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History & Haunting of Pike Place Market - Page 2

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But Angeline was apparently not ready to leave as she has been spied at the Pike Market for decades. The market, built upon the site of her former cabin, is said to remain the home of her restless spirit. Over the years, many people have reported seeing her believing that she is a "real” person until she suddenly disappears right before their eyes. Just like the "real” Angeline, this sprit is said to move very slowly as if her feet barely touch the ground. Other have reported that the figure sometimes changes colors from a glowing white shade to lavender, blue and pink. Sometimes she has been spied with a young Indian boy. 


Allegedly, she is most often sighted near a rough wooden column in the center of the lower level. Several have reported that the column is seemingly surrounded by cold air and that photographs have displayed abnormalities. Others have seen her near the old Goodwill store. Though several exorcism attempts have been made by a Native American Shaman, Angeline continues to roam the market.


Princess Angeline, daughter of Chief Seattle

Princess Angeline




More Haunting:

The restless spirit of Arthur Goodwin, the nephew of original Pike Place Market developer, Frank Goodwin has also been spied at the market. Arthur was instrumental in helping Frank in the continued development of the market in its early days. From 1918 to 1941, Arthur held the job of Market Director and was often known to look down upon the happenings of the market from his upper-level office. Now called the Goodwin Library and utilized as a meeting room, Arthur’s silhouette is often seen looking down from the library. He has also been seen swinging a golf club in his old office.

Another legend tells of a spirit, most often referred to as the "Fat Lady Barber,” who continues to lurk about the market at night. Evidently, in the 1950’s this fat barber was known to sing her customers to sleep with soft lullabies. After they were comfortably snoozing, she helped herself to any cash in their pockets. However, sometime later, before the renovations were made to the market in the 1970’s, an area in the floor gave way and she fell to her death. Today, maintenance workers report that they hear the sounds of lullabies when they are cleaning at night.

Several shops within the market tell a variety of tales. At the Bead Emporium, a small boy is said to continue to dwell. When renovations were completed on the business a few years ago, a basket of beads was found in a wall that had not been accessed for many years before the store even opened. It is believed that he was hoarding the beads in the wall to play with. Other strange things happen at night such as the cash register drawer opening and closing of its own accord. This little spirit has also been known to visit the marionettes in the puppet shop.

Sheila’s Magic Shop is also said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who inhabits a crystal ball. Called Madame Nora, this restless spirit haunted a shop called Pharaoh’s Treasure before "landing” at Sheila’s. According to the tale, Pharaoh’s Treasure received the crystal ball from an old woman who wanted to trade it for a scarab.  Though the old woman warned the shop owner that the spirit of Madame Nora was residing in the crystal ball, the owner thought little of it and made the trade. Almost immediately, unexplainable things began to happen, most notably numerous objects being moved during the night. Madame Nora is said to have been a woman who ran a place called the Temple of Destiny in the early days of the market. Known to have practiced crystal gazing, Egyptian sand divining, and Indian psychic projection, she evidently continues to leave her paranormal imprint today.  Weary with the strange occurrences in Pharaoh's Treasure, the crystal ball was passed on to the owner on to Sheila’s Magic Shop.


Pike Place Market today

At a Greek deli called Mr. D’s in the triangle building, the owner tells of spirits who are known to fight in a downstairs walk-in freezer. Some of his staff are so frightened of the dueling spirits, they refused to go in there.

At the Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore the owners would arrive every morning to find the same book off the shelf and on the floor. Brushing it off each day, it was placed back on the shelf, only to find it on the floor again the next morning. Finally, the book was destroyed.

Whether you’re looking to spy a ghost, shop or simply watch the myriad of interesting people, Pike Place Market is a "must see” while in Seattle.


Contact Information:

Pike Place Market
85 Pike Street, Room 500
Seattle, Washington



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