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Bob Dalton, leader of the outlaw Dalton Gang.


Bob Dalton, leader of the outlaw Dalton Gang

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Robert "Bob" Dalton (1868-1892) - Born in 1868 in Missouri , Bob was one of fifteen children. The family moved to Indian Territory in 1882 and when Bob's older brother Frank became a U.S. Deputy Marshal, Bob Dalton served on several of his posses. However, after Frank was killed in the line of duty, Bob  and his brothers, Grattan and Emmett turned to a life of crime. They robbed their first train with brother, Bill Dalton, just outside of Los Angeles, California in 1891. With Bob as their leader, they soon formed the Dalton Gang and for the next 18 months robbed banks and trains throughout Oklahoma. The gang's demise came when they decided to rob two banks in Coffeyville, Kansas on October 5, 1892. This time, the townsfolk decided to fight back and when it was over, Bob Dalton, Grattan Dalton, Bill Power and Dick Broadwell lay dead, along with four local men. Emmett Dalton, though wounded, survived and spent 14 years in prison. Bob Dalton is buried at the Coffeyville, Kansas Cemetery under a marker for himself, his brother Grat, and Bill Power More ...



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