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Gathering of the trappersAlexander Harvey (1808-1854) - Harvey was one of the boldest men and most reckless desperadoes known to the fur trade. Despite his fierce temper and known cruelty, he worked in the fur industry for years.

John L. Hatcher (1812?-1897?) - Frontiersman and Army Scout, he was a noted guide and freighter in the southwest.

Andrew Henry (1775-1832) - A fur trader, he joined with Manuel Lisa, Jean Pierre Choteau and William Clark to found the Missouri Fur Company in 1809.

Captain James Hobbs (1819-1880) - Also known as Comanche Jim, Hobbs was the Great-grandson of renowned Shawnee Indian Chief, Tecumseh. He grew up to become a Texas Ranger, fought in the Mexican-American War, and the Civil War, and roamed the Southwest with the  likes of Kit Carson.

Valentine Johnson “Rube” Herring (1812-1883) - Frontiersman, trapper, and guide, Herring later went into politics and served as a sheriff.

Hudson's Bay Company (1670-present) - Chartered on May 2, 1670, the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) is the oldest commercial corporation in North America and is one of the oldest in the world. It's trappers and traders were some of the first explorers of the North American continent.

David Edward Jackson (1790-1837) - Pioneer, explorer, trader and fur trapper.

Louis Jolliet (1645-1700) - A French Canadian explorer known for his discoveries in North America. Jolliet and Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette, a Catholic priest and missionary, were the first non-Natives to explore and map much of the Mississippi River in 1673.

Charles Keemle (1800-1865) - Journalist and fur trapper, Keemle gave up living in the wilderness after barely surviving several Indian attacks.

Father Eusebio Francisco Kino (1645-1711) - A Jesuit priest, missionary, explorer, map-maker, mathematician, and astronomer, Kino founded many missions and explored areas in southwestern North America, including areas in what are now northern Sonora, Mexico, southern California, and southern Arizona.

James Kipp (1788-1880) - A fur trader who worked for the North West Company and Columbia Fur Company. He built Fort Piegan, Montana, the first post in the Blackfoot territory.  

William Laidlaw (1798?-1851) - A fur trader, who next to Kenneth McKenzie was said to have been one of the best.

Daniel Lamont - One of three partners of the Upper Missouri Outfit of the American Fur Company and one of the original company men of the Columbia Fur Company.

Charles Larpenteur (1807-1872) - A fur trader that worked with William Sublette and Robert Campbell, before spending some 30 years with the American Fur Company.

Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La SalleRene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle (1643-1687) - A French explorer, LaSalle explored the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico. La Salle claimed the entire Mississippi River basin for France.

Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809) - Explorer, soldier, and public administrator, Lewis was best known for his role as the leader of the Corps of Discovery, whose mission was to explore the territory of the Louisiana Purchase.

Benjamin "Ben" Vernon Lilly (1856-1936) - Often called the "last of the mountain men,” Ben Lilly was known as the greatest lion and bear hunter in the southwest.

Manuel Lisa (1772-1820) - Frontiersman, explorer, and fur trader, Lisa founded the Missouri Fur Company.

Stephen Harriman Long (1784-1864) - An engineer, explorer, and military officer, Long led what's known as the Long's Expedition through the Great Plains.

Tristan de Luna y Arellano (1519-1571) - A Spanish conquistador of the 16th century, Arellano served with Vasquez de Coronado on his expedition to the Seven Cities of Cíbola and established Pensacola, one of the earliest European settlements within the present-day United States.

Father Jacques MarquetteJacques Marquette (1637-1675) -  Sometimes known as Père Marquette or James Marquette, Jacques was a French Jesuit missionary who founded Michigan's first European settlement, Sault Ste. Marie, and later founded St. Ignace, Michigan. In 1673 Father Marquette and Louis Jolliet were the first Europeans to explore and map the northern portion of the Mississippi River.

Lucien B. Maxwell - (1818-1875) - The owner of the largest land grant in American History, a friend of Kit Carson, and a frontier scout and guide, Maxwell, who has been called the "Emporer of the Old West," died in poverty in New Mexico.

