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  • Bill Halderman - An outlaw, he was hanged with his brother Tom in Tombstone, Arizona on November 16, 1900 for killing a man.

  • Tom Halderman - An outlaw, he was hanged with his brother Bill in Tombstone, Arizona on November 16, 1900 for killing a man.

  • William Hale - A murderer in Oklahoma.

  • "Haltbreek Jack" - An outlaw, he was lynched near Yellowstone by the Montana Stranglers in 1884 for rustling cattle.

  • Bill Hall - An Arizona outlaw, he was the first prisoner of Yuma Prison in 1875.

  • Caleb Hall, aka: The Prowler, John Collins, Sam Collins (18??-1935) - A former John Kinney Gang member, he fought in New Mexico's Lincoln County War.

  • Charles "Tex" Hall - Rustled cattle near Hillsboro, New Mexico in 1877.

  • Silas Hampton (1868-1887) - An 18 year-old Cherokee outlaw in Indian Territory, he killed a farmer and was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on January 17, 1887.

  • Orlando Camillo Hanks, aka: Charley Jones, Deaf Charley (1863-1902)  - An outlaw and the last and toughest of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch. He robbed trains in Montana and New Mexico from the 1880s. He was killed in 1902 by Sheriff Pink Taylor after killing a lawman.

  • John Wesley HardinJohn Wesley (Wes) Hardin (1853-1895) - Known as Texas’ most deadly gunman, Hardin killed over thirty people. After spending 18 years in prison, he was shot and killed on August 19, 1895 by John Henry Selman

  • Joseph "Joe” Hardin - The brother of John Wesley Hardin, he was also an outlaw and was lynched in June, 1874.

  • Mart Hardin - An outlaw charged with conspiracy in the murder of Bud Frazer, who was killed by Jim Miller in 1893.

  • John Jefferson Harlin, aka: Off Wheeler - An outlaw, Harlin was one of the many run out of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

  • Adolf Harmon - An outlaw, he was shot and killed by Gabriel Gonzolez ten years after Harmon killed Deputy Sheriff Esteban Trujillo on January  22, 1897.

  • Augustin Harmon - A gunman, Harmon was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison for killing Ricardo Lovato of Springer, New Mexico.

  • Harpe Brothers - Murderous outlaws who operated in Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois in the late 1700s, they are said to have been America's first serial killers.

  • Chas Harper - An outlaw and member of the Plummer gang, was hanged at Florence, Idaho, in 1891.

  • Charles A. "Jack” Harris -  A saloon keeper and highwayman, Jack Harris paraded as a good citizen but, was secretly robbing stage coaches in Nevada.



  • Edward Hart - A former John Kinney Gang member, he fought in New Mexico's Lincoln County War Afterwards, he joined Selman’s Scouts, a vicious gang who terrorized the county. He was shot and killed by John Selman in Lincoln County in September 1878 for allegedly attempting to assume the role of gang leader.

  • Splay Foot Hartnett - An outlaw, he was lynched by the Montana Stranglers in 1884.

  • Pearl Hart, aka: Pearl Bywater, Pearl Taylor, Mrs. L.P. Keele (1871-19??) - Hart was one of the only female stagecoach robbers in the American West.

  • L. B. Hasbrouck (18??-1874) - Horse thief lynched in Kansas.

  • Sam Hasley - An outlaw, he killed several men and joined the war against the Texas reconstructionists in Bell County.

  • Henry Hawkins - Led a band of outlaws named the "Mesa Hawks," robbing trains in the New Mexico Territory in 1897.

  • C.B. Hawley (18??-1882) - An outlaw, Hawley confessed to stage robbery in 1882 near Globe, Arizona and was lynched.

  • Bob Hays (18??-1896) - Outlaw member of the Black Jack Christian Gang, Hays was killed in a gunfight in Arizona.

  • Bob Hays, aka: Sam Hassell, John West (18??-1869) - A member of the High Fives Gang, he was killed at a gunfight in southwest New Mexico.


  • Harry Head, aka: Harry the Kid (18??-1881) - A Tombstone outlaw, a reward was offered for his capture after a stage robbery near Contention, Arizona. He was later killed by the Haslett brothers in 1881.

  • John Heath (or Heith) (1851-1884) - After receiving only life in prison for a brutal robbery and murder, Heath was lynched in Tombstone, Arizona.

  • Marion HedgepethMarion Hedgepeth (1856-1910) - A bandit and killer who operated in various states of the American West until he was killed by a Chicago Policeman on December 31, 1910.

  • William Hedges, aka: Pawnee Bill - An outlaw, he was listed in a Las Vegas, New Mexico poster warning all "Thieves, Thugs, Fakirs and Bunko-Steerers" to leave town before 10 p.m. or be invited to "a Grand NeckTie Party."

  • Art Hefferman - An outlaw who shot a man at Virginia City, Montana in March 1871 and was lynched by vigilantes.

  • Bill Heffridge - Outlaw member of the Sam Bass Gang in 1877, he was killed in Kansas during a gun battle.

  • Augustus "Gus” Heffron - An outlaw and friend of Dave Crockett (outlaw,) he was captured in the gun battle with lawmen at Cimarron, New Mexico in October 1876, where Crockett was killed. He escaped and was not heard from again.

  • Boone Helm (1823-1864) - An outlaw member of Henry Plummer's gang called the Innocents. Helm was hanged in Virginia City, Montana by vigilantes.

  • Davenport Helm (18??-1855)  - Outlaw cousin to Boone Helm, he was killed in Sonoma County, California.

  • Jack Helm - A lawman, gunfighter, and outlaw, he fought for the Suttons in the Sutton-Taylor feud in Texas. His posse killed Hays Taylor on August 23, 1869.  In retaliation, he was later killed by John Hardin and Jim Taylor in July 1873.

