Ghost Towns & Near Ghosts of Kansas

Parkerville (Morris County) Post Office 1892-1953 – A population of about 60. Only the Baptist Church remains open.

Paxico (Wabaunsee County)

Pawnee (Riley County) Post Office 1854-1855 – The old territorial capitol building still stands is well-preserved. Was the territorial capitol until 1855 when it was moved to Shawnee Mission .

Peoria (Franklin County) Post Office 1857-1934 – A small population remains and   Peoria Township is named for it.

Peterton (Osage County) Post Office 1876-1904 – There is still a small population in the area.

Holy Cross Church in Pfeifer, Ks

Pfeifer (Ellis County) Post Office 1887-present – Home to the beautiful Holy Cross Church, voted as one of  the 8 Wonders of Kansas Architecture, and only about a 80 people.

Pierceville (Finney County) Post Office 1873-1874 & 1878-1992 – A small population remains along U.S. 50.

Potter (Atchison County) Post Office 1888-present – Like so many other flourishing agricultural and railroad towns that flourished a century ago, Potter declined over the years. The town is unincorporated today and very small, but it still maintains a post office and one open business.

Potwin Place (Shawnee County) Post Office 1869-1899 – The site is well-preserved off of SW 6th Avenue in Topeka  and is listed on the   National Register of Historic Places. Potwin was annexed to Topeka in 1899.

Prairie City (Douglas County) Post Office 1857-1883 – A cemetery, ruins of an old church and an abandoned stone house are all that remain of the town.

Ransomville (Franklin County) Post Office 1878-1914 -The Ransom house still stands as does some other houses and buildings.

Quindaro (Wyandotte County) Post Office 1857-1909 & 1921-1954 -Any remains of Quindaro are now in the city limits of  Kansas City in Quindaro Park.

Ravanna (Finney County) Post Office 1882-1922 – Only foundations remain. Battled with Eminence for county seat  of Garfield County. In 1893, Garfield County was annexed to Finney County and the feud was over.

Ray (Pawnee County) Post Office 1878-1884 & 1889-1929 – Most of the houses were demolished or moved in the 1950s. The old Co-op remains and still bears the town name. Large berm south of the co-op is what is left from the demolition.

Raymond (Rice County) Post Office 1872- ?  – 2008 estimated population of 80.

Redwing (Barton County) Post Office 1892-1896 & 1903-1955 – A small population (approx. 20) remains.

Reamsville/Beaver (Smith County) Post Office 1878-1941 – A small population remains. An Old Dutch Mill, built in 1882, was moved to Smith Center in 1938. Originally called Beaver. Name changed to Reamsville in 1882.

Richland (Shawnee County) Post Office 1857-1960s – Nothing remains of the townsite except some ruins and the cemetery.

Rollin (Neosho County) Post Office 1890-1921 – Nothing remains of the townsite except Delos Johnson’s (the town founder) house and a neglected cemetery.

Rosalia (Butler County) Post Office 1870-present – A small population (approx. 100) still exists.

Roxbury (McPherson County) Post Office 1872-present – A small population (approx. 75) remains.

Saxman (Rice County) Post Office 1891-1952 – A small population (approx. 30) remains.

Shields (Lane County) Post Office 1887-1994 – A small population and numerous buildings remain, but, no open businesses.

Sidney (Ness County) Post Office 1877-1888 – Only foundations remain.

Silkville (Franklin County) Post Office 1870-1892 – Several buildings remain including an old house and a stone school southwest of Williamsburg.

Sitka (Clark County) Post Office 1909-1964 – A small population and some abandoned buildings and ruins still remain.

Old Church in Skiddy, Ks.

Skiddy/Camden (Morris County) Post Office – 1869-1953 – A small population (approx. 20) remains in the area. In 1879, the towns name was changed to Camden and  in 1883, it was changed back to Skiddy.

Smileyberg (Butler County) Post Office 1904-Early 1920s – Some structures still remain. A transmission shop is open.

Springdale (Leavenworth County) Post Office 1860-1907 – The Kansas City Metro area has grown into the area of Springdale.

Stanton (Miami County) Post Office 1857-1903 – Several houses and businesses remain. William Quantrill lived in Stanton during the winter of 1859-60.

Stull (Douglas County) Post Office 1899-1903 – Just a few homes and a cemetery. Originally called Deer Creek until 1899 when the post office opened.

Sun City (Barber County) Post Office 1873-1894 & 1909-present – 2008 estimated population of 72.

Sunflower/Clearview City (Johnson County) Post Office 1943-1958 – Old residences, streets and other buildings remain in and around Clearview City. Sunflower Village was established exclusively for the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant,  the plant and town remain just off of K-10 south of DeSoto.

Vinland (Douglas County) Post Office 1868-1954

Zenith (Stafford County) Post Office 1902-1974 – A small population (approx. 20) still remains.

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