Kenneth McKenzie (1797-1861) - One of the most able traders that ever worked for the American Fur Company.

Owen McKenzie - (1826-1863) - Frontiersman and son of famed fur trader, Kenneth McKenzie, he was killed in brawl with Malcolm Clarke.

Joseph Lafayette Meek (1810-1875) - Meek went westward from Virginia at an early age signing on with the Rocky Mountain Fur Company. Later he settled in Oregon where he was appointed the territory's federal marshal, a post he held for the next five years. In 1855, he played a leading part in the Yakima War, organizing the Oregon Volunteers and winning the rank of major for his service.



Captain Pedro Menendez de Aviles (1519-1574) - A brutal Spanish sailor, soldier, explorer, and conquistador, Pedro Menendez  was sent by Phillip II of Spain to remove the French from Florida.

Moses Embree "California Joe" Milner (1829-1876) - Scout, frontiersman, and miner, California Joe was George Armstrong Custer's Chief Scout in 1868.

Missouri Fur Company (1808-12, 1819-24) - First established as the St. Louis Missouri Fur Company by several famous explorers and traders, including Manuel Lisa, Pierre Choteau, Sr., Auguste Choeau, Jr., Andrew Henry, William Clark, and others, the company prospered until the War of 1812, at which time it folded. It was resurrected; however, in 1819, then becoming simply the Missouri Fur Company Company, which went bankrupt in 1824.

David Dawson Mitchell (1806-1861) - Fur trader, Indian Agent and soldier in the Mexican-American War.

Luis de Moscoso Alvarado (1505-1551) - A Spanish explorer and conquistador, he participated in the conquest of present Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, and assumed command of Hernando De Soto's expedition after he died.

Panfilo de Narvaez(1478?-1528) - Spanish explorer and soldier, Narvaez helped conquer Cuba in 1511 and led a Spanish royal expedition to North America in 1527.

Fray Marcos de Niza(1495?-1558) - A Franciscan priest who is said to have traveled to the fabled "Seven Golden Cities of Cibola" in what is now the western part of New Mexico.

North West Company (1779-1821) - A Canadian based fur company, the competition with Hudson's Bay Company was so fierce it caused armed conflicts and they were forced by the British authorities, to merge with Hudson's Bay Company in 1821.

Juan de Onate(1550?-1626) - A Spanish conquistador who established the colony of New Mexico for Spain and became New Mexico's first governor.

Pacific Fur Company (1810-1813) - Founded in June, 1810 by John Jacob Astor,who also owned the American Fur Company, it was short lived when it lost two ships, were attacked by Indians, and were forced out by the War of 1812.

Archibald Palmer, aka: James A. Hamilton (??-1840) - Thought to have been of noble English descent, Palmer worked for the American Fur Company and was in charge of Fort Union, North Dakota for a time.

Pierre Didier Papin (1798-1853) - A fur trader with the American Fur Company.

Honore Picotte - A French-Canadian trapper and trader who worked for several fur companies and became influential with the American Fur Company.

Zebulon Pike, early 1800sZebulon Montgomery Pike (1779-1813) - A soldier and explorer for whom Pikes Peak in Colorado is named, Pike mapped much of the southern portion of the Louisiana Purchase.

Joshua Pilcher (1790-1843) - Trapper, trader with the Missouri and American Fur Companies, he later succeeded William Clark as Superintendent of Indian Affairs in St. Louis, Missouri.

Captain Alonso Alvarez de Pineda (1494-1520) - A Spanish explorer and map-maker, Pineda and his crew were probably the first Europeans in Texas, claiming it for Spain.

Simon Plamondon (1800-1900) - A frontiersman and adventurer who worked for the North West and Hudson's Bay Companies.

Juan Ponce de Leon (1460?-1521) - A Spanish explorer and soldier, he was the first European to set foot in Florida. He also established the oldest European settlement in Puerto Rico and discovered the Gulf Stream.




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