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  • U.S. Deputy MarshalsU.S. Marshals (1789-present) - Created more than 200 years ago in 1789, the congressional act also established the federal judicial system.

  • David "Big Dave" Updyke (1830-1866)  - Though thought to have been the leader of a vicious gang of outlaws, Updyke  was elected sheriff of Ada County, Idaho, in 1865. He was lynched on April 14, 1866, for allegedly aiding horse thieves and murderers.





  • Ben Wheeler - See Ben A. Robertson

  • Harry Cornwall WheelerHarry Cornwall Wheeler (1875-1925) - Wheeler worked briefly as a miner in Tombstone before joining the Arizona Rangers in 1903.  He soon obtained the rank of captain and commanded the Arizona Rangers until they were disbanded in 1909.  Later, he was elected sheriff of Cochise County.

  • William Fletcher Wheeler (1824-1894) - The third U.S. Marshal in Montana Territory from 1869-1878.

  • Fred White (1849-1880) - Tombstone Marshal Fred White was killed in in October, 1880 when a group of five outlaws were shooting up the town.

  • Harvey Howard Whitehill (1837-1906) Miner and Grant County, New Mexico, Sheriff. 

  • Chauncey "Cap" Belden Whitney (1842-1873) - Ellsworth, Kansas constable and county sheriff.

  • J. Shelby "Sheb" Williams (1850-1931) - Appointed a U.S. Marshal for East Texas and the Indian Territory by President Grover Cleveland on January 15, 1894. He was reappointed by President William McKinley. Williams was owner of the first ship above White Horse Rapids in the Yukon Territory and of the first steam dredge for mining gold there. He was an advisor to the United States Department of Agriculture, Chairman of the American Cotton Congress, and campaign manager for Texas Governor Oscar B. Colquitt.

  • William "Billy" Wilson - See David L Anderson

  • Frank Wolcott (1840-1910) - U.S. Deputy Marshal in Wyoming, discharged for "offensive behavior." Led a group of 50 gunfighters in the Johnson County War.

  • Chauncey "Cap" Belden Whitney (1842-1873) - The first city marshal of Ellsworth, Kansas in 1871, and became sheriff of the county in 1872. He was killed by Billy Thompson on August 18, 1873.

  • William "Bill" R. Wren - Fought in the Horrell-Higgins Feud of Lampasas County, Texas. Texas. Later became a county sheriff.

  • W.W. "Boss” Wright (18??-1856) - Nevada County, California Sheriff. He was killed in the line of duty by citizens when they mistakenly thought he was an escaped convict on November 3, 1856.



  • Jacob "Blake Jake” Yoes (1839-1906) - One of the best known of Judge Isaac Parker’s U.S. Marshals, Yoes was also a miner, an entrepreneur, and a politician.


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