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July 2016

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On The Road for Minnesota History


This is Kathy and I at Fort Dodge, Iowa. Yep, we're on the road again, exploring history mostly in Minnesota, and just over half way through with our trip as I write this. We've already experienced a great adventure into the past.

You can catch up with our travels via our Photo Blog. Here's the few entries we have so far.

On the Road - Fort Dodge..The Other Fort Dodge - A couple of decades before Fort Dodge Kansas, there was another Fort Dodge in Iowa. The Fort Museum & Frontier Village does an excellent job of recreating the past.

Sibley Historic Site & Fort Snelling - You can't talk Minnesota History without exploring the area that helped shape the state. This is where it began for Minnesota.

Mill City Museum - Exploring Flour Power in Minneapolis - This museum and nearby Mill Ruins park tell the story of how Minneapolis was once the flour milling capital of the world.

We haven't begun to write about our most excellent tour at the Northwest Fur Company in Pine City, MN.. so stay tuned for some history you may not know about in the blogs to come.

In the meantime, we're camped out for a bit at Two Harbors, MN on the shore of Lake Superior. We'll see the Split Rock Lighthouse and Gooseberry Falls while here before starting our trek through the Iron Mountain Range and to the headwaters of the Mississippi before making our way home next week. We say a big THANK YOU to the Minnesota Historical Society and all the wonderful folks at the historical sites we've stopped at. They do it up right here in Minnesota and it's well worth exploring their website to find out more about the incredible history of the North Star State.

I'm sure we'll have a few stories to tell from our travel trailer living in the next newsletter, but going to keep this one short to appease the internet gods who have graciously allowed us to throw you this newsletter.

We hope this finds you well, and cool.

Dave Alexander Kathy Weiser-Alexander


What's New

Here's the latest additions to Legends since our last newsletter.

Some Remarkable Women in Pennsylvania & Kentucky - Tens of thousands of devoted women accompanied the grand army of pioneers into the wilderness, soldiering to fight, laboring, and ministering to soothe the pains and relieve the sore wants of her companions. Author William Worthington Fowler explores a few of these in this historic text from 1877.

That time when... A Journey to Our Beginnings - (Photo Blog) Thirteen years ago, on June 27, 2003, Kathy registered the domain name "LegendsOfAmerica.com" as a continuation of a hobby website she had created, which focused on the Moreno Valley of northeast New Mexico. Kathy's own history in this area dates back to her childhood, when she would spend summers with her Grandma Foster at the family cabin in Idlewild, a small home association between Eagle Nest and Angel Fire.

Women in the Homestead - The first stage in pioneer-life is nomadic: a half score of men, women, and children faring day after day, it is only when they reach their place of destination, that a community begins. William Worthington Fowler looks at the crucial role women played in the homestead, from his 1877 book "Woman on the American Frontier".

Early History of the Pelican State - It is often said that Paris is France, and it may also be said that New Orleans is Louisiana, for the history of the city is the history of the State. Historic text from James S. Zacharie in 1885 takes a look at the early years of Louisiana.

Kachina Types & Ceremonies - Kathy takes a look at the many different styles of kachinas that exist to provide different types of examples and guidance for the tribe.

Settlement of the Cane River Area - Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle in 1682, claimed Louisiana for France. Sieur de Bienville explore the Red River to open trade with local tribes which resulted in the establishment of Natchitoches.

Cane River Creole National Historical Park - The Cane River region is home to a unique culture; the Creoles. The nearly 300 year relationship between the Cane River Creoles and their homeland was shaped by the river. This relationship was tested by flood, drought, war, and numerous other obstacles.

The Origin of Uncle Sam - Although Uncle Sam is one of our most popular personifications of the United States, many Americans have little or no concept of his origins. Kathy talks about the 'recognized' story.

Wendigo - Flesheater of the Forests - In the north woods of Minnesota, the forests of the Great Lake Region, and the north central regions of Canada is said to live a malevolent being called a wendigo. This creature may appear as a monster with some characteristics of a human, or as a spirit who has possessed a human being and made them become monstrous.

Sure hope we don't run into one of those on our travels :/ . Of course, with the photo blog of our Minnesota trip, more complete articles are already going up, including:

Fort Dodge, Iowa - The Fort Museum & Frontier Village in Fort Dodge, Iowa tells the story of the original Fort established from 1851 to 1853 and the town that grew beside it.

Historic Fort Snelling - The Army founded Fort Saint Anthony (later called Fort Snelling) in 1819 on the bluff above the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers to control the exploration, trade, and settlement on these waterways. First led by Colonel Josiah Snelling, the fort would contribute greatly to the military for more than a century.

First Settlement of Minnesota - Up to the time of the ratification of the treaties of 1837 there were no lands in the area of Minnesota open to settlement. All was 'Indian country.' From author William Watts Folwell, 1924.

U.S. - Dakota War of 1862 - The Dakota War of 1862 began on August 17, 1862 along the Minnesota River in southwest Minnesota and ended with a mass execution of 38 Dakota men on December 26, 1862, in Mankato, Minnesota.

Henry Hastings Sibley, Minnesota Pioneer - Henry Hastings Sibley occupied the stage of Minnesota history for 56 active years. He was the territory's first representative in Congress and the state's first governor.


More What's New Here


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I watch too many old Westerns and I wanted to find out if any parts of them were true and what the places looked like in the past and currently. Your Legends of America is just great! - Debbie, Pennsylvania

Enjoy EVERY newsletter kids! - Diana, Arizona

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I totally enjoy all the great reads on this site. And how kind Kathy has been to reply. This is a great site for history bugs. Julie, South Carolina

I love this site. There is so much history to explore. I like reading about the old west, mainly southwest U.S. Every article leads to a dozen others. You are doing a great service to history buffs and anyone who has an interest. Keep it up. - Tom, Indiana


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