Witches of Massachusetts – U-Z

Sarah Wilson, Jr. (1678-17??) – Of Andover, Sarah was the 14-year-old daughter of Joseph and Sarah Lord Wilson. She and her mother were arrested for witchcraft on September 7, 1692, after the Reverend Thomas Barnard conducted his infamous “touch test.” After spending six weeks in prison she was released on bail on October 15th. Later, in January 1693, her mother was also released. On May 10, 1693, both mother and daughter appeared at the Superior Court of Judicature at Ipswich and were cleared. She went on to marry Jacob Preston on June 17, 1702, and couple moved to Ashford, Connecticut.

Mary Buckley Witheridge – The daughter of William and Sarah Smith Buckley, both she and her mother were arrested for witchcraft on May 14, 1692, and imprisoned. At the time of her arrest, Mary was already a widow, having earlier married Sylvester Witheridge of Marblehead. She and her mother were accused of having afflicted Mary Walcott and Ann Putnam, Jr. and were examined on May 18th. Elizabeth Hubbard and Mercy Lewis would also testify against her. Though her father, William Buckley, was able to convince two pastors to speak in favor of her and her mother, it wouldn’t be enough. Both were sent to prison. After spending some eight months in prison both Sarah Smith Buckley and her daughter were found not guilty in January 1693 and were discharged after paying her fees. Mary would later marry Benjamin Proctor, who had also been accused of witchcraft, on December 18, 1694.

Edward Wooland – Though Edward Wooland was known to have spent some time in jail under the accusation of witchcraft, nothing more is known of him.


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