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October 2016

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Our World

October Morning on the Lake of the Ozarks'Peeks' of color through fog are a typical morning in October here on the Lake of the Ozarks. That, along with thousands upon thousands of leaves. 

Did I say thousands?  Maybe I should say millions, many of which glom onto our furry kids who track them into the house. But that's a small price to pay for the beauty this time of year. 

I'm a little concerned that it seems the leaves are skipping a few colors and falling quicker than usual. Forecasters can't seem to totally agree with the winter ahead for us, but the general sentiment is that it will be a bad one. Kathy's not taking any chances, and already has us plotted on a southerly course. As plans become clearer we'll let you know, but as it stands now we'll be out of Missouri before Christmas. 

In the meantime I'll stay busy blowing and burning leaves for the next few weeks, keeping the 'feet deep' piles out of our doorway, and preparing for the scariest day of the year to pass... but first to get past Halloween. 

Dave "master of the burn pit" Alexander 


What's New

Here's the latest updates since our last newsletter.

What would Halloween be without a few additions to our Ghostly Legends.

Myrtles Plantation - A Most Haunted Place - The infamous Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana is widely considered one of the most haunted places in America.

Haunted Cities of the Dead - New Orleans - Established by Spanish royal decree on August 14, 1789, St. Louis Cemetery #1 is not only the oldest cemetery that can be visited in New Orleans, it is also said to be the most haunted.

Haunted Hiking Trails Across America - Hikers in America are facing a strange and mysterious phenomenon. They are disappearing without a trace, which leaves science speechless (by Emma Mills)

Monsters & Sea Serpents - The remarkable sea serpent has been reported at so many points, and by so many witnesses not addicted to fish tales nor liquor, that there ought to be some reason for him. (Charles M. Skinner, 1896)

Tales of Ghostly Lost Treasure- The wealth of the Astors hardly exceeds the treasure that is supposed to be secreted here and there about the country, and thousands of dollars have been expended in dredging rivers and shallow seas, and in blasting caves and cellars. (Charles M. Skinner, 1896)

Legends of Captain Kidd's Treasure - If Captain Kidd's earnings in the gentle craft of piracy were frugally kept, he possibly left some pots of money in holes in the ground between Key West, Florida and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Arrrrr there are many o' tale to tell. (Charles M. Skinner, 1896)

Haunted St. Augustine - Located in Northeast Florida, St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement and port in the continental United States. It is also said to be one of the most haunted cities in the nation.

It's not all Ghost and Legends though...

New in our Native American section:

Osceola - Osceola, the most well-known leader of the Seminoles, was born in 1804, in a Creek town near Tallassee, present-day Tuskegee, Alabama.

Timucua Tribe Lost Today - The Timucua were the Native American people living in the Northeast and North Central portions of what is now Florida. Their name may derive from the Spanish pronunciation of the Timucuan word atimoqua which means 'lord' or 'chief'.

From the Old West:

Boggsville - On the Santa Fe Trail - Representing the First Non-Military settlement in Southeastern Colorado, Boggsville was established on the Banks of the Purgatoire River, near its confluence with the Arkansas River, in 1866.

Santa Fe Trail in Colorado - Stops, Sites, and Detailed Descriptions of the Santa Fe Trail Through Colorado.

Santa Fe Trail in Oklahoma - Of the five states located along the Santa Fe Trail, Oklahoma's growth and development was least affected by the historic trade route.

International Trade on the Santa Fe Trail, 1821-1846  - Trade was an integral part of Native American life well before the opening of the Santa Fe Trail. By 1821, trade was agreed to and legal with Mexico.

George C. Sibley - Surveyor of the Santa Fe Trail - George C. Sibley was an American explorer, soldier, Indian agent, and politician who led the 1825 Sibley Survey team of the Santa Fe Trail.

Frontier Gambler - The Frontier Gambler is one of the most recognizable stock characters of the American West, usually portrayed as a gentlemanly southerner living outside of the law.

More History and Travel

Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve - Visitors to Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve have an opportunity to explore thousands of years of history in the wetlands along Florida's Atlantic coast.

Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area - The first National Heritage Area west of the Mississippi River covers 21-square miles encompassing the town of Yuma, Arizona, near the Californian and Mexican borders.

Canyon de Chelly - For nearly 5,000 years, people have used the towering sandstone walls of Canyon de Chelly as a place for campsites, shelters, and permanent homes.

American Southwest - The American Southwest with its distinctive building traditions, languages, religions, and foods, reflects the vitality of the Spanish, Mexican, Indian and Anglo cultures which formed its history.

Augusta, Georgia History - Founded in 1736 on the western bank of the Savannah River, Augusta, Georgia became the second town of the 13th British colony.

Port Hudson and a 48 Day Siege - Located about 20 miles northwest of Baton Rouge, Port Hudson is known best for a long battle that took place during the Civil War.

Gulf Islands National Seashore - The area included within the National Seashore was important in the creation and protection of the southern United States after a series of occupations by the Spanish and British.

Fort Barrancas - Fort Barrancas (Florida) was built on the site of numerous previous forts, including Fort San Carlos de Austria, which was constructed by the Spanish in 1698.

Bateria de San Antonio - The Bateria de San Antonio is semicircular masonry fortification in Pensacola, Florida that was designed and built as a shore battery in conjunction with Castillo de San Carlos as part of the late 18th century Spanish defense system.

Jean Lafitte - A "Hero" Pirate - Jean Lafitte was a French-American pirate and privateer, who with his brother Pierre, operated in Lousiana and Texas in the early 19th century. (written by John R. Spears, 1903)

Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor - The Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor is home to the Gullah people in the Carolinas, and the Geechee in Georgia and Florida – cultural groups descended from enslaved peoples from West and Central Africa.

Fort Mose - A Free Black Town  - Fort Mose, originally known as Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mosé, is a U.S. National Historic Landmark located two miles north of St. Augustine, Florida, and was home to free black slaves during Spanish rule.

Nathan Hale - The Patriot Spy- Nathan Hale was a Patriot through and through, who gave his life trying to bring back information for General Washington in New York. Story by Inez Nellie Canfield McFee, 1913.


More What's New Here


Route 66 Turns 90 on November 11

About America's Mother Road

The often romanticized Mother Road inspires in many of us a nostalgic bone which niggles at something buried deep within us. While some may see Route 66 as a link to our parents and grandparents, others perhaps feel the sense of freedom that the road provided to those early travelers.


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Did you know?

November is Native American Heritage Month, recognizing the significant contributions the first Americans made to the establishment and growth of the U.S.


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