Ghost Towns & Near Ghosts of Kansas

Empire City, Kansas, 1877

Empire City, Kansas, 1877

Empire City (Cherokee County) Post Office 1877-1907 – Several buildings and a small population. Empire City was annexed to Galena, Kansas in 1907.

Englewood (Clark County) Post Office 1885-present – 2008 estimated population of 95.

Fact (Clay County) Post Office 1883-1903 – Little remains of the townsite, a small population remains.

Fairport (Russell County) Post Office 1881-1959 – A small population remains.

Farlington (Crawford County) Post Office 1870-present – A small population remains in the area. Farlington is located just southwest of Crawford State Park on K-7.

Franklin (Douglas County) Post Office 1853-1867 – An early stage stop near Lawrence, Kansas. Nothing remains of the town except two small neglected cemeteries and Franklin Road off of K-10.

Freeport (Harper County) Post Office 1885-present – 2008 estimated population of 7. Freeport is the smallest incorporated town in Kansas.

Frederick (Rice County) Post Office 1887-1954 – 2008 estimated population of 11. Frederick is the second-smallest incorporated town in Kansas.

Galatia (Barton County) Post Office 1889-1966 – 2000 estimated population of 61.

Geary (Doniphan County) Post Office 1887-1905 – Only foundations remain.

Geneva (Allen County) Post Office 1857-1942 – Little remains of the townsite.

Geuda Springs (Sumner County) Post Office 1884-present – 2008 estimated population of 191.

Granada/Pleasant Spring (Nemaha County) Post Office 1856-1906 – Some ruins and abandoned building remain on what used to be Main Street. Originally known as Pleasant Spring. Changed to Granada in 1864.

Guilford (Wilson County) Post Office  1861-1889 – A few ruins and structures still survive.

Guittard Station (Marshall County) Post Office 1861-1900 – Some abandoned buildings remain. Guittard Station was a major stop for the Pony Express.

Harlan/Thompson (Smith County) Post Office 1873-1995 – A small population remains as well as the ruins of Main Street and a high school gymnasium. Harlan was home to Gould College which lasted from 1881 until 1891. The settlement was first named Thompson but was changed to Harlan in 1877.

Havana (Osage County) Post Office 1858-Early 1870s – Ruins of the Havana Stage Station and hotel remain and a sign has been posted on the site. Not to be confused with Havana in Montgomery County.

Hawkeye (Decatur County) Post Office 1879-1896 – Little remains of the townsite.

Hewins (Chautauqua County) Post Office 1887-1966 – A small population remains.

Hitschmann (Barton County) Post Office NA – Some old buildings still remain. All of Hitschmann is currently on private property.

Holland (Dickinson County) Post Office 1872-1875 & 1884-1906 – A church, now used as a town hall, and a few houses, is all that remains.

Hopewell/Fravel (Pratt County) Post Office 1904-1908 & 1916-1973 – A small population (approx. 10) remains. Name changed to Fravel in 1916, but changed back to Hopewell in 1921.

Hunnewell (Sumner County) Post Office 1880-1960 – 2008 estimated population of 75.

Old building in Huron, Ks

Huron (Atchison County) Post Office 1882-1992 – Several remaining homes and buildings. 2010 population of 54. Located about 17 miles northwest of Atchison on U.S. Highway 73.

Hunter (Mitchell County) Post Office 1895-present – Semi-ghost town with a population of 57. It still retains its post office and just few businesses.

Industry (Dickinson & Clay County) Post Office 1876-1906 -A small population (approx. 20) remains.

Iowa Point (Doniphan County) Post Office 1854-1933 – Small population near K-7.

Irving (Marshall County) Post Office 1859-1960 – Located on Corps land and is easily accessible. Abandoned for the construction of Tuttle Creek Lake.

Jerome (Gove County) Post Office 1886-1943 – Little remains of the townsite.

Kanona (Decatur County) Post Office 1887-1955 – Some ruins and abandoned buildings remain. The site of Kanona is currently on private property.

Kansapolis/Rochester (Shawnee County) Post Office 1854-late 1850s/early 1860s – Nothing remains of the townsite, only Rochester Cemetery and Rochester Road in North Topeka mark the site.

Kendall/Zamora (Hamilton County) Post Office 1879-present – A small population of approximately 50 people remain. Originally called Zamora when post office opened in 1879. Was changed to Kendall in 1885.

Kickapoo City (Leavenworth County) Post Office 1854-1920 – A small population remains in the area.

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  1. Can I get a list of ghost towns that still have old abandoned churches that I could go look at? My husband and I want to take pictures at one. Any suggestions and addresses?

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