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Kathy Weiser Alexander

Kathy discussing Bat Masterson on American Heroes Channel (AHC) in August of 2015

Like so many other small businesses, Legends of America started out as a hobby. Owner-Editor, Kathy Weiser-Alexander has a deep-seated love for history, travel, writing, and almost anything falling within a creative realm. With this in mind, she started a small personal webpage called High Country Legends in 2002. Quickly, the ideas and opportunities expanded and soon, a small business she started in 1998 called the Rocky Mountain General Store was merged with the new website. This business, which was also more of a hobby, was the sales outlet for her creative endeavors.

Kathy’s qualifications include a degree in Business Administration; years of drawing, painting, and other artsy-craftsy stuff; and, when creativity didn’t pay the bills —  more than 20 years of hands-on corporate experience, encompassing business and people management, customer service, technology, and consulting.

In 2003 Kathy met David Alexander in Kansas City, though both are native Texans. That same year the hobby website evolved into Legends of America and it was the start of a new career. From the beginning, Dave contributed advice, his technical knowledge, and became a primary travel partner. Dave was involved in the radio broadcasting industry from his mid-teens. In 1999, Dave left the airwaves to join a company that designed, managed, and supported software for radio stations, which was eventually purchased by Google in 2006. His division was sold off in the fall of 2009, at which time, he joined Legends of America full time.

Dave Bobs Gasoline Alley

Dave at Bob’s Gasoline Alley in Cuba Missouri, 2014.

Kathy is a published author, with her first book, Great American Bars and Saloons, published in 2006, followed by major contributions to Greetings from Route 66  in 2010 along with several other noted Route 66 authors. Her work is also published under the “Legends Of America” name with Old West Lawmen (2012), Lynching’s, Hanging’s & Vigilante Groups (2014), and Frontier Slang, Lingo & Phrases (2015).

Also in 2014, Kathy was featured in the cable network Investigation Discovery (ID) channel’s “Evil Kin“, episode 202 about the Bloody Benders and both Kathy and Dave took part in Ghost Towns: America’s Lost World, a 5+ hour, 2 disc DVD released by Mill Creek Entertainment in April of the same year. In 2015, Kathy appeared on the American Heroes Channel in two episodes of the show “Gunslingers” discussing Bat Masterson, original air date August 2, 2015, and Bill Doolin, original air date August 16, 2015. In 2016, Kathy appeared in the new AHC Series “American Lawmen” in season 1 episode “Dallas Stoudenmire: The Hero of El Paso“, original air date March 16, 2016.  In the Spring of 2018, Mill Creek Entertainment took portions of unaired footage from our interview in 2014 and created a new documentary, “Ghosts in Ghost Towns: Haunting the Wild West“, which is available to stream on Amazon. In March of 2019, Kathy appeared in “True First“, Season 1: Episode 6 –  “Bass Reeves” on UMC (Urban Movie Channel).

Though we started Legends in the Kansas City area — Dave — in Prairie Village, Kansas, and Kathy in Lenexa, Kansas,  the business officially moved to Warsaw, Missouri in May 2010. Warsaw, which sits on the dam splitting Truman Lake and the Lake of the Ozarks, is a small town with about 2,000 full-time folks. That number; however, doubles as people flock to enjoy the lakes in the summer.

Kaydee & Riley, 2014

Our travel companions, Miss Kaydee and Mr. Riley.

Now, Kathy is in charge of the writing, photography, and website design, while Dave handles all technical aspects, shipping, marketing, & sales. What was once the Rocky Mountain General Store has become Legends General Store and an additional sales outlet was also incorporated — Legends Photo Shop which features not only the many photos taking during Legends’ travels but also a large volume of restored vintage images.

Legends of America is a small Midwest company with strong moral and ethical business values. We take pride in our work and strive to provide our readers, advertisers, and customers with a continually updated site, great products, and superior customer service. If you ever have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Before you call, please be aware that we are an online magazine, with articles on various destinations and topics. We do not own, operate, nor have any further information on our destinations, history, or association beyond what you see on our pages.

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Updated April 2019

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  1. Your list of Florida forts is missing several one is Fort Jennings and Fort Waccassasa to list a couple in Levy County fl

  2. You’re a little off on your history of Chelsea Oklahoma. I’m a lifelong resident and we have TWO original Sears Roebuck homes here and both still used to day as residences. Gene Autry never lived here but was discovered here in the railroad station by Will Rogers. The town wasn’t founded until 1898 and was a neighboring town to the town of David which was destroyed by a tornado in 1902. David was located just a mile south. The information you have may apply more to David than Chelsea. Both towns were founded by the same man, A.J. Blackwell, who also founded the town of Blackwell Oklahoma, and is buried in the local cemetery in Chelsea.

    On down the road you reference the Totem Pole Park “off the beaten path” on Hwy 28A. Not so much off the beaten path of Route 66 as you might think. What is now 28A WAS the original Route 66 before the highway was rerouted many years ago now. On east of the Totem Pole, the mother road turned North toward Chelsea. It is now called Hwy 28. The old Courts located near White Oak were on the other side of Chelsea, headed toward Vinita and nowhere near Foyil as shown on your timeline.

    I came here looking for any information you might have on a clock museum once housed in the Greyhound Bus Station in Chelsea and owned by a man named George Goosmann. The museum was relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado in the 1960s. I’m searching for photo’s and any information I can locate on it. I was very young when it moved away. Anything you may have would be of interest to me. Thanks for the page!

  3. I’m glad I just stumbled upon your awesome website. I worked at Fort Douglas, SLC, it was a positive experience. I had heard of the hauntings but I don’t think I was ever encountered. I felt things in the energy. I look forward to reading more good stuff on this website, and if I use any of it, I will follow all your rules. Thank-you for putting this website together. I am intrigued!!

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