevens – Shot and killed Deputy Sheriff Dallas Hodges when he tried to arrest him in Grayson County, Texas. Stevens fled to Indian Territory where he also killed a man named Babe Hodges. Stevens, himself was killed by Bully July.

Jennie Stevens, aka: Little Britches – An outlaw connected with the Doolin gang, Little Britches rustled cattle and horses in the Osage Nation with Cattle Annie McDougal. She was arrested in 1894 and sent to the Federal Reformatory in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Dr. Henri Stewart –  A physician educated at Harvard and Yale, he abandoned his family in Illinois in 1877 for reasons unknown. Arriving in Indian Territory, he joined a gang of outlaws and in May 1879 killed J.B. Jones in an attempted train robbery in the Choctaw Nation. He was arrested, convicted and hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on August 29, 1879.

William "Billy" Stiles

William “Billy” Stiles

William “Billy” Larkin Stiles, aka: William Larkin (1871-1908) – Billy Stiles was a gunfighter, lawman, and outlaw who, with Burton Alvord established the Alvord-Stiles Gang who operated in Arizona at the turn of the century.

William “Bill” Stiles of the James-Younger Gang – See William “Bill” Chadwell

Frank C. Stillwell (1856-1882) –  Frank was an was an outlaw Cowboy, gunman, and businessman who was suspected of killing Morgan Earp.

I.N. “Buck” Stinson (18??-1864) – A road agent in Montana and thought to have been a member of Henry Plummer’s gang of Innocents. He was hanged by Montana Vigilantes.

Issac “Ike” Stockton (1852-1881) – Born and raised in Texas, Stockton was an outlaw and leader of the Stockton Gang of robbers in northern New Mexico, Stockton was shot and wounded by lawmen, captured and died after having his leg amputated on September 27, 1881.

William Porter “Port” Stockton (1864-1881) – Stockton was an outlaw, lawman for a brief time, and member of the Stockton Gang, a group of thieving robbers in northern New Mexico. He was shot and killed in Farmington, New Mexico in 1881.

Tom Story – An Oklahoma outlaw, he was killed by U.S. Deputy Bass Reeves.

Thomas Stockton – A rancher who owned a popular overnight stage stop near Trinidad, Colorado, he killed several cattle rustlers in the 1870s and was allegedly tried for murder.

Otis Stuhl – A horse thief and member of the Green-Whitehead Gang in Oklahoma.

Sundance Kid – See Harry Longabaugh

Hank Swilling – An outlaw and member of the Clanton Cowboys who operated in Arizona and New Mexico.


By Kathy Weiser-Alexander, updated December 2018.


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