  • Bill Henderson (18??-1876) - Leader of a cattle rustling gang, he was lynched in Texas.

  • Wall Henderson - An outlaw, he was shot and killed on November 14, 1871 by John W. Stinson in Elizabethtown, New Mexico

  • Mariano Hernandez - An outlaw, he was lynched in 1850 after killing a man in San Jose, California.

  • Albert Herndon - Outlaw member of the Sam Bass Gang.

  • Nestor Herrera - An outlaw member of Vicente Silva's White Caps Gang in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

  • Bob Herring - A Texas outlaw and member of Joe Baker's gang, he stole horses from 1885-1894 and was imprisoned for 35 years following a gunfight at Dallas in 1899.

  • Joe Hetherington - An Englishman outlaw, he was lynched by vigilantes in San Francisco, California on July 29, 1856.

  • Milt Hicks - An outlaw in Arizona and New Mexico.

  • George Hilderman, aka: The Great American Pie-Eater - An outlaw, he was a member of Henry Plummer’s gang of Innocents.

  • Frank Hill - An outlaw and rustler who was killed by a posse in New Mexico in March, 1880.

  • Owen D. Hill (18??-1888) - A black outlaw in Indian Territory, he murdered his wife and mother-in-law. Convicted of murder, he was sentenced to die. He was hanged in Fort Smith, Arkansas on April 27, 18 88.

  • Tom Hill, aka: Tom Chelson (18??-1878) -  A member of Jesse Evans Gang during New Mexico's Lincoln County War. He was killed by a sheep-herder near Tularosa, New Mexico on March 9, 1878.

  • John Hinton - An outlaw in the New Mexico Territory in 1896.

  • Clarence Browler Hite (1862-1883) - Rode with the James Gang and was sent to prison.

  • Robert Woodson Hite (1848-1881) - Rode with the James Gang and was killed by Dick Liddel

  • Joseph Hlavaty - An accomplice to Pretty Boy Floyd and Fred Hildebrand.

  • Thomas J. Hodges, aka: Tom Bell, The Outlaw Doc (1825-1856) - California outlaw lynched after a stage robbery where a woman was killed.

  • Foster "The Kid” Holbrook - Outlaw member of the Christian Gang, he was captured in 1895 a short time after the killing of Deputy Sheriff W.C. Turner.

  • Lewis Holder (18??-1894) - An Oklahoma outlaw, Holder was convicted of robbing and killing George Bickford and was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on July 25, 1894.

  • Russ Holloway - An outlaw, he killed a man in 1879 in Earth County, Texas and fled. He returned in 1927 and surrendered himself but was released as no indictment was standing.

  • Reimund Holzhay, aka: Black Bart - A German immigrant and outlaw, was captured in 1889 while robbing a train single handedly. He received a life sentence.

  • Joe Horner - See Frank M. Canton

  • Thomas Horn, aka: James Hicks (1860-1903) - A gunfighter and lawman, he turned outlaw when he began to offer his "services" for hire and was hanged on November 20, 1903.

  • Eddie House - New Mexico outlaw charged with the murder of a Lincoln County sheepherder but was acquitted in 1881.

  • Thomas Jefferson House, aka: Tom Henry - An outlaw and horse thief, he killed Joe Carson, constable of Las Vegas, New Mexico, on January 22, 1880 (or 1884). He was lynched on February 7.

  • Walter Hovey, aka: Fatly Ryan - Outlaw member of the Black Jack Ketchum Gang.

  • Charles Howard - Outlaw member of the Robert McKemie Gang, he was captured in 1878 along with McKemie.

  • James "Tex” Howard - Tex Willis, Jack Howard - An outlaw, he was the scout for a Bisbee, Arizona, robbery in 1883 during which, several people were killed. Howard was arrested and hanged in 1884.

  • Joe Howard - An alleged outlaw and horse thief, he was lynched in 1873 at Franklin, Missouri.

  • "Big Dan" Howland - An outlaw, Howland murdered J.W. Lacy, a relative of Ike Stockton in May, 1881 at the insistence of the vigilantes in Farmington, New Mexico.

  • Joe Hubert, aka: Joe Roberts - An outlaw, rustled cattle in 1877 near Hillsboro, New Mexico, and was convicted of mail robbery.

  • Jim Hughes - An Arizona and New Mexico outlaw, he died on November 2, 1899.

  • Wilson "Texas Jack" Hughes - Outlaw member of the Ike Stockton Gang.

  • Della Humby - A black outlaw in Indian Territory, he was wanted for murdering his wife and killed Sergeant James Guy of the Chickasaw Mounted Police. Arrested, he was tried at Fort Smith, Arkansas. In the first trial he was found guilty, but on appeal, he was acquitted.

  • O.V. Humphreys - After killing a man named John Allen, he then wounded his wife and committed suicide in Apache, Oklahoma.

  • "Humpy Jack" - An alleged outlaw, was shot and killed in his cabin in 1884 by the vigilante Montana Stranglers.

  • Richard "Zwing" Hunt (1858-1882) - An outlaw, he robbed the Tombstone Mining and Milling Co. with Billy "the Kid" Grounds and killed M.C. Peel. U.S. Deputy Marshal William Breakenridge killed Grounds and wounded Hunt. Hunt escaped later only to be killed by Apache Indians a short time later.

  • Bill "Tex" Hunter - Outlaw, was a member of Ike Stockton's Gang.

  • Bill Hunter (18??-1864) - An outlaw and member of the Henry Plummer's gang of Innocents in the 1860s. He was the last of the gang to be lynched by the Montana Vigilantes


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