Haunted Springfield, Missouri

There is another story of a baby that was accidentally dropped from the upper balcony on a night long ago. Today, when actors are practicing on stage they often say that the baby repeats its fall over and over again.  Others have heard the baby crying, followed by comforting words from its ghostly mother.

Landers Theater Interior

Landers Theater Interior

Another apparition, only seen from outside the theatre, is said to peek from a fourth-floor window at passersby along the street.  Described as tall with long blonde hair and wearing Elizabethan clothing, this spirit has never been seen inside the theatre.

Strange occurrences at the theatre include unplugged spotlights that seemingly turn on and off of their own accord, people who sense that they are being followed, taps felt on people’s shoulders by unknown entities, and apparitions glimpsed throughout the building.

The theatre is located at 311 E. Walnut.

Reader Update:  The beautiful Lander Theater in Springfield, Missouri has two more ghosts to report. Having personally seen or heard all but the actor on the fourth floor, I’d like to see the other two added to your piece about the theater. One is called the Green Orb — it is about five feet tall and very bright. I have seen it on the landing of the west stairs between the first and second balcony. The second addition is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. It is called the Black Void. As with the Green Orb, the Black Void can be seen anywhere in the building. One night as I was going to work backstage, I passed through the very tight alley on the west side to the backstage door. Suddenly, I  felt a little uneasy and stopped to look around, but didn’t see anything.  However, when I looked up to the fire escapes, I saw the Black Void between the first and second balcony exits.  It looked like a big black hole and the red brick of the building was just gone!  The Void had replaced it with a BIG jet black spot that looked as if you could walk right through it. Needless to say, I quickly ran inside!!  – R. Vestal, October 2004

Springfield National Cemetery –  This old cemetery was established in the 1860s and holds the remains of several Civil War soldiers, some of which are apparently restless. Visitors to the cemetery have reported seeing glowing gravestones in the night and several others have walked away with photographs that include strange apparition appearing subjects and dozens of orbs.  The cemetery is located at 1702 East Seminole Street in downtown Springfield at the cross street of Glenstone Avenue (US 65).

University Plaza Hotel – Unlike many quaint inns and motels, the Plaza Hotel is not proud of its resident ghost.  Touting itself as Springfield’s premier meeting place and convention center, it fears that knowledge of the spirit will hurt its business.  However, “The Colonel,” as he has become known, has been seen by most everyone who works at the Convention Center.  The towering hotel is built upon land that was once a large plantation belonging to a well-decorated Civil War hero.  This older gentleman, dressed all in black is most often seen between midnight and 4:00 a.m. in the ballroom and in the back hallways of the hotel.  The University Plaza Hotel is located at South John Q. Hammons Pkwy at the cross street of East Saint Louis Street.


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Reader Update:  I read with interest regarding the decorated Civil War hero who supposedly haunts our hotel.  It almost has to be John Polk Campbell who at one time owned almost all the land in what is now Springfield, Missouri.  Thought you might like to have a name for this man. – Mary, Springfield, Missouri, December 2004.

Reader Update #2:   I have done further research into the founding fathers of Springfield, and I now believe the ghost in the University Plaza Hotel is instead, John S. Phelps, who was a very much decorated Civil War veteran.  Sorry for the earlier conjecture.  Will try to research further.  Mary, Springfield, Missouri, January 2005.


Is it not wonderful that 5,000 years have now elapsed since the creation of the world, and still it is undecided, whether or not there has even been an instance of the spirit of any person appearing after death? All argument is against it, but all belief is for it.

– Samuel Boswell, “Life of Johnson”

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