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Ghost Children in San Antonio - Page 2

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Readers Tales and Comments:


I used to live in Seguin, Texas. I know many dispute the legend of the railroad track ghosts. However, I was witness to one very indisputable event there in my late teens, early 20s. Personally, I don't think a tow degree declination is enough to push a 3600 pound car (2 tons with passengers) over those tracks with no starting momentum... But...


One afternoon, I had gone to the railroad tracks with a few friends. After having drove over the tracks a couple of times, we were chatting with some visitors who had already taken a Lincoln Continental (2.5 tons +) over the tracks once. They were a husband and wife, and a visitor from Mexico, who didn't believe the event, accusing the husband, who was driving, of making the car roll. So, the husband and  wife got out let their Mexican visitor take the wheel for himself.


San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas, photo by Carol M.Highsmith, 2005.

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They staged the Lincoln about five yards back from the tracks, with the engine shut off. With their visitor in the driver's seat, the car suddenly began to scream and slamming on the brakes. However, he could not stop the car until it completed its crossing of the tracks! He had also tried putting the transmission in park, but it still sped forward! I've never seen anyone so terrified. Once the car finally stopped, he jumped out, still screaming and shouting in Spanish, then demanded that his hosts take him back to his hotel, stating further that he was leaving and was never coming back!

I once went over in my 1968 Firebird convertible with a new parakeet in the car. The bird had been chirping happily, until we staged the vehicle for the tracks, when suddenly his chirping was completely silenced. It wasn't until we left the area that he began to chirp again.

Once, when I used the baby powder on my car, I had multiple small hand prints and one set of adult-sized hand prints. But, these hand prints did not belong to me -- they were larger than mine, but smaller than my husband's. I had had no children anywhere around my car previously and was extremely meticulous about the appearance of my car. Also, all the prints were either on the bumper (small prints) or the ridge of the trunk (adult & more small). The bumper is too low for most people to place their hands for anything other than pushing and all prints were with the fingertips pointed up, unlike if someone just touches the back of a car (usually if they're sitting on the trunk or opening the trunk lid). When one washes their car with dish soap, oils from hands is removed, so no prints will remain.

Personally, I think the "experts" are "debunking" the myth so that people stop coming to the ghost tracks. The area has developed considerably since my visits, with a number of nearby residences. When I went, it was "countryside" near an industrial area. Also, the targeting criminals probably live nearby; kids/teens. If their debunking helps divert unwelcome visitors, more power to them. However, I know the tracks myth is real!

Incidentally, I never went over the tracks with the engine running, unlike most who try this. Timeframe of my experiences there was mid 1970s to 1981.


Whether or not a bus did get struck by a train there, there is something psychic in the area. I personally think the spirits there go much farther back in history than the use of buses. Was there an orphanage there once? Did someone once stall there in a vehicle after the tracks were laid and got killed? Those are the questions the debunkers should be researching. -- Myrene, Hawaii, May, 2008


Reader's Comments:  Probably someone has thought of this, but for the tiny hand prints that come on the trunks of the cars, here's an idea. Putting a cam coder or 8mm camera on the car, aiming at the baby powder (that is put on earlier) to actually see if the hand prints appear while the car is being pushed over the tracks. I've seen different stories about this (on Discovery Channel, etc,) but no one has tried putting a camera on the car when this occurs. - Rich, October, 2005





Kathy Weiser/Legends of America, updated January, 2010.


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