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Framing postcards with pre-cut mats

Postcard Gifts & Crafts

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Have you thought about using postcards as gifts and crafts?


Utilizing postcards can be a very personal gift, as you select interesting postcards to match the person you are gifting. Here, you will find several ideas.


For crafters, we've provided more ideas, which can also be economical gifts, as well as links for how-to projects.


Postcards are unique, can be personal, and can really send a message.


Gift Ideas:


Postcard Frames

Framed postcards courtesy Hobby Frames

Framing Postcards - Here, there are several options, from cheap and simple, to more expensive and professional. All will make a great impression.

  • Select postcards that are representative of your gift receiver, such as a place, hobby, interest, etc.

  • The easiest, but, also the most expensive, is having a pre-cut mat and frame made at a craft or frame store. For some gifts it may be appropriate. See #1 below.

  • Utilize pre-cut mats and economical frames. We found 5"x7" (outside size) pre-cut mats with to two different opening sizes -  3"x4.5" and 3"x5" at a popular craft store. These pre-made mats could work for many postcards, but, not for all - cutting some off, and too large for others. Most postcards are 6"x4," 3.5"x5.5", or 5.75"x4." Take your postcards to the store with you to see what fits before you purchase pre-cut mats. See #2 below.

  • You can also utilize oversized mats. For example, utilize an 8x10 mat with a 5"x7" opening for larger postcards, backed by a piece of construction paper or poster board. See #3 below.

  • Sometimes, frames with several pre-cut mats can be the most economical. Don't worry when it doesn't exactly fit, use colored paper or poster board behind the postcard if the opening is too big. Where the mat opening is too small, supplement with photos. See #4 below

  • Utilize an interesting frame, backed with poster board, fabric, or felt, and mount the postcards helter skelter. I often use felt and no glass, and tack the postcards on with small stick pins. See #5 below.

  • Make a collage utilizing one or more postcards, along with photos and other mementos. See #6 below.


Professional framed postcards

Professionally framed and matted, courtesy Delightful Dwelling




Framing postcards with pre-cut mats

This 1945 Texas bluebonnets postcard, which measures  3.5"x5.5", fit very nicely into this pre-cut double mat with a 3"x4.5" opening. We bought this mat on sale at Hobby Lobby for $1.00.

Framing postcards with pre-cut mats

Unfortunately, because of the text on this 3.5"x5.5" vintage postcard, neither mat would work. It is shown here in a pre-cut mat with a 3"x5" opening. We bought this mat on sale at Hobby Lobby for 80 cents.


Framing postcards

This 5.75"x4" postcard is too small for the 5"x7" opening in this 8x10 mat.


Framing postcards

However, we placed a piece of construction paper behind the postcard and it works perfectly.


Framing postcards

This is an economical frame with pre-cut mat.


Old frames can often be picked up at garage sales, or utilize something you already have.



postcard collage

Utilize postcards, photos and mementos to make

 a collage.


Craft Ideas:


Decoupage Postcards onto books, boxes, flat frames, gift bags, furniture, and more for unique decor and gifts.


 postcard crafts

Decoupaged vintage suitcase, courtesy Jardins Antiques

Postcard Crafts

Postcards decoupaged onto vintage cottage night stands, courtesy

 1st Dibs


Postcard Crafts

Decoupage postcards onto a wooden or tin basket, photo courtesy Elizabeth Anne Designs

Postcards decoupaged onto a wooden tray, photo courtesy Flicker by Ruth



Scrap Booking - Don't forget to use postcards in your scrap booking hobby. These can often help to tell your story, display places, and the messages on back are often heartfelt memories.


Postcard craftsTable Settings - Whether it's a Halloween, Christmas, Birthday, or any other party, vintage postcards can help to make great table settings. For an elegant party, buy individual collectibles for each setting. For more frugal occasions, buy, one or more vintage postcards and scan them for use on multiple table settings. See more at Collectibles.about.com


Utilize postcards as interesting invitations. - Instead of using regular invitations for a party, shower, reception, etc, use interesting postcards instead. Take a look at our custom postcards  -- we have sold hundreds of these for use as invitations and can create new custom postcards for various states.


Postcard Walletpostcard walletsVintage Postcard Wallets - Here is a very unique idea to utilize vintage postcards in making pocket-sized wallets. These are perfect for holding a little cash, credit cards, business cards, gift cards, and more. Choose a card for yourself or one that would be interesting for a friend. A great gift idea!  See instructions at Country Living.



 Postcard Gift Bags

 Gift bags courtesy Country Living.

Postcard scrapbooking, courtesy Enikos Playhouse


Postcards in scrap books

Summer scrapbook, courtesy Benign Objects Blog


From Legends' General Store

Canvas Prints at very competitive prices!Giclée Fine Art PrintsFine Art and Canvas Prints - Legends of America has recently acquired a new Fine Art printer, where we can provide Giclée prints with three different finishes, as well as Gallery Wrapped Canvas displays. You'll find our pricing extremely competitive and the quality as high as you can find anywhere.  Choose any image from our Photo Store and select Giclée Prints or Canvas from the product list. Our vintage images, current scenes, and Photo Art are beautiful when printed with a fine art process on paper or canvas. Makes great gifts!!


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