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Western and Saloon Style Decorating Ideas
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ailroads & Depots of the American West - This historical collection includes some of the West's earliest train photographs as well other railroad sights, such as signals, engineers, and depots.


Not flimsy paper prints, these are real photograph reproductions of historic railroads and depots of the 19th century. 


From snapshot size to large size prints up to 24x36", you'll find our historic prints much more reasonably priced than our competitors; and, we touch ours up.  Not enough to ruin their historic character, the scratches, tears, and much of the "noise" of historic prints has been removed to make for a more pleasing display.


Black and white or sepia prints available on all photographs.


These are "print on demand" photos. Please allow a couple of days for printing prior to shipping.


Ships worldwide!!


Visit the Railroads & Depots Photo Gallery Now!  CLICK HERE!



Many print sizes available, with frame and other options, as well greeting cards. Not all photos have a high enough resolution to print clearly in larger sizes. You will be presented with "best fit" options, and will not be able to choose a size that's too large for the photo resolution.


For an explanation of the photo paper being used, as well as the options you can choose from, see HERE




For editorial use - Photo downloads may be utilized in print publications, including books, magazines, newspapers, etc; as well as certain other commercial purposes with appropriate credits. However, photo images may not be used for commercial redistribution or sale of photo prints under any circumstances. 


Our Photos are also available in Giclée Fine Art Prints and Canvas Wraps - See HERE!



All images copyrighted by Legends of America.





Anheuser Busch advertising

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Anheuser-Busch has

 been doing business since 1852.

This image available for prints & downloads HERE.


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Vintage Print Galleries



Advertising - Beer, liquor, cigarettes, and more.

Bars and Saloons

Gambling - Poker, faro, and other games of chance.

Saloon Style Women - Soiled doves, dancers, shady ladies.




Soiled Dove in brief costume

One of the many soiled doves who worked the saloons of the Old West.

This image available for prints & downloads HERE!


Vintage gambling photo prints and downloads.

Playing poker at Egan's Saloon in Burns, Oregon , 1882.

This image available for photographic prints HERE!


Vintage gambling photo prints and downloads.

Playing poker in the 1930's.

This image available for photographic prints HERE!



Saloon style women photo prints and downloads

This image available for photographic prints HERE!




Old West Prints

People of the Old West

Saloons of the American West

Saloon Style Tin Signs

Saloon Style Women Slide Show

Photo Print Gallery


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