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August 19, 2015

In Our World

I had a hard time sleeping Sunday night, so decided to get up and play around with the remote for a while.  Maybe it's a guy thing, but Kathy says I can watch the menu for hours.  Anyway, I'm flipping around and suddenly there's Kathy on the screen.  I thought, great a re-run of "Gunslingers" Bat Masterson episode...but wait, this one is about Bill Doolin.   

When Kathy did her interview for Gunslingers in Dodge City, she was there to talk about Masterson and Doolin, but a miscommunication on time resulted in her being about an hour late, and she indicated that she really didn't have  a chance to talk about Doolin.  Well, based on what I saw Sunday night she had plenty to say.  Hope you had a chance to catch this great show on AHC (American Heroes Channel), but if you didn't, I've noticed that they re-run the previous weeks "Gunslingers" the next Sunday night at 8pm Central.  So make a note for this Sunday.  

In the meantime, we're getting a break from August heat with today's high in the upper 60's.  A pretty rare event for us here in Missouri and we'll enjoy any reprieve from the sauna we can get. 

Oh, and no, you're not imagining things.  The newsletter looks different.  We're also changing up how often we send, and how much we send in each.  This is from feedback we received from several of our readers so we hope this format works better.  Thanks for the input!

Dave Alexander - King of the Remote, when she's not around.


Bill Doolin - Leading the Oklahombres

Bill DoolinWilliam M. "Bill” Doolin, aka: Will Barry (1858-1896) - More than 100 years ago in a quiet little town in the Oklahoma Territory, members of the infamous Oklahombres gang squared off against a posse of deputies in one of the deadliest confrontations in the history of the U.S. marshals. By the end of the gunfight, nine men lay dead or wounded, and the people of Ingalls had a vivid picture of Western lawlessness and the harsh means needed to restore justice.

William "Bill" M. Doolin was born in 1858 in Johnson County, Arkansas to Michael Doolin and Artemina Beller Doolin.  At the age of 23, he drifted west, working at odd jobs until he landed a job as a cowboy at the H-X Bar Ranch on the Cimarron River in Indian Territory in 1881. The ranch was owned by a Texan named Oscar D. Halsell, who took a liking to Doolin, teaching him to write and do simple arithmetic, and eventually, making him an informal foreman on the ranch.

For the next decade he continued to work as a cowboy at several area ranches and was considered trustworthy and capable. It was during these years that Doolin worked with other cowboy and outlaw names of the day, including George "Bitter Creek" Newcomb, Charley Pierce, Bill Power, Dick Broadwell, Bill "Tulsa Jack" Blake, Dan "Dynamite Dick" Clifton, and Emmett Dalton. 

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Did You Know?

The first western saloons really didn't fit our classic idea of what a saloon looks like. Instead they were hastily thrown together tents or lean-to's where a lonesome traveler might strike up a conversation, where a cowman might make a deal, or a miner or soldier might while away their off hours.  However, as the settlement became more populated, the saloon would inevitably prosper, taking on the traditional trimmings of the Old West. 


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"There is only one road away from trouble, and this is along the straight and narrow road." - Otto Wood, in his book The Life of Otto Wood, written in prison in 1926.

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"I am having fun reading the old west articles. Having been to Dodge City and Tombstone I find the historical information more fulfilling then information I gathered at each site. Thank You for putting together this site." - Bob in Florida

Hey Dave and Kathy! You folks are awesome! So is Legends Of America. I've been your subscriber and loyal fan for years and enjoy your site very much. Your interest in history is a blessing and to share your experiences and knowledge with your readers is totally altruistic. Keep up the good work folks. Stay healthy and active too. Dave, don't forget to take Kathy some flowers once in a while! And Kathy.... your hat is just elegant... like you! - "Chuckwagon" Barry, at SausagesWest.com 

Hi Kathy!  You were great on the Gunslingers show; like you've been doing TV shows forever! Thanks to you and Dave for alerting your readers to this show; I wasn't aware that it’s part of our TV channel package. We're always looking for any kind of ‘western’ shows or movies; adding Gunslingers & Legends of the West to our evening viewing is wonderful! - Nancy

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