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Surprisingly, Not Flat

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A lot of people who travel through Kansas say that Kansas is "flat as a pancake" and nothing more than a "fly-by zone". Well, those of us that live here know better.  In actuality, Kansas slopes more than 4000 feet along the Colorado border to 700 feet on the Missouri line. If a traveler will only venture off of I-70, the state has much to offer in scenic beauty, rich history, and terrific people.  Here are just a few pictures of the amazingly "unflat" Kansas.


Scenic Views From Kansas


Monument Rocks, Kansas

Monument Rocks, Kathy Weiser, April, 2009.


ChalkBadlands-LoganCo-KsGeoSrvy.jpg (272x176 -- 26660 bytes)

Chalk Badlands in Logan County, Kansas.  Photo courtesy  Kansas Geological Survey





Rock formations such as those above were formed by wind and water over millions of years.  Embedded in the chalk formations are marine fossils, the remains of tiny creatures that lived in the Permian Sea, which covered the midwest 250 million years ago.




LoessCanyon-CheyenneCo-KsGeoSrvy.jpg (268x188 -- 34428 bytes)

Loess Canyon, Cheyenne County, Kansas.  Photo courtesy Kansas Geological Survey.

NaturalBridge-BarberCo-KsGeoSrvy.jpg (272x184 -- 19166 bytes)

Natural Bridge in Barber County, Kansas.  Photo courtesy Kansas Geological Survey.


Kansas History

Dodge City Kansas 1874

Dodge City in 1874, courtesy Ford County Historical Society

FtLeavenworth-WichitaU.jpg (276x145 -- 42697 bytes)

Fort Leavenworth, the first settlement in Kansas Territory, photo courtesy Wichita State University.

Kansas Lakes


ClarkCoStateLake-KsGeoSrvy.jpg (269x179 -- 15774 bytes)

Clark County Lake, photo courtesy Kansas Geological Survey


DouglasCoStateLake-KsGeoSrvy.jpg (277x183 -- 14330 bytes)

Douglas County Lake, photo courtesy Kansas Geological Survey


Kathy Weiser/Legends of America, updated September, 2016.



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"I had never seen the plains or anything like them ...  Whoever crossed the plains at that period, notwithstanding its herds of buffalo and flocks of antelope, its wild horses, deer and fleet rabbits, could hardly fail to be impressed with its vastness and silence and the appearance everywhere of an innocent primitive existence...."


--  Worthington Whittredge, Artist who traveled to the West in 1866

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