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Outlaw Index - D

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  • Christopher "Kit” Dalton, aka: Charles Bell, Thomas Mabry (18??-1920) - An outlaw and second cousin of the Dalton brothers, Kit robbed and looted along the North South border during the Civil War and claimed he rode with both the James and Bass Gangs. He died in 1920.

  • Emmett Dalton, aka: Charley McLaughlin (1871-1937) - Outlaw member of the Dalton Gang, he survived the raid on Coffeyville, Kansas but was shot and captured while attempting to rescue his brother Bob . He served over fourteen years in prison, moved to Hollywood, California and wrote a book about the Dalton Gang .

  • The Dalton Gang killedGrattan "Grat” Dalton (1865-1892) - Served as a Kansas deputy marshal before turning outlaw, robbing banks and trains with the Dalton Gang.  He was killed during the Coffeyville , Kansas bank robbery attempt on October 5, 1892.

  • Robert "Bob" Dalton (1868-1892) - Served as a lawman before forming the Dalton Gang in 1891. He was killed during the Coffeyville, Kansas bank robbery attempt on October 5, 1892.

  • William "Bill” Dalton (1866-1894) - Serving in the California legislature before turning outlaw , Bill joined Bill” Doolin's gang after the death of his brothers. He became a leader of the Doolin-Dalton Gang and was killed by lawmen on June 8, 1894.

  • J. Frank Dalton, aka: Happy Jack - An outlaw who was wanted in Limestone County, Texas in 1886 for horse theft. He later claimed he was Jesse James.

  • John Daly (1839-1864) - Outlaw member of the Three Fingered Jack McDowell's gang, he ran a gambling house and saloon in Aurora, Nevada where he killed at least two men in cold blood. When vigilantes captured him and three other gang members, he took poison but they lynched him anyway.

  • Boston Damewood - A California outlaw and highwayman, he was lynched by a mob of 200 in Los Angeles. Bill Daniels - Led a gang of outlaws who robbed the Tucumcari, New Mexico bank and shot a boy who was holding his hands in the air.

  • Pancho Daniel (18??-1858) - Along with Juan Flores, led the Flores-Daniels Gang in raids of southern California during the mid 1850's. He was hanged for his crimes on November 30, 1858.

  • Isom DartIsom Dart aka: Ned Huddleston (1849-1900) - Born into slavery in Arkansas Dart drifted into Texas, then Colorado, where he began to rustle cattle. He was shot dead on October 3, 1900 by Tom Horn.

  • Emmet R. Daugherty - The nephew of Henry Starr, Daugherty attempted murder in Oklahoma .

  • Roy Daugherty "Arkansas Tom Jones" (1871-1924) - An outlaw and member of the Doolin-Dalton Gang , he was captured at Ingalls, Oklahoma and served seventeen years in prison. Upon his release, he returned to a life of crime and was killed by law officers on August 16, 1924.

  • Jim Davenport - Texas outlaw and cowboy, Davenport was accused of killing Elk Hereford. When the Texas Rangers tried to apprehend him in Cotulla, Texas in 1899, he fought them and was killed.

  • Andrew Jackson "Big Jack" Davis (??-1877) - A stagecoach and train robber, he was killed by a Wells-Fargo shotgun messenger while trying to rob a stagecoach in Nevada .

  • Bill Davis - Oklahoma murderer was captured by Grant Johnson.

  • George Davis - See Dolly Graham

  • Frog Davis - Killed Sheriff Jim Musgrove in the Cherokee Nation of Indian Territory. He was convicted and hanged for the crime.

  • Jack Davis (1845?-1879?) - An outlaw and friend of Bill Longley, Davis and robbed trains with Sam Bass and Joel Collins.





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