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A mountain man.Pierre-Esprit Radisson (1636-1710) - A French-born explorer, fur trader and mapper, whose exploration of 1668 led to the formation of the Hudson's Bay Company.

John Reed (17??-1814) - Mountain man and explorer, he was killed by Snake Indians in Idaho.

Moses B. Reed - A frontiersman who was a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and dishonorably discharged.

Tom Reese (18?? 1843) - An African-American fur trader who worked out of Fort McKenzie for the American Fur Company.

Joseph Robidoux III (1783-1868) - A fur trader Robidoux established the Blacksnake Hills Trading Post that eventually became St. Joseph, Missouri.

Rocky Mountain Fur Company (1822-1833) - Sometimes referred to as Ashley's Hundred, the Rocky Mountain Fur Company was organized in St. Louis, Missouri in 1822 by General William Henry Ashley and Major Andrew Henry.

Sacagawea (1790?-1812?) ≠ A Shoshone Indian woman, she was captured by an enemy tribe who eventually sold her to a French Canadian trapper she later married. In 1804, Lewis and Clark, her husband, Touissant Charbonneau, was hired by the expedition as an interpreter. Sacagawea became an integral part of the expedition.

Rufus B. Sage (1817-1893) - A frontiersman, mountain man, and author.

John Sayer (1750-1818) - An experienced trader with many years experience, John Sayer became a wintering partner of the North West Company in the 1790s. In 1804 he established the North West Company Fur Trading Post near Pine City, Minnesota.

Hiram Scott (1805-1828) - Mountain Man, trapper, and trader, he grew ill and died at Scotts Bluff, Nebraska. The historic monument is named for him.

George C. SibleyGeorge C. Sibley (1782-1863) -  Explorer, soldier, Indian agent, politician, and educator who led the 1825 Sibley Survey team of the Santa Fe Trail.

Alexander Sinclair (1790-1832) - A mountain man and trapper, he was killed in the Battle of Pierre's Hole.

Prewett Fuller Sinclair (1803-1882) - A mountain man and trapper, he was a partner in Fort Davy Crockett in Brown's Hole, Colorado.

Jedediah Strong Smith (1799-1831) - A hunter, trapper, fur trader and explorer of the Rocky Mountains, the west coast, and the southwest during the nineteenth century.

Captain John Smith (1580-1631) - An English soldier, explorer, admiral, and author, Smith established the first permanent English settlement in North America at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607.

John Simpson Smith, aka: Uncle John, Blackfoot Smith (1812-1871) - Trader and frontiersman, Smith ranged from the Yellowstone to the Gila River, and from the upper Missouri to the Rio Grande Rivers, and was well-respected by the Indian tribes.

Ceran St. Vrain (1802-1870) - Trader, frontiersman, businessman, and soldier, St. Vrain established Bentís Fort, Colorado along with William and Charles Bent.

William L. Sublette (1799-1845) - An explorer, fur trapper, trader, and mountain man, Sublette was part of William Henry Ashley's trapping group referred to as Ashley's Hundred. he went on to acquire part of the business.

Levi Talbot (??-1823) - A trapper for William Henry Ashley's Rocky Mountain Fur Company, he killed fellow fur trapper Mike Fink.




Edward S. Terrell (1812-1905) - Pioneer, trader, and lawman, he was said to have been the first white man to camp on the site of what would later become Fort Worth, Texas.

Tom Tobin, frontiersmanTom Tate Tobin (1823-1904) - A frontiersman, trapper, mountain man, and scout, he explored and scouted in the New Mexico and Colorado areas.

Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, Sieur de La Verendrye(1685-1749) - A French Canadian military officer, fur trader and explorer, in the 1730's he and his four sons opened up the area west of Lake Superior and thus began the process that added Western Canada to the original New France in the Saint Lawrence basin. He was also the first European to reach North Dakota and the upper Missouri River.

Pierre (Luis) Louis Vasquez (1798-1868) - A trapper, trader, and mountain man, Vasquez founded one of the first trading posts in the American West.

Voyageurs - Voyageurs were French Canadians who engaged in the transporting of furs by canoe during the fur trade years. Voyageur is a French word, meaning "traveler".

Ezekiel Williams (1775-1844) - Fur trapper, frontiersman, and soldier, Williams worked with such men as Manuel Lisa and the Missouri Fur Company.

William Sherley "Old Bill" Williams (1787-1849) - A Mountain Man, explorer, army scout, and frontiersman, Williams explored present day Arizona.

Richens Lacey "Uncle Dick" Wootton (1816-1893) - American frontiersman, mountain man and trapper. Originally from Virginia, he lived most of his life in Colorado.

Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth (1802-1856) - Explorer, fur trader and inventor in the American West.



Compiled and edited by Kathy Weiser/Legends of America, updated June, 2017.



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