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Route 66 does not end along 6th Street in Amarillo, Texas, Kathy Weiser, November, 2005.


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March is Women’s History Month

Madam C J Walker

Madam C J Walker

One of America’s great rags to riches stories and a pioneer not only for women but also African Americans, Madame C.J. Walker blazed a path as the first black woman millionaire and is argued as the first self-made woman millionaire in the U.S.  Read about C.J. Walker – Blazing a Path in Business.

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A Group of Women in New York City, 1909


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Pancho Villa at Columbus, New Mexico

Pancho Villa at Columbus, New Mexico


On March 9, 1916, the last hostile action by foreign troops in the Continental United States occurred when Pancho Villa led his Mexican Troops on a raid in Columbus, New Mexico.  Author Jesse Wolf Hardin wrote a version of the events as complete as the author could muster, encompassing the perspective from both sides of the battle and from both sides of the border. Read Pancho Villa Attacks Columbus.

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Wells Fargo – Staging and Banking

Wells Fargo Stagecoach

Wells Fargo began when prosperous New York businessmen, Henry Wells, and William Fargo saw a great opportunity in the west after gold was discovered. The pair, who had helped to found American Express in 1850, officially created Wells Fargo & Co. on March 18, 1852, with two primary objectives – transportation and banking.  Read Wells Fargo – Staging & Banking in the Old West.


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The Old West

The Old West


Cochise – Strong Apache Leader

Chiricahua Apache Chief Cochise

One of the most famous Apache leaders to resist Westward Expansion by white settlers was Cochise of the Chiricahua Apache. Cochise was known to his people as A-da-tli-chi, meaning hardwood, and lived in the area that is now the northern Mexican region of Sonora, as well as New Mexico and Arizona. These lands had long been home to the Apache until the Europeans arrived. See Cochise – Strong Apache Leader.


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American Tribes Poster


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Sunnyside Arizona

Sunnyside, AZ 2007

Twenty miles northeast of Lochiel is the old ghost town of Sunnyside. Interestingly, Sunnyside is far removed from the “typical” Arizona ghost town, as far as its make-up, beginnings, and lifestyle, not to mention its remote location. Unlike other mining camps, it was not filled with saloons, brothels, and lawless elements, but rather, it was a religious community. Were it to exist today, modern writers would probably call it a commune, or worse, a “cult.” Read about Sunnyside – A Different Kind of Ghost Town.


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Bannack Montana, 2008



Working While You RV


You may not realize it, but there are many things to consider when working out of your RV.  Here are a few to keep in mind.  What kind of job: Seasonal, full-time, or part-time? Location: where and why? Space Consideration: How much and where? Working while RVing: Making sure you set time aside for your life and vacation. Read Rachel Weimer’s Working While You RV.

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Amboy Crater -Boondocking



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