Gangsters, Mobsters & Outlaws of the 20th Century


Volney “Curley” Davis (1902-1979) –  A member of the Barker-Karpis Gang and boyfriend of Edna “Rabbits” Murray, he was believed to have sold out other gang members. After serving a long term in Alcatraz, he was released and died on July 20, 1979, in Sonoma County, California at the age of 77.

DeAutremont Brothers

DeAutremont Brothers

DeAutremont Brothers – Wannabee train robbers in Oregon, bungled their attempt and in the process killed for railroad employees. They were eventually caught and sent to prison.

Lawrence De Vol (1895-1936) – Gangster of the 1930s sometimes involved with the Barker-Karpis Gang.

Benny and Stella Dickson – Husband and wife team who turned to crime shortly after their marriage. Shortly after Stella’s 16th birthday, they robbed a bank in Elkton, South Dakota, taking more than $2000. Stella earned the nickname “Sure Shot” by shooting out the tires of a police patrol car after a heist in Michigan. Benny was killed by FBI agents in St. Louis. Stella was captured and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Dillinger Gang, aka: The Terror Gang (1933-1934) – Comprised of a number of unsavory characters such as Baby Face Nelson, Homer Van Meter, Eddie Green, Harry Pierpont, Charley Makely, Russell Lee Clark, John Hamilton, and Thomas Carrol, this ruthless gang, led by John Dillinger, spread terror across the Midwest from 1933 to 1934, killing as many as 16 people and robbing as many as 20 banks.

John Herbert “Jackrabbit” Dillinger (1903-1934) – Midwestern bank robber during the early 1930s, Dillinger was a dangerous criminal who was responsible for the murder of several police officers, robbed at least two dozen banks, and escaped from jail twice.

Martin James Durkin (1900-??) -Durkin, a professional auto thief killed the first FBI agent in the line of duty in October 1925. He was captured several months later.


Aussie Elliott (1914-1934) – An associate of George Birdwell and Pretty Boy Floyd, he was convicted of bank robbery in 1922 and was sent to the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. He escaped ten years later. In 1934, he was killed in a gun battle with police near Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Egan’s Rats (1890-1924) – Egan’s Rats was an American street gang that exercised considerable power in St. Louis, Missouri, they operated for 35 years with criminal activities including bootlegging, labor racketeering, voter intimidation, armed robbery, and murder.


Elmer Farmer – A Barker-Karpis Gang member, he was sent to Alcatraz.

Herbert Farmer – Part of the Kansas City Massacre Conspiracy, he was sent to Alcatraz.

Charles Fitzgerald (1877-??) – The oldest member of Barker-Karpis Gang, Fitzgerald was sent to Alcatraz.

Five Points Gang

Five Points Gang

Five Points Gang – An early 20th Century criminal gang based in Manhattan, New York City.

Fleagle Gang – The Fleagle Gang was a group of early 20th century American bank robbers and murderers.

Jake Fleagle (1890-1930) – Leader of the Fleagle Gang, wanted for robbery and murder, he was shot down in a running gunfight with police in Branson, Missouri.

Harry Fleisher – A member of the Purple Gang, he was sent to Alcatraz.

Sam Fleisher – A member of the Purple Gang, he was sent to Alcatraz.

Eddie Fletcher – A member of the Purple Gang, Fletcher was assassinated in November 1933.

Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd

Charles Authur “Pretty Boy” Floyd (1904-1934) – Bank robber and alleged killer, he was romanticized by the press. His first robbery was $3.50 in pennies from a local post office at the age of eighteen. Three years later, he was arrested and convicted of a payroll robbery.

Rufus Franklin – A bank robber and car thief, Franklin was sent to Alcatraz and during a 1938 escape attempt killed a custodial worker. Franklin wa wounded and sentenced to life in prison for the murder.

Ralph Fults (1911-1993) –  Fults hooked up with Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow when he was just 19 years old. He lived an underworld life for ten years before being arrested and imprisoned.


Richard Galatas – Part of the Kansas City Massacre Conspiracy, Galatas was sent to Alcatraz.

John Knight Giles (1895-1979) – Sentenced to prison for the attempted robbery of a train, Giles wound up in Alcatraz. In 1945, he came very close to escaping from the island.

Hugh Gant – Florida gangster.

Roy Gardner (1884-1940) – Stealing over a quarter of a million dollars in cash and securities, Gardner was the most famous escape artist and celebrated outlaw of his time.

Russell “Slim Gray” Gibson (??-1935) – A member of the Barker-Karpis Gang.

Fred “Shotgun” George Ziegler Goetz (1896-1934) –  A Chicago mobster and a suspected participant in the Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929.

Eddie Green (1898-1934) – A partner of John Dillinger, Green was shot by FBI agents on April 3, 1934.  He died in a hospital eight days later.

“Hell’s Belle” Gunness – Black Widow of the Midwest – “Hell’s Belle” Gunness, one of America’s most degenerate female serial killers in history, likely killed both her husbands and all of her children. 

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