Ghost Towns & Near Ghosts of Kansas

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Kansas Ghost Town List:

Acres (Clark County) – Post Office 1887-1954 – The town has been completely vacant for several years. A few buildings remain standing on the townsite, including an elevator & old school.

Afton (Marshall County) – Post Office 1893-1903 – Post office established in 1893, closed in 1898. Reopened in 1900 and closed for the final time in 1903. A small cemetery and church mark the townsite.

Alcove (Marshall County) – Post Office NA – Now a well-preserved park. Was never an official town but was a stop on the Oregon Trail. Numerous carvings in the spring’s rocks feature traveler’s initials and other things. A member of the Donner Party is buried nearby.

Alexander (Rush County) – Post Office 1869-present – 2008 estimated population of 66.

America City (Nemaha County) Post Office 1857-1933 – A couple buildings and a cemetery remain.

Amy (Lane County) – Post Office 1887-1954 – A small community still exists.

Annelly (Harvey County) – Post Office 1885-1921 -The main street and an old schoolhouse remain.

Arrington (Atchison County) Post Office 1879-1973 – Today, were it not for the sign indicating the town and the few scattered homes about, it would be difficult to know that a town had ever existed. It is located about 26 miles southwest of Atchison on Kansas Highway 119.

Arvonia (Osage County) Post Office 1869-1901 – Some old buildings, ruins and a church still stand in the area.

Ash Valley (Pawnee County) Post Office 1877-1908 & 1922-1941 – Old roads and some structures still remain.

Asherville (Mitchell County) Post Office 1869-1980 – A small population still exists.

Auburndale (Shawnee County) Post Office 1888-1899 – Auburndale is currently a neighborhood in Topeka and is commemorated by Auburndale Park.

Bain City (Leavenworth County) Post Office 1867-1964 – Bain City was annexed to Leavenworth in 1964.

Bala (Riley County) Post Office 1870-1966 – Fort Riley has now expanded into what was Bala.

Basil/Gage (Kingman County) Post Office 1892-1942 – All that remains is an abandoned grain elevator. Founded as Gage until name change to Basil 1901.

Building with collapsed roof in Barnard, Kansas. Photo by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Barnard (Lincoln County) Post Office 1888-present – Though there are a few remaining businesses today, and the post office is still in operation, the population of this once prosperous community has dropped to just about 170 people.

Bassett (Allen County) Post Office 1900-1930s – 2008 estimated population of 21

Bavaria/Honek (Saline County) Post Office 1867-1986 – First called Honek, name changed to Bavaria in 1880. Though located on the main line of the Union Pacific Railroad, Bavaria did not grow. By 1910, its population had dropped to 110. Through the years, its population continued to decline as people moved to nearby Salina. Its post office closed its doors forever on January 1, 1986. Today, just a handful of people live in the old town, where several buildings sit abandoned and deteriorating in the elements.

Bayneville (Sedgwick County) Post Office 1884-1934 – Some houses and ruins remain in the area.

Beaver (Barton County)  Post Office 1919-1992 -A small population remains.

Belvidere/Glick (Kiowa County) Post Office  1883-1996 – Originally founded as Glick, name changed to Belvidere in 1890. A small population remains.

Bendena (Doniphan County) Post Office 1886-present – A small community remains along K-20.

An old school sits quiet and abandoned in Big Springs today, Kathy Weiser, March, 2009.

Big Springs (Douglas County) Post Office 1856-1903 -A small population remains along U.S. 40.

Blackjack (Douglas County) Post Office 1858-1895 – Santa Fe Trail wagon swales, a roadside park, cemetery and the well-preserved battlefield site remain and are open to public.

Black Wolf (Ellsworth County) Post Office 1879-1953 – A grain elevator and some other buildings remain. Black Wolf is currently on private property.

Blaine (Pottawatomie County) Post Office 1874-1976 – St. Columbkille Catholic Church and former Catholic School still stand at the intersection of K-99 and K-116.

Blakeman (Rawlins County) Post Office 1887-1952 – Little remains of the townsite.

Bloom (Ford County) Post Office 1885-1891 & 1908-1992 – Several buildings and a few residents, but no open businesses.

Bluff City (Harper County) Post Office 1887-present – 2008 estimated population of 73. Bluff City was originally founded as a fraud in 1873 to swindle money from the Kansas legislature. The first settlers in the area didn’t arrive until 1876.

Boyd/Maherville (Barton County) Post Office 1874-1937 – Some abandoned buildings and ruins remain. Originally known as Maherville. Name change to Boyd in 1904.

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  1. Can I get a list of ghost towns that still have old abandoned churches that I could go look at? My husband and I want to take pictures at one. Any suggestions and addresses?

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