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Sleeping With Ghosts in California - Page 3

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Knights Landing

  • Snowball Mansion Inn – Located on the Sacramento River the Snowball Mansion, built in 1872, encompasses 7 1/2 acres of gardens with a private lake for guests to enjoy.  The mansion is said to be haunted by Lucy Snowball who roams the hallways. Snowball Mansion Inn, 42485 Front Street, Knights Landing, California  95645, 530-735-1122

La Jolla

  • Grand Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, CaliforniaThe Grande Colonial Hotel – Known as the "Jewel of the Pacific", the hotel offers classic European styling in the intimate setting of a boutique hotel.  Commanding views of the spectacular California coastline, the hotel is ideally located just one block away from breathtaking white beaches and steps away from the elegant shops and world-class museums and galleries renowned to the area.  Near a meeting room called the Sun Room, heavy footsteps are often heard on a staircase.  It sounds as though several men are running up and down the stairs and culminates in slamming doors.  Some sixty years ago, this room was used as a temporary barracks for single servicemen during World War II. The Grande Colonial Hotel, 910 Prospect Street La Jolla, California 92037 888.530.5766.

Lake Arrowhead

  • Bugsy SiegalBracken Fern Manor – The brainchild of Chicago mobster, Bugsy Siegel, this Alpine style inn was opened as Club Arrowhead in 1929.  The state of the art club catered to the rich and famous of Hollywood, offering gambling, illegal liquor, and prostitution.   It also offered legal amenities such as an Olympic size swimming pool, skiing, tennis courts, a bathhouse, and more.  So successful was the resort, that Bugsy was soon able to convince the bosses in Chicago to front the money for another little gambling spot in the middle of nowhere -- Las Vegas.  The brothel, known as "The Crib,” continued operations through World War II and gambling operations were maintained in the speakeasy up to 1955.  Now a Certified Historic Landmark in the State of California, Bracken Fern is also said to be haunted by a former prostitute named Violet.  The prostitute killed herself after the mob killed her lover and her violet scented perfume can still be smelled wafting through the halls.  Another ghost of a small boy has also been seen at this historic inn.  Thought to be the son of a former prostitute he was trampled by a team of horses.  Today his tiny footsteps are often seen in the snow.  Bracken Fern Manor, 815 Arrowhead Villas Road, P.O. Box 1006, Lake Arrowhead, California 92352, 909-337-8557 or 888-244-5612

Long Beach

  • Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, CaliforniaQueen Mary – Considered the most luxurious ocean liner ever to sail the Atlantic, the Queen Mary first set sail in 1936, carrying 3,000 passengers and crew.  After making more than 1,000 voyages across the ocean, the Queen Mary was permanently docked in Long Beach in 1967.  Today, it serves as both a luxurious hotel and a museum and is the constant source for stories of paranormal activities.  Said to be one of the most haunted hotels in the nation, this historic ship has a number of spirits lurking upon its decks.  The swimming pool is reportedly haunted by two women who drowned there, the ghost of a young woman in a white dress has been seen in the Queen's Salon, children have been heard playing in the Forward Storage Room, and a 1930’s gentleman has been known to roam among the First Class Suites.  These tales and more are to be found at this floating haunted hotel. Queen Mary, 1126 Queens Highway, P.O. Box 1100, Long Beach, California 90802, 800-437-2934 or 562-435-3511.

Los Angeles

  • Figueroa Hotel – This 1925 former YWCA residence has been transformed today into one of downtown Los Angeles’ best budget hotels.  Though there doesn’t appear to be a specifically identified spirit, a number of strange things allegedly occur here.  Eerie sounds are said to emanate throughout the hallways and the rooms, televisions turn on by themselves at night and will not shut off, and the elevator seemingly moves of its own accord, stopping on certain floors, then opening to display no one there. The hotel started undergoing renovations in November 2015, with an expected reopening in 2016. Hotel officials say it will be transformed back to it's Spanish Colonial splendor from the 1920's. Figueroa Hotel, 39 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, California.

