Whiting Bros on the Mother Road


Newberry Springs Whiting

An abandoned Whiting Brothers Gas Station in Newberry Springs, California. Kathy Weiser, December 2004

Barstow – There was once a Whiting Brothers Motel here; however, we were unable to locate any photographs.  Can anyone give an update as to what became of this location?

Newberry Springs – Complete with its old gas pumps outside today with its gas rate set at 33 cents a gallon, this station closed in 1968.  Now owned by Mary McGee who has lived on Route 66 since 1977, she hopes to restore the old station as a museum and gift shop.  This location is thought to be the only Whiting Brothers Station still standing in California.

New Mexico

Gallup – There was once a Whiting Brothers Motel in Gallup as the postcard below indicates.

Additionally, there is a Thriftway gas station with a sign pole bearing “Free Coffee,” which indicates that this might have been a former Whiting Brothers station.

McCartys/San Fidel – Located between these old Route 66 towns was once a large Whiting Brothers complex which included a motel and a gas station. Though abandoned long ago due to fire damage, the old gas station remains. Where the motel once stood is nothing but a parking lot and debris. However, its majestic sign continues to stand.

Moriarty – Though no longer owned by the Whiting Brothers, this old station is the only one that continues to operate thanks to Sal Lucero, a lifelong employee of Whiting Brothers. In the 1980s, Lucero bought the station from the Whiting Brothers and never bothered to change the name. Today it continues to stand as a tribute to the heydays of Route 66.

Tucumcari – Now the Hotel Americana in Tucumcari, New Mexico, this vintage motel was once part of the Whiting Brothers Empire.

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An old Whiting Brothers Sign on Route 66 in Moriarty, New Mexico. Photo by Dave Alexander. Click for prints, downloads and products.

San Fidel Whiting

Whiting Brothers Station between San Fidel and McCartys, New Mexico, December, 2004, Kathy Weiser.


Shamrock – Now occupying what was once an old Whiting Brothers gas station is the Sugar Shack. While you can’t get gas here anymore, you are sure to enjoy a donut and cappuccino inside this vintage building.

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Personal Stories:

We got gas from these guys a number of times. I remember one in California where we got caught in a sandstorm at 3:00 a.m. and the attendant wouldn’t come out and pump the gas. It took all the paint off our car! The visibility was 0! The Newberry one looks like it too. – George Senda, Concord, California, November 2005

My parents and several aunts and uncles managed those stations for Art and Earnest Whiting. I remember both of them growing up as a child. Bob Frost and Merle Farr were managers for them who basically overseen operations for the brothers. As a child, I lived in every town along old hwy 66 in Arizona as my mom and dad managed these stations and motels. From Holbrook to Yucca. And Continental Divide New Mexico. My family has many home movies taken of these locations when they were up and running in there prime during the 70’s. Its a shame to see them turning to rubble as they are today. My dad passed about 3 years ago and upon reading your article brought back many fond memories of my childhood, so thank you for sharing. – David Hopper, Tecumseh, Oklahoma, October 2014.

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  1. Old whiting bros motel in continental divide nm with sign still up. It appears to be operAting with an open sign in door. It’s not listed on the highway services exit sign.

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