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HBO's Deadwood - The Last Season

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HBO's Deadwood Series

Courtesy HBO's Deadwood Series



HBO DeadwoodNo Law Can Make It Respectable!

Deadwood's third season was its last!

On May 13, 2006, HBO confirmed that it will not pick up the options of the actors, which expired on June 11, 2006.

Though a major campaign was launched by viewers as soon as the first news of non-renewal hit the airwaves, HBO said it made its final decision.

In the meantime, HBO and the creator of the Deadwood series, David Milch, have agreed to two 2-hour movies that will replace the fourth season.

While the ending of Deadwood will be a sad state of affairs for this household, and I can't imagine Seth Bullock being anyone other than Timothy Olyphant, Al Swearengen played by someone other than Ian McShane, and so on, the series has already lasted almost as long as the "real" Deadwood gold rush.

So, we enjoy while we can, buy the videos, and hope that HBO or someone else comes up with something just as good.

After all, there are all kinds of tales yet to be told about the Old West.

Shoot, the best idea would be to have a sequel - which would be mighty easy if they [HBO] (or someone else) would move on to the Leadville, Colorado mining rush. Back in those days, people, and especially miners, were extremely transient, and it was no exception in Deadwood. When the Leadville strike was made, hundred of miners quickly fled Deadwood for new potential in Leadville. And, Leadville had all the flair, flamboyance, and violence as did Deadwood. Complete with the rags to riches fortune of the Tabors, Doc Holliday as a resident, an ex- Tombstone character or two trying to shake up new gunfights, many of those same Deadwood characters were there as well, including Charlie Utter, Con Stapleton, Billy Nuttall, and Jack Langrishe. Here's a catchy title - Deadville to Leadville!




Then, there's always other gold rushes, such as the Comstock Lode in Nevada, the California 49ers, or the Klondyke gold rush in Alaska.

Or, yet another tale situated in Tombstone or Dodge City; or the many stories of misery, death, destruction, and cuss words found along the trails of America's westward expansion.

HBO has already proven that there is most definitely a profitable audience for the many tales of the Old West.

Someone will do it! And, we will wait, with bated breath.

UPDATE:!! In January 2016, HBO confirmed that series creator David Milch is working on a Deadwood movie to wrap up the loose ends.



Kathy Weiser/Legends of America, updated August, 2017..


All cast photos courtesy All cast photos courtesy HBO


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