  • Alexandria Hotel – Opened in 1906, it quickly became a natural meeting place for the burgeoning film industry.  During its heyday, it played host to people like Winston Churchill, King Edward VIII, Presidents Taft, Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt, as well as dozens of celebrities.  Today it is haunted by an unknown "lady in black” who has been spotted on several occasions.  Some believe she was a former resident who was stricken with grief and died of a broken heart. Alexandria Hotel, 501 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, California 90013




  • Mendicino Garden HotelMendocino Hotel and Garden Suites – Wonderfully restored from the time when Mendocino was a booming lumber port, the hotel is located in the heart of the historic village of Mendocino.  Overlooking the Mendocino Headlands and the Pacific Ocean, this historic hotel opened in 1878 as the Temperance House.  For a time it was a sanctuary for those wanting to escape the excesses of the many saloons of a lively logging town.  However, this building too, succumbed to Mendocino’s ribald past when it became a brothel for a time.  Today, the hotel is said to be haunted be a Victorian woman who haunts the restaurant, appears in mirrors, has been known to visit guestrooms, and likes to play tricks on the hotel staff.  Mendocino Hotel, 45080 Main Street, Mendocino, California, 95460, 707-937-0511 or 800-548-0513.

Mokelumne Hill

  • Hotel Leger – Sitting at the corner of Main and Lafayette streets, there has been some type of "hotel” here since 1851.  George Leger (pronounced "luh zhay,") the hotel’s founder, originally began a wood-framed tent hotel that catered to the many prospectors of the Moke Hill gold rush.  Later, Leger built a "real” building.  The present hotel is actually three separate historic buildings.  In 1879, Legler was shot to death in a gambling dispute and today is said to continue to haunt his old hotel.  And, he’s not the only one!  Others include a Lady in White who has been seen in Room 2 and a young boy in Room 3. Hotel Leger, 8304 Main Street, Mokelumne Hill, California 95245, 209-286-1401.


  • Murphys Historic Hotel, Murphys, CaliforniaMurphys Historic Hotel & Lodge – Opened in 1856, the hotel first catered as a stopover for Matteson’s Stage route from Milton to the Calaveras Big Trees. Almost 150 years after it first opened, the Murphys Hotel still hosts travelers touring the central Mother Lode region  Evidently, there is also an "older” visitor who also resides at this historic hotel.  Guests tell of feeling a presence immediately when they walk in and feel as though they’re being watched.  Allegedly, a bookkeeper was shot at the hotel long ago and his body thrown over the balcony.  He is said to roam the second floor today. Murphys Hotel, 457 Main Street, Murphys, California 95247, 209-728-3444 or 800-532-7684457 


  • Napa River Inn – Built in 1886, this building first served as a warehouse and feed store.  But today, the building serves as an upscale boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Napa Valley. The son of the building’s original owner, Captain Albert Hatt, hanged himself in 1912 in the hotel and is said to continue haunt the area now occupied by Sweetie Pies Bakery.  A woman in a white dress, who some think was Captain Hatt’s wife, is also frequently seen in the hotel. Ethereal footsteps of the pair have been heard in the hallways and doors have opened and slammed shut of their own accord. The Napa River Inn, 500 Main Street, Napa, California 94559, 707-251-8500

Personalized Wanted PosterNevada City

  • Red Castle Inn - Built in 1860, this grand four-story brick mansion sitting atop Prospect Hill, overlooks historic Nevada City.  One of the few remaining historic lodging landmarks of California's Gold Rush era, the Red Castle Inn offers travelers a glimpse of what life was like more than one hundred years ago.  The gothic mansion is also home to a ghostly lady in gray.  Thought to have been the governess for the original builder's family, the ghost is so real that guests think she is alive until she walks straight through a door. The Red Castle Inn Historic Lodgings, 109 Prospect Street, Nevada City, CA 95959, 530-265-5135 or 800-761-4766.

  • The National Hotel – A registered historical landmark, the National Hotel is the oldest continuously-operating hotel west of the Rockies.  In 1856, when the hotel catered to miners, it was also used as a stagecoach stop and telegraph, mail, and express center.  Looking much as it did back then, a number of other era ghosts are said to continue to occupy its space, as strange things continually occur.  Staff and visitors alike tell stories of lights flickering, strange cold spots in otherwise warm rooms, and experiencing eerie feelings. The National Hotel, 211 Broad St., Nevada City,  California  95959, 530-265-4551.


  • Sierra Sky Ranch Resort – Nestled among towering oaks and pine trees, the Sierra Ranch began as the first working cattle ranch in the area in 1875.   Started by a man named Caster, he continued to build up his heard and land holdings to the point that by 1898 it was the largest cattle ranch in California.  However, by about the 1930’s the ranch had been sold and it became a tuberculosis sanitarium and in World War II, the Army purchased the property and established it for wounded and ailing soldiers.  Today, it serves as a guest ranch to the many visitors of Yosemite National Park and the northern California region.  It’s also allegedly haunted by four different spirits, including an old cowboy who committed suicide at the ranch, two children who died at the tuberculosis sanitarium and a female nurse.  Numerous odd occurrences have been reported here such as the smell of vintage perfume, a piano that plays by itself, misty clouds that float through the air, and more.  Sky Ranch, 50552 Road 632, Oakhurst, California 93644, 559 683-8040


  • Ojai Valley Inn and Spa – Built in 1923 this Spanish Colonial retreat has been enjoyed by hundreds of travelers including a number of celebrities such as Clark Gable, Walt Disney and Judy Garland.  A landmark on the California Central Coast, the inn is a member of Historic Hotels of America.  Part of its history is said to remain in Room 5, where a bad smell has been known to linger and mysterious banging noises come from the closet.  Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, 905 Country Club Rd., Ojai, California 93023, 805-646-5511 or 800-422-6524

Palm Springs

  • Korakia Pensione – Nestled in the heart of the southern California desert at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains, this Moroccan style inn was built in 1924. The breakfast inn today actually consist of two historically renowned villas.  Allegedly it is haunted by the wife of a former owner who has been seen walking along the road on the anniversary of her death.  Other strange occurrences include cold chills on extremely hot days and clothes that have been rearranged while guests are gone from their room.  Korakia Pencione, 257 S. Patencio Road, Palm Springs, California 92262, 760-864-6411.


  • Historic Cary House Hotel in Placerville, CaliforniaCary House Hotel – Known as the "The Jewel of Placerville," the Cary House Hotel has been catering to guests since 1857 when it was known as the finest hotel in gold country.  Today, it continues the tradition of old time hospitality and service.  It is also said to be one of the city’s most haunted sites.  One of the ghosts is said to be a man named Stan, a former Cary House desk clerk who'd been stabbed to death when he reportedly made a pass at the wrong person.  Today, this impish ghosts allegedly likes to pinch people’s behinds.  Room 212 is said to host the spirit of an old horse and wagon operator who died in the room.  While you’re there beware of the old elevator as it has been known to make unmanned trips up and down the four story building.  Cary House Hotel, 300 Main Street, Placerville, California 95667, 530-622-4271.


  • Mission Inn – Occupying an entire city block in the heart of downtown Riverside, the Historic Mission Inn began as a modest two-story 12-room adobe boarding house built in 1876 by Christopher Miller.  In 1880, Miller’s son Frank purchased the building and surrounding property and began to add on to it.  Over the next several decades the hotel was expanded with court yards, a chapel, and additional wings.  Today, the historic inn is said to be haunted by the original Miller family.  Guests have described beautiful singing coming from empty rooms, reports of large blue lights floating in the air, being touched and pushed by ghostly hands, numerous accounts of equipment misbehaving, and more.  Apparitions have been seen in the hallways, floating near the ceiling in the Dining Room, and near the storage building behind the hotel. Mission Inn, 3649 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, California 92501, 951-784-0300 or 800-843-7755.


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