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May 2016

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Our World

A quick trip to Texas to see family reminded me of the beauty of this rugged country. It may not be full of trees or mountains, but it's not all flat either, and the Panhandle is a good example of the diverse landscape.

I veered off I-40 at McLean to head north toward my old hometown of Pampa and caught a typical scene found daily.. you know, the horse standing tall against a backdrop with a windmill amongst the rolling hills. Then only a few miles down the road no hills at all, with the ability to see for miles.

I was especially struck by the contrast of yesteryear on a backdrop of today's wind technology, as turbines have taken over the flatter landscape, especially between Pampa and Amarillo.

I drove solo this time, as it was a short trip and Kathy was back home working obsessively over hump-teen different "almost done" projects. Plus, although we have our routines and get a bit out of whack without each other for more than a couple of days, it's probably healthy to have an occasional break from the 24/7 being together. Let's face it, there's only so much anyone could take of my pontificating over grandiose delusions of national unity and unicorns.

It's not as though she was missing any 'views', as all she had to do was look out her office window at the calming waters across the street. Which is probably why there are hump-teen "almost done" projects to begin with.

But stuff is getting done, like an expansion of our Native inspired products on Legends' General Store (more about that below), new stories of course, and a few new photos in our Photo Print Shop. And after going back to Texas I got all nostalgic and started thinking back through some of our fun trips over the last 13 years, so in this newsletter you'll find a "Flashback" to a fun trip we had in 2008. Ahh.. memories abound. Just think how much has changed in your world since 2008. One thing is for sure though, after reminiscing over old blog posts, Kathy and I are still pretty goofy on the road. I guess some things will remain the same.

Dave "Honey is that Done Yet?" Alexander

Ps. As celebrations kick into high gear this summer for the 90th Anniversary of Route 66, we would invite you to follow our friend Jim Hinckley's blog and subscribe to his updates. He provides quite a bit of information for all the upcoming shin digs and more. Meanwhile, we'll continue to focus on the history along America's Mother Road.


What's New

Ghosts of Abó - The history of Abó, New Mexico, dates back to the Mogollon and Anasazi cultures, and is rich with a Spanish Mission, Apache attacks, and a short time as a typical old west/railroad town. Dave writes a brief history of Abó with photos from Legends' contributor Jay Warner.

Medicine Bags or Bundles - A Native American medicine bag or medicine bundle contained items believed to protect or give spiritual powers to its owner. Kathy takes a look at the history and background of these magical bags.

Historic Berlin, Maryland - Berlin dates back to a 1677 land grant, long pre-dating its incorporation in 1868. Today its historic district and location close to the coast make it a popular tourist stop. Dave writes about it's history with photos from Legends' contributor Maureen Skoblar.

Excerpt from "Whiskey River Ranger: The Old West Life of Baz Outlaw"- Author Bob Alexander (no relation to us) gives a balanced account of this infamous Texas Ranger, his heroic triumphs, legendary courage, but also his dangerous temper, and losing battle with alcoholism in his new book "Whiskey River Ranger". Read an excerpt from Chapter 10 'Undaunted Courage and Fine Generalship'.


More What's New Here

Did you know?

  • Though the term "stick 'em up" is widely used in Western films, it wasn't actually coined until the 1930's.
  • Topeka, Kansas was the scene of many a gun battle, but the most bizarre incident occurred in the Kansas House of Representatives where Boston Corbett, the reported killer of John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin, ran amuck. Corbett threatened to kill several state congressmen for stalling legislation; he finally surrendered his weapon without shooting anyone and was sent to an insane asylum.


More "Old West Factoids" Here

Native American Proverbs &  Wisdom

  • White men have too many chiefs. - Nez Perce

  • Don't let yesterday use up too much of today. - Cherokee

  • Each bird loves to hear himself sing. - Arapaho

  • You already possess everything necessary to become great. - Crow

More  Native American Wisdom HERE

Featured Travel Destination
Flashback: Our Utah Adventure in 2008

In April of 2008 we found ourselves in a land of extremes as we ventured from Nevada into Utah. Back then I worked in the corporate world and Kathy liked to meet up with me when I traveled out to Vegas once a year. Read a page from my personal blog (back when we each had our own editions), in this entry "Utah Adventure Part 1 - Ever Changing Landscapes"

New Native Inspired Products at our General Store

We've expanded our line of Native American inspired products, including healing items from medicine bags to healing stones, hand carved animal head peace pipes, walking sticks, arrowheads and much more. Save 15% on all Native inspired products. Use coupon code NAT15 through June 30.


See What's New  at Legends' General Store


More to See

Supporting our love of history since 2003, Legends General Store is a great place to find unique gifts, books, DVD's and more. Save 10% off anything in our General Store by using coupon code NEWS10 in cart view.


Legends' Photo Print Shop provides a wide range of photos from vintage images to our current travels. Thousands to choose from, in print sizes small to large. Or put your favorite on T-Shirts to coffee mugs. Save 10% off all Photo Prints by using coupon code News10 during checkout.


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  • LOVE reading and sharing these for a long time now! Thanks again for amazing posts that make history fun! Harry Gill, Facebook Follower.

  • Very interesting- we enjoyed reading each segment [Route 66] as we drove from St Louis to Branson in our rental car. I read aloud while my husband drove, of course! - Mary in Michigan

  • I was very happy to find this site because it provided the information I was looking for and much more! Glad I discovered "Legends of America." - Estelle in New York

  • Love Your site. I find it Very Informative and find great pleasure with all the variety of Material I can find here. Keep up the great work. Thank you - Brian in New Hampshire

  • What a treasure to find each edition of Legends of America newsletter and recall a great day with Kathy and Dave at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. If only your website had been available when I taught American history! - Linda in Texas

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