Warwick to Arcadia – Historic Stretch of Route 66

Little Brothers station in Luther, OK

Luther, Oklahoma

As you continue on to Luther, this small town with a population of just about 600 souls, provides a number of vintage views as well as an opportunity to stop at the Tres Suenos Vineyards and Winery.  Here you can sample free wine tastings and take a tour on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  The winery is located at 19691 E. Charter Oak Road.  As you enter Luther, keep your eyes open for several old gas stations including Little Brother’s Gas Station and Cold Beer on the right.  In Luther’s tiny downtown district sits the historic Engels Dry Goods Store at 114 South Main.

Arcadia, Oklahoma – Home of the Round Barn

The Round Barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma is one of the most photographed sites on the Mother Road, Kathy Weiser-Alexander, June, 2010.

Before long, you come to Arcadia, Oklahoma, home of the famous 1898 round barn, the most photographed building on all of Route 66.

The brainchild of William Harrison Odor, locals scoffed at the idea of a round barn, but Odor soaked green lumber in water, then shaped the rafters to form the exact curve of the roof. When his masterpiece was complete, he utilized the lower level to store his hay and shelter cattle and mules, while the upper level was used for barn dances and social gatherings.

By the 1980’s the barn had begun to suffer from years of neglect when it was donated to the Arcadia Historical and Preservation Society in an effort to save it. Before long a man named Luther Robinson, a retired building contractor from Oklahoma City, restored the barn with the help of a volunteer group known as the “Over-the-Hill-Gang.”

A long time popular stop in Arcadia, Oklahoma along Route 66, Hillbillee’s café and Bed and Breakfast is closed today.

Arcadia also provides a number of other picturesque opportunities at the now-closed HillBillee’s BBQ as you first enter this small town. This was once the home of an original Route 66 Gas Station, Café and Motor Court. Legend has it that in the early years of Route 66, the motor court would even provide a “companion” for male travelers. Another historic building in Arcadia, that of Tuton’s Drugstore, can be found at 1st & Main.

A popular new addition to Arcadia’s tourism landscape is Pops convenience store and restaurant on the city’s west edge. Built by natural gas mogul Aubrey McClendon and designed by renowned Oklahoma architect Rand Elliott, Pops features more than 500 flavors of soda pop in its coolers, diner-style comfort food in its restaurant, and a 66-foot-tall soda bottle next to the highway that’s festooned with multicolored LEDs. Combining modern service with classic roadside kitsch, Pops has been packed with visitors each weekend since it opened in 2007.

As you continue along the Mother Road, you’ll soon enter the outskirts of Edmond, Oklahoma, and the suburbs of sprawling,Oklahoma City.

Once known as “Hillbillies”, the now abandoned building on Route 66 in Arcadia, . Photo by David Fisk.

Pops Restaurant on Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma.This sculptural take on a soda bottle and straw soars 66 ft. into the sky.

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