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Outlaw Index - I-J

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  • McClish Impson - (18??-1875) - Convicted of shooting and killing an Oklahoma man in the back, he was tried and sentenced to death. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on January 15, 1875.

  • Gibson Ishtanubbee (18??-1876) - A drifter and murderer, Gibson was hanged at  Fort Smith, Arkansas, on April 21, 1876.

  • Nat "Tex” Irwin - An outlaw, he rustled cattle in New Mexico and was captured by A.J. Fountain's militia in March 1883.

  • Webber Isaacs (18??-1896) - A Cherokee Indian outlaw in Oklahoma, Isaacs robbed 60 year-old peddler, Mike Cushing, and then beat him to death. Isaacs tried to burn the body of his victim to destroy evidence of the crime but letters found near the scene confirmed Cushing's identity. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on April 30, 1896.

  • Gibson Ishtanubbee (18??-1876) - An Oklahoma outlaw, Ishtanubbee, along with Isham Seely, robbed and killed a farmer and his housekeeper on May 10, 1873. Both were hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on April 21, 1876.

  • Jake Island - Oklahoma outlaw brought in by Bass Reeves.

  • Ben Isom - A Texas outlaw, he shot a man at Howe Station, Texas, in 1885 and was killed by the sheriff.

  • George Ives - An outlaw and a member of Henry Plummer's gang called the Innocents in Montana Territory. He was hanged by Montana Vigilantes on January 3, 1864 at Alder Gulch.




  • John JarretteJesse Woodson James (1847-1882) - The famous outlaw and leader of the James-Younger Gang and James Gang, after the Youngers were arrested. He robbed banks and trains for sixteen years. He was shot in the back of the head by Robert Ford in his home in St. Joseph, Missouri on April 3, 1881.

  • Theodore James - An outlaw linked with the William Christian gang in 1897.

  • George Jamieson - An outlaw, he stole horses around Folsom, New Mexico in the early 1900s.

  • John Janes - An outlaw, he was hanged in Lincoln, New Mexico on June 18, 18 86.

  • John Jarrette (1836-1868? or 1906?) - Outlaw member of the James-Younger Gang he is thought to have died in a house fire in 1868, although some have him living in California as late as 1891.

  • Bud Jenkins - An Oklahoma outlaw, he rode with Al Spencer and Jelly Nash.

  • James Gilbert Jenkins (1834-1864) - An outlaw, he stole horses and robbed and killed strangers, companions, law officers, and Indians throughout the U.S. between 1846 and 1864. He was hanged in Napa County, California in 1864.

  • Alphonso "Al" J. Jennings (1863-1961)  - Outlaw member of the Little Dick West Gang before forming his own Jennings Gang. He began his criminal career after Temple Houston killed his brother Ed. He was later captured by U.S. Deputy Marshal Bud Ledbetter and served just five years in prison. After his release, he became a lawyer.

  • Frank Jennings - An outlaw and brother of AI, he was a member of the train robbing Jennings Gang. He was captured with AI and imprisoned.

  • "Arkansas" Johnson - An outlaw and member of the Sam Bass Gang, he was killed at Salt Creek, Texas by Texas Rangers on June 12, 1878.

  • Chas Johnson - An outlaw and member of the Backus Gang, he was lynched by the "Hoodoos" on June 12, 18 78 in Mason County, Texas.

  • Bill Johnson - An outlaw and accomplice of Jim Nite, Johnson was apprehended by deputy U.S. Deputy Marshal Dee Harkey near Sacramento Sinks, New Mexico in 1908.

  • DeWitt C. Johnson - An outlaw, was hanged in Lincoln, New Mexico, on November 19, 18 86.

  • Otter Johnson - An outlaw, he shot and killed Norman Buck in Deming, New Mexico and received a three-year prison sentence.

  • Peter "Toppy” Johnson - An outlaw, he rustled cattle in New Mexico and was sentenced to prison in Santa Fe.

  • Samuel Johnson, aka: Rattlesnake Sam - An outlaw in Canoncito, New Mexico, he was killed by a bartender on December 3, 1879.

  • "Swede" Johnson - Johnson rode with Butch Cassidy, killed a cowboy in 1899, and was, himself,  killed by lawmen.

  • Tobe Johnson - Rustled cattle around Hillsboro, New Mexico in 1877.

  • "Acorn Head" Jones - An outlaw, when he was caught stealing horses in Sumner County, Kansas, he was lynched by vigilantes on July 27, 1874.

  • "Chubby" Jones - Outlaw member of Dutch Henry's Gang, he was lynched with eight others at Sweet Water Creek, Texas.

  • Factor Jones - A Choctaw Indian cattle rustler, he was involved with the murder of George Taft and was shot and killed by an angry mob.

  • Jefferson Jones (18??-1890) -  An Oklahoma outlaw, Jones robbed and murdered Henry Wilson for the $12.00 he carried. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on January 16, 1890.

  • John Jones (18??-1879) - An outlaw, he was killed with his brother, Jim, after robbing a train near Hugo, Colorado.

  • John Jones  (18??-1900)  - An outlaw who stabbed George Wagstaff to death in Blossburg, New Mexico, in 1897.

  • "Arkansas Tom" Jones - See Roy Daugherty

  • Francisco Jordan - An outlaw, he was lynched on November 25, 1881 in Cuchilla Negra, New Mexico.

  • Martin Joseph, aka: Bully Josey - Joseph shot and killed Bud Stephens and then raped and murdered Stephens' wife in Indian Territory. Captured and sentenced to die, he was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on June 29, 1883.

  • Christopher "Kit” Carson Joy (1860-1926) - A cowboy who turned outlaw, he led the Kit Joy Gang, who robbed only one train before being killed or captured. After escaping jail once, he was recaptured and sent to prison.

  • Maoma July - Creek Indian outlaw and member of the Rufus Buck Gang. He was hanged on July 1, 1896.


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