Ghost Towns & Near Ghosts of Kansas

Kingsdown Main Street

Kingsdown (Ford County) Post Office 1888-1891, 1892-1893 & 1904-1998 – Several remaining homes & buildings. A small population remains in the area.

Kipp (Saline County) Post Office 1890-1957 – A small population remains.

Lake City (Barber County) Post Office 1873-1993 – A small population (approx. 30) remains. The United Methodist Church is open.

Latimer (Morris County) Post Office 1887-1961 – A small population of about 20 people. The Lutheran Church remains open.

LeHunt (Montgomery County) Post Office 1905-Early 1930s – Some ruins remain east of the Elk City Lake. The town was fairly bustling thanks to a central cement factory in the center of town being the biggest employer. During the Great Depression, cement sales dropped significantly and went out of business, so the town died.

Lerado (Reno County) Post Office 1886-1887 – An old schoolhouse, church, and abandoned grocery store remain but most of Lerado is now farmland.

Lexington (Clark County) Post Office 1885-1900 – Nothing remains of the townsite except a community building.

Lone Elm (Anderson County) Post Office 1879-1956 – 2008 estimated population of 26.

Lone Star (Douglas County) Post Office 1899-1953 – A small population remains just south of  Clinton Lake near Lone Star Lake.  A community existed in the area before Lone Star was organized. A post office was formed in 1875 under Bond, then Gideon. The name Lone Star was chosen in the 1890s.

Long Island (Phillips County) Post Office 1872-present – 2008 estimated population of 140.

Louisville (Pottawatomie County) Post Office 1867-present – 2008 estimated population of 207.

Ludell (Rawlins County) Post Office 1881-present – A small resident population remains along with some ruins and abandoned buildings.

Lyona (Dickinson County) Post Office 1869-1888 – Nothing remains of the townsite except for a church & the old Lyona School built in 1870.

Marietta (Marshall County) Post Office 1890-1959 – A small population remains as does some buildings.

McAllaster ( Logan County) Post Office 1887-1897, 1903-1903 & 1906-1953 – A small population exists and several buildings remain.

Medora (Reno County) Post Office 1887-1988 – Little remains of the townsite, a small population remains.

Midian (Butler County) Post Office 1916-1950 – Townsite is now on private property.

Mildred (Allen County) Post Office 1907-1973 – 2008 estimated population of 58.

Millbrook (Graham County) Post Office 1878-1889 – The ruins of a schoolhouse remain in the area.

Miller (Lyon County) Post Office 1887-1905 & 1912-1958 – A small population and some abandoned businesses remain in the area.

Minersville (Cloud County) Post Office 1877-1899 – Some houses and foundations remain along with a cemetery.

Monmouth (Crawford County) Post Office 1857-1955 – Very little remains of the townsite.

Monticello (Johnson County) Post Office 1857-1905 – The old schoolhouse, cemetery, and a few houses from the 1940s remain south of Shawnee Mission Parkway in west Shawnee and Lenexa.

Morton City (Hodgeman County) Post Office 1877-1880s – Some ruins of old stone houses remain. The townsite is now a part of the Hanna Hereford Ranch.

Muscotah, Ks

Muscotah (Atchison County) Post Office 1861-present – Like other small Kansas towns, Muscotah declined over the next century. Though it still maintains a post office and about 200 people, the village is filled with abandoned buildings. It is located about 26 miles west of Atchison on U.S. Highway 159.

Nekoma (Rush County) Post Office 1960-present

Neosho Falls (Woodson County) Post Office  1857-present – 2008 estimated population of 159

Neuchatel (Nemaha County) Post Office 1864-1901 – The cemetery, church, town hall, and schoolhouse have all been restored and well-kept.

Newbury (Wabaunsee County) Post Office 1870-1888 – A small population and a huge Catholic church remain three miles north of Paxico.

Nicodemus (Graham County) Post Office 1877-1918 & 1920-1953 – See full article about this black pioneer town here.

Oil Hill (Butler County) Post Office 1918-1969 – Townsite is on private property but the Kansas Turnpike does pass under Oil Hill Road just outside of El Dorado.

Ottumwa (Coffey County) Post Office 1857-1906 – A small population remains on the north edge of the John Redmond Reservoir.

Palermo (Doniphan County) Post Office 1855-1904 – A small population still remains eight miles southeast of Troy near the Missouri River.

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  1. Can I get a list of ghost towns that still have old abandoned churches that I could go look at? My husband and I want to take pictures at one. Any suggestions and addresses